Edmund Wilhelm


Name: Edmund Wilhelm
Level 34 Capture Specialist/Collector/Researcher/Cryptozoologist

Age: 21
Gender: Female (OMG SPOILERS)
Appearance: Normally wearing a white suit and hat.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel


Cash Money: $7.82

6 Weeks worth of Preserved Rations
General Medical Supplies
4 Potions
5 Super Potions
4 Antidotes
1 Full Heal
2 Ether
1 Oran Berry

50 Jars Honey in Crate


Owned#    WITH-----
1x     Cirrus (Drapion)
1x2    Reyna (Vespiquen)
1x3    Enigma (Slowking)
1x4    Flannery (Bravasant)
1x5    Strata (Heracross)
1x6    Tiltilla (Galvantula)
1x7    Marty (Mothim)
1x8    Paddington (Ursaring) Male Quirky Guts Level 40
1x9    Tumbly (Tangela) Lvl20 Male Desperate Dry Skin ability, knows Gust
1x0 1x 2x Dwebble 2 Female
1x1 4x 5x Sandshrew, 4 male 1 female
=11 =5    
    1x Beta (Combee Male Honey Gather)
    1x Camille (Combee Female Honey Gather)
    1x Dorothy (Combee Female Pickup) +2/2
    1x Emmet (Combee Male Mach Speed) +2/2
    1x Finley (Combee Male Pickup) +2/2
    1x Georgia (Combee Female Honey Gather) +2/2
    1x Henry (Combee Male Pickup) +2/2
    1x Ivan (Combee Male Honey Gather) +2/2
    1x Jacob (Combee Male Swarm) +2/2
    1x Kelvin (Skorupi Male Sniper) +2/2 (Egg: Faint Attack)
=0  =10    (4x honey gather, 3x pickup)
1x     Dunsparce Male
1x2 1x 2xHootHoot Male/Female
1x3 1x 2xVulpix Female Docile/Timid, Alt Abilities
1x4    Castor (Ninjask)
1x5    Pollux (Shedinja)
1x6 1x 2xBonsly Male Calm 2nd, Female Docile 1st
1x7    Swanna
1x8 2x 3xDucklett
1x9    Beedrill
1x0 2x 3xBeautifly
1x1    Dustox
1x2    Trapinch
1x3 2x 3xGible Female2nd careful, Female1st Hardy, Male1st Relaxed
1x4    Kabuto
1x5    Anorith
1x6 1x 2x Drowzee Lvl10 both Male
1x7 2x 3x Wooper Male
1x8 2x 3x Mienfoo 2xMale Stark/Serious, 1xfemale Naive
=18 =14    
1x     Nincada
1x2    Combee
1x3    Larvant
1x4    Weedle
1x5    Kakuna
1x6 2x 3xWurmple Level 5
1x7 2x 3xSilcoon
1x8    Cascoon Level 10 (no Tackle)
1x9    Burmy
1x0    Enigma (Slowpoke)
1x1    Tiltilla (Joltik)
1x2    Cirrus (Skorupi)
=12 =4    
=41 =33 =74
==5 ==3 =8 Owned Level
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