Eara Jeneva


Name: Eara Jeneva
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 95 pounds


Weapon Type: Creepy Book (Tome)
Ability: Unnerve (Constant)
Another Ability: Telepathy (Constant)
Capability: Telekinetic (Floats on its own, too)
Appearance: A dark gray tome, it's title "Progenitor" written on the front cover. It has a spine made of bone. A pulsating eye rests on the front and back of the book, forever watching. This might be why she holds the book on the inside of her own cloak, which is why one doesn't see her arms all that much outside of battles. On the inside, there's 4 pages written in an ancient script, but the rest of the pages are blank. It also now sports a mouth, and may speak in a language only understood by Eara (and Adel, one way or another)…probably. Is apparently a Swordian priest from time long ago that helped seal Nifhelim away in the Necronomicon… though due to recent events, he can now speak, and is working with the group in an effort to be rid of it once more. And hey, it succeeded, what now?
Type Normal
Level 28
EXP 22712 / 24000
Damage 3d10
Mod Bonus WIS(6)
Core Att. Special Attack: WIS
Phys Atk 5
Spec Atk 19
Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Mean Look Battle Normal - Ranged** None - Target may not flee or be switched for the remainder of the encounter. Her look is worse than her bark.
Twister At-Will Dragon 2 Ranged Spec 2d10 A 2-meter blast surrounds the target, flinches on 18+. It's like I'm really dragonsbane
Taunt EOT Dark 2 Ranged** N/A N/A Taunt’s target can only use Moves that deal damage on a successful hit for the next 1d4 + 1 turns. Tricky enemies are less tricky after being enraged by the tome of cosmic horrors justice.
Grass Pledge EOT Grass 2 Ranged Spec 4d6 When used with Fire Pledge, 1d4+1 turns of 1/8th HP of fire damage on all foes in a 20 meter radius. Friendly fire is off.
Aurora Beam EOT Ice 2 Ranged Spec 2d20 Reduces attack of target by 1 CS on 18+. Finally, a decent attack! Pair it with an electric move and what can possibly go wrong? The answer is Lanturn and Magnezone. But even that isn't a worry!
The Robe(E*) DUAL-LAYERED. This one is on the bottom.
Technomage Cloak(E) Provides +1 DEF and +7 SDEF. Also provides an additional +5 resistance to steel attacks. It also looks pretty awesome.
Red Shroud(E - Hat) Provides +1 DEF and +1 SDEF, grants 5 Fire Resistance. Also grants stealth. Fun little thing, I make less of an impact on the scenery than usual. Woo.
Odd Bracelet(E) This thing can grow. It provides 1 DEF and 2 SATK, but reduces 3 SDEF. It has probably started to grow, hence the 4 reading. Feels weird, though…
Beloved Amethyst A strange Amethyst on a ring. Provides +3 DEF, +1 SDEF. You gain +1 SP/Attack for every pokemon you reap with this equipped, benefits reset daily. As such, it seems that wearing this makes soul stealing feel even better…probably don't want to mention that.

Total Defense and Resistance: 3 DEF, 5 SDEF, 5 Steel Resist, 5 Fire Resist.



Species: Litwick
Level: 25
EXP: 15650 / 17600
EXP Received Under Eara: 14650

HP: 48 / 48
Phys. Evasion: 2
Spec. Evasion: 2
Spd. Evasion: 0
STAB: 1d8

Type: Ghost/Fire
Immune To: Normal, Fighting
200% Damage: Rock, Ghost, Dark, Ground, Water
50% Damage: Poison, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice
25% Damage: Bug
Gender: Female
Ability: Flame Body
Hold Item: None
Nature: Modest (+SP. ATK, -ATK)
Weight Class: 1
Capabilities: Overland 1, Sky 6, Jump 1, Power 1, Intelligence 4, Phasing, Invisibility, Firestarter, Heater, Shrinker, Sinker, Telekinetic

Stat Base Added Total
HP 5 3 8
ATK 1 0 1
DEF 6 4 10
SP. ATK 9 12 21
SP. DEF 6 4 10
SPD 2 0 2
Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Lv Flame Burst EOT Fire 2 Ranged SATK 5d10 Creates a 4 Meter Blast, but targets inside the blast that weren't targeted take 1/16th HP damage instead of the damage roll.
Lv Minimize Battle Normal N/A Self N/A N/A Need +4 to hit
Lv Ember At-Will Fire 2 Ranged SATK 2d10 18 + Burns.
Lv Fire Spin EOT Fire 3 Ranged SATK 2d10 1d4+1 turns to be trapped. Roll d20 damage for each turn of trapping.
Lv Confuse Ray Center Ghost Ace Ranged N/A N/A 15-Meter Beam, all targets confused.
Lv Night Shade Battle Ghost 6 Ranged N/A N/A Level/2 = Damage. Do not apply weakness, resistance, or stats.
TM Telekinesis Battle Psychic 2 Ranged N/A N/A Target loses 5 evasiveness and is immune to Ground moves for 1d4+1 turns.


Next Move: Hex, LVL 28
Evolution Level: 40

Fuck Will-O-Wisp it's even more useless now
If it becomes less useless I might want it back

Imprison is still a horrible move that makes little sense
Skipping it's notability over because really who cares

Campaign: PokeAtelier

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