Dr. Floyd

Campaign: Poketrian Odyssey


Name:Doctor Floyd Van Der Woels.
Age: 53

Background: Hailing from a northern foreign country, Floyd came to Ivyhollow a few months ago with a small research team of his country, interested on the various natural resources of the southern frontier lands and research its various uses. After discovering several medicinal ingredients and rare minerals on the wilderness during his stay, he chose to stay and find new uses for his discoveries. He's also a hardcore atheist, denying the existance of the supernatural… Even when he travels with a spirit medium and an ESPer.

Description: Floyd is quite an eccentric man, with various mannerisms and quirks brought from his country. He wears a combination of clean white laboratory coats and surgical masks, although he strangely wears it alongside a white one feet tall top hat, a pair of black glasses, a cane and a tuxedo underneath the coat, which he claims to be the apparel of choice of a "Gentledoctor". Some claim he uses the Top Hat to hide his sparkly bald head, which he denies with a passion. Recently he has lost his left arm and leg after being horribly mauled by a rogue Krookodile.


Short Round the Froslass.

Gender: Female
Level: 53
Ability: Snow Cloak/Cursed Body.
Nature: Modest
Held Item: Assistant Scientist Wardrobe! (Sets fire resistance to neutral, immunity to burn status)

Hit Points: 104
HP: 7+10
ATK: 6
DEF: 7
SPATK: 13+21 (Used 2x Calcium)
Speed: 11+21

Blizzard (EOT)
Double Team
Wake-Up Slap

Shadow Ball
Sheer Cold

Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 3, Sky 8, Jump 2, Power 2, Intelligence 4, Chilled, Freezer, Stealth

EXP: 136110

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