Drifting on Nothing

That morning…

The first thing that catches your eye is the horizon. The ground seems to end a few meters from your feet, giving way to a vast blue expanse as the sun begins to peak over the… er, nothing. A few clouds turned familiar morning colors remind you of what a more normal sunrise might look like. You instinctively reach for your partner's Pokeball - still there, so you have something familiar around, at least. A light breeze kicks up, making the grass gently sway.

As you turn around, you see much the same horizon as you did beforehand, but a few other things of note make themselves apparent. You observe a few other people similarly bewildered, what looks like an empty tilled field and barn, and a small house that wouldn't look out of place in some woodland living magazine. You can see massive bookcases through the window - hey, is that your journal on one of the shelves? - and what appear to be modern conveniences, though the lights are off and there are no power lines. That's all that you really notice. Well, that and the massive, pulsating blue crystal on the far side of the house.

Might want to check and see if you're dreaming. No dice? Oh boy.

Drifting on Nothing

Welcome to Drifting on Nothing, a game about putting some semblance of a world back together, both a physical and social one. The relative sparseness of the setting is going to put a lot of focus on interpersonal relationships among the PCs; fear not, though, you won't be stuck on the sole surviving piece of land for too long. That would just be boring. And hey, once you've already lost everything you ever knew, you don't have anywhere to go but up, right?

Plays Sunday Afternoons (CST)

The Damned

Player Character
TheKana Petre Cojocaru
Gents Higashi Zoya
TheBMW Pierre Lefevre
Philturn Richard Zahir
Alicenova Giselle Marinette
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