Dream Journal

I have decided to record my exploits in the Dream World so that I may more easily share them with others to gain their insight as to the meaning and workings of them.

September 7th

This night I decided to explore with Sam, Teresa, Gene, and Gwen. We began wandering around in the tunnels, until we came through a door into a very odd landscape. There was a large stone structure that resembled a hand far off in the distance. It seemed to stretch far beyond the atmosphere of the 'Planet' we were on. There were a large amount of plateaus, all with reddish ground. We got off the plateau we were on and headed down to the ground level, which was covered in rocks and small vines. We went inside a gap in the rocks, and Guy found one of those weird holes in reality to fix. Inside, we realized that it was an entire cave system of boulders being held together by what we now recognized as roots rather than vines. We found some pokemon in there, dwebbles, as well as some water that seemed to have been purified by the roots. We went down further in the caves, and the rocks started becoming less prominent, making way for the roots. We went down further and further, until eventually we found some leaves colored purple and green, as well as some branches. They were like big downwards growing spires made of plant above a weird looking city. There were roads, but the buildings were oddly shaped. Completely smoothed out. Curved instead of angled. We flew down and entered the buildings. Their structure seemed to be similar to a dwelling, but there were no other objects inside the structures. Also, there seemed to be a cloudy sky above us which the plant spires grew out of. And some kind of faint light source as well. It was like a sky underground. We went exploring a bit more and came across some kind of ocean with silvery liquid. Sam claimed that it tingled a bit when she touched it. We explored a bit more of the empty city after wards, and Teresa began to feel some kind of presence behind her. Something watching. A mind directly behind her at all times. Our psychic pokemon felt uneasy as well. However we were unable to ever discern exactly what the cause was, and we eventually went to sleep. In retrospect, it was very confusing. And though Teresa came up with a few theories on the nature of the things we saw, I had dismissed them as mere nonsense dream structures. However, with the information I gained later, I am starting to suspect that it is not the case.

September 8th

On this night, I ventured into the dream world with Gene. I went exploring, and came across a new sort of dreamworld being. It was a white beetle-like creature, about a foot and a half long or so and covered with horns. It was digging into the walls, making new pathways. A janitor appeared and began "explaining" what it was doing. The explanations they give are difficult. most of them are prefixed with "As far as you are concerned." I did manage to get a few things out of it though. For example, there are apparently "betters" to the janitors. Presumably this means some kind of denizen of that dream world that outranks them. I attempted to ask further, but it ended it by saying as far as we were concerned, they are the highest authority. They also mentioned something about humans assuming that "our planet" is the only relevant place in the galaxy. Somehow I didn't feel like he was talking about the colonies there. I asked it about the place we visited last night, and it responded that it was a dream created by echoes of the past. I questioned if this was related to us not being the only relevant place in the galaxy, and it responded "perhaps." These creatures seem quite unwilling to divulge any information than they need to. But if we take what they said about it being echoes of the past… it's possible that this "dream" is a sort of memory of a civilization not of the earth. The ground was all a red color, which makes me wonder if it could possibly have been Mars. An echo of the past could mean that this is something that existed long long ago. Of course, this all requires a good deal of speculation. I'm still unsure how much of this information any of us can really trust. After I left that Janitor, I went exploring a bit more and found some kind of statue of Arceus. There was Phoenician text on a pedestal by the statue, which I took a photograph of. Dr. Turtle would later translate this for me, revealing it to be a word of praise to arceus. "Holy Arceus in the sky above. Free us from the one whose soul holds us to the earth. to this statue we pray. to this BLANK we pray." After taking the picture, I left and ran into Samantha. She was on her way to meet a friend of hers known as Mr. Warmth. I accompanied her, and she traded mantle's egg for the one which would later hatch into a Boufallant. I'm surprised this trade worked. Moving something like an egg from one end of the earth sphere to another in such a manner seems quite fantastical, but the results are crystal clear. We explored a bit more together and found ourselves in what at first appeared to be a misty field, but turned out to be an island floating in the clouds. There was a white gazebo, and loads of flying bug pokemon around. While we were talking though, we noticed some large flying serpent-like pokemon. One which we would later identify as Rayquaza, though we paid it fairly minimal attention due to it being mostly obscured by the clouds. It was too far for our pokedexes to scan as well. Afterwards, we had some sandwiches and promptly went to sleep to wake us up. In hindsight that sounds like a very strange thing to do.

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