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The Lotus People would regularly hold a form of architectural gladiatorial combat. Participants would be supplied with certain quantities of basic building materials and time, which varied from competition to competition. Participants would either have as few as 30 minutes up to several weeks of building depending on the size and significance of the competition. This would then be followed by some form of strategic combat, though rarely was it to the death even in the earliest iterations. Though there were some changes throughout the ages, the variability of the competition was always true.

Architecture always played a very important part of their daily life. Street performers would often come together to build small, mobile stages at the start of a day. These were composed of a variety of difference styles, often simultaneously, and usually were quite flamboyant and colorful. Performers would then use the stages in any number of ways. Small stages occasionally even broke apart and were carried throughout town as a sort of flash parade. At the end of the day, they were dismantled.

Though they took rather quickly to the creation of tools and rudimentary forms of mathematics, it took much longer for the Lotus People to create (and most importantly, widely adopt) a coherent written language. Before this time, a simplistic form of hieroglyphs were used to communicate build necessities. It's believed that trade with the distant, though imperial, Yucca People inspired their creation of written language. Though some conventions are shared between the languages, the Lotus People were far more consistent and structured in their implementation. Many of the oldest jokes and tropes relate heavily to architectural concepts. As their command over language flourished, this too was added to their street performances, including what was essentially a form of stand-up comedy, though in this case "stand-up" referred to the bizarrely tall stages crafted for this purpose.

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