Easter Egg Extravaganza

It's that time of year again. The Easter Lopunny comes around every year, climbing in your windows and snatching your carrots up, leaving in exchange for them ornately decorated Pokemon eggs. However, this year, in addition to that, to celebrate the Eleventy Fifth Anniversary of Easter (or something like that), you and several others have been cordially invited to his home in the Floaroma Meadows to partake in a special series of Easter-themed games!

Character Generation

This is gonna be fairly simple to start; your Trainer should be Level 3, and your Pokemon Level 10. You can pick pretty much anything you want for a starter as long as you run it by Botherer or Giantree.

Like Candy Caper, the Easter Egg Extravaganza will be using its Cross-Classing policy. You may take any class you want at any time. However, you only take the penalty for Cross-Classing if it is absolutely impossible to cross into the class normally from your current progression.

Example A - If you have 22 INT and Voltorb Flip when you cross into Clairsentient, you'll get the additional Stat Point. However, if you lack Voltorb Flip, or do have it and don't feel like waiting some number of levels to take it, you can take it anyways, but you won't get the bonus stat point from it.

Example B - You want to take Signer despite not being a Ranger. You can do so, but you won't get the bonus stat point.

Also, keep in mind that you may take your fourth Trainer Class as early as TL15 if you so choose, should you wish to take advantage of having it earlier.

If you had a character in Candy Caper that you would like to make a return here, let Botherer know. He might have… Plans for you. Muahahahaha!

Additionally, Candy Caper's 'candy' Pokémon rules ARE probably coming back in full force.

Speaking of candy, TLs will be literally handed out like such, so don't expect to even go a few minutes without dinging. Having a build planned out is highly recommended.

The Adventure

A certain amount of trainers are brought together to compete with one another, sure, but that's not the ONLY point! Hidden about everywhere will be easter eggs which are, in fact, pokémon eggs and hatch all sorts of species, legendaries maybe included. Finding the eggs is what grants rewards, what you do with them AFTER is totally up to you!

Natural Edge/+ and other Breeder feats are NOT banned, as 'daily' feats will be recharging constantly, but are still limited. Details coming… in a few minutes.

Considering the sheer ridiculousness of this campaign, DSTs are more likely than you think to happen; failing a DST, much like Candy Caper, doesn't mean being permanently dead, but rather both trainers AND pokémon who fail will be 'reborn' 10 seconds (that's one combat round) later and hatch from an egg at either pokémon level 1 or an earlier TL depending on how far along things have gone. And in the latter case, you CAN pick totally new classes when rebuilding if you really want to!


We would like for this one-shot to run on Saturday, the 7th of April, starting somewhat early in the day and running 'til late. If you have any interest in participating, please sign up on the sheet along with the earliest time you could make it, and any other days in case of a raincheck / not having enough people.

Sign-up Sheet Here

Snowflake Feats

EVERYBODY gets one of these!

Bolt Stryker - MANMUSCLE - Daily, FA - Use the move Strength. Use your STR modifier as your ATK stat. Immediately after use, your MANMUSCLES wear out and your INT and STR modifiers are swapped for 1d4 turns. Because somehow, the manmeat finds its way to your brain instead.

Anisamurai (?) - Ichigeki Hissatsu - Daily, TA - Make an opposed check against any target and choose any modifier, which will be used by both opponents. Pokémon opponents may use capabilities instead (POW for STR or CON, Intelligence for INT or WIS, half of relevant movement capability for DEX, and we choose the number we feel like for CHA dependant on the Pokemon). The loser of the challenge instantly dies, and may not make a DST.

Callisto G. - Pec Dance - Daily, TA - Use the move Fire Blast. Use your CHA modifier as your SP.ATK stat. If successful, all affected targets are Infatuated. The user sustains a Burn after regardless of whether or not the move succeeds.

Amelia - Graceful Combat, Graceless Fall - Static - You may use your Dexterity stat in place of your Strength stat for the purposes of taking non-static Weapons Master features. However, if you use a Weapons Master feature, until the start of your next turn, you must use your STR mod for the purposes of evasion instead.

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