Domo Compendium

Trainer Changes


Trainers gain a Level at every 10 Experience, to a max Level of 25.

At every Level, Trainers gain a new Feature for which they qualify.

At every even Level, Trainers rank up Skill by one (Pathetic -> Untrained -> Novice -> Adept -> Expert -> Master).

At every fifth Level, Trainers gain an additional Skill rank, gain a new Edge they qualify for, and move up a Tier (which affects Edge scaling).

Level Up Chart


All Trainers can apply [Training] to their Pokemon at the start of each day. A Pokemon may only have a single [Training] applied at a time. As long as a Pokemon is affected by a [Training], they gain the following bonus passively:

- Agility: The target gains a +1 Evasion, +2 Movement
- Brutal: The target gains a +1 Critical Hit Range, +5 Initiative
- Focused: The target gains +1 to Accuracy, +2 Skill Checks
- Inspired: The target gains a +1 Effect Range, +2 Save Checks

Additionally, Trainers may ally any [Training] as a Standard Action [Order], providing the same bonus. You may mix and match [Training] and their [Order] versions - ie Agility [Training] with Brutal [Order], double Agility, etc.

Pokemon United: Online

e9955ec43414d694ade2494848948bd5.jpg Team Star Platinum
Mascot: Infernape
Base: Route 123
Info: A Casual Team, Team Star Platinum is fairly small, with a reputation that rests mostly on the backs of its retired veteran players. Team Star Platinum often recruits new players who soon cycle off to join Teams more focused on their specific interests. The Team is relatively low drama as its members are left to their own devices. The Team's true founder logs in only rarely, and is said to be part of a former world first clear Team that has since been dissolved. Their Secret Base is positioned on Route 123, with easy access to the Hoenn Berry House, Mt. Pyre, and Mauville City.
83019175b731adbc8d043dda44c0253db4bc566d.png?2522802 Screaming Meme
Class: EX Happy Home Designer
Edge: Constructor - builds Decor and Base Assets
Info: No one is really sure if Meme (pronounced MI-MI) actually does any serious battle content anymore, and she mostly just hangs out at the Secret Base. Meme is a retired vet, apparently, with one of the oldest accounts on the Team, and she sometimes mentions her old raiding days. She is fond of new players and likes to chat, and she's really into the decor and furniture aspects of the game, and is responsible for most of the furnishings in the Secret Base. In the founder's absence, Meme has been designated Leader.
39665.jpg Slimjimshady
Class: Speed Freak
Edge: Craft Guru - reduces [Craft] cost
Info: One of the founding members of Team Star Platinum, Jim is the only one of the originals who was a serious crafter. While several crafters have since joined, Jim is still considered the defacto leaders for all things involving materials and recipes. He keeps careful track of timed node spawns and is supposedly one of the "Masons", a group of high level crafters who control market prices with aggressive buyouts and controlled prices. Despite a rigid personality when it comes to efficiency, he is generous to the Team, and assists with producing items when available. He has strong feelings on game balance despite rarely doing challenging content.
d7660fab1828e10d32c54a3d461091c5b3ca68ca.jpg?1860438 RondaRoWanda
Class: Enduring Soul
Edge: Tagalong - can be recruited to assist with Events
Info: The friendly face of Team Star Platinum, Ronda welcomes everyone and offers to help with everything. She doesn't take on a leadership role, but she does dole out basic advice to new players. Ronda seems to never sleep, always being available to come help whenever someone needs her. Ronda doesn't have much of a life outside the game, as far as anyone can tell, and no one is really sure what she does when she's off on her own. Ronda is responsible for most of Team Star Platinum's recruitment messages, both in-game and on community sites.
latest?cb=20080130152355 ElectricRatKetchup
Class: Electric Ace
Edge: Deep Lore - bonus to obscure and unusual information
Info: Known as 'Eddie' or 'Rat', this player has a reputation for his unusual avatar - a grown, bald man wearing a Pikachu outfit. Eddie is a 'casual completionist' and is obsessed with all of the boring mundane busywork the game has to offer. He has all the casual League Circuits and story quests completed, and boasts one of the highest optional quest completion rates across servers. Eddie slowly but surely burns through minigames, and chases rumors tied to forgotten and abandoned content. Eddie possesses a wealth of obscure, esoteric knowledge about the game, though it often borders on urban legend.
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