Egondra's Fate

It's kinda like this

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Character Player Class Setup
Eadoin Buckbacon Mystic
Ephraim Ramiel Rune Master/Enduring Soul
Jarold Mr. Competition Psychic/Fire Breather/Empath
Klaus castfromhp Capture Specialist/Engineer
Lewys BigTentacruel Wild Child/Ninja
Merietta (img) AoiShi Psychic/Influential
Revas Garlyle CS/Snagger/Heartbreaker


It's kind of the apocalypse

Hey we almost managed to start PVP here

Out of the pan and into the fire

Oh fucks a bear
Oh fucks the bear is back
Meeting the Ronin. Also, Klaus and Revas in the bathroom together :3c
Shopping spree
We kinda murder the fuck out of some stunfisk
You guys suck at PVP
Yes, dive towards the flaming dog
Boss battles ain't shit
Awkward hospital visits
Fossils? Fossils! Fossils fossils. Fossils.

Scooby dooby doo…

Yeah this is the part where we split the party a billion ways like assholes.

Fuck these fossilmons
Wherein Ephraim the Rune Master maintains the world's best pokerface
<Revas> leaningawayfromgm.jpg

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