Eirian Yates

Basic Info

Name : Eirian Yates
Age : 16
Height :
Weight :


Gnosis: 1


Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
-1 -2 -3
Willpower: 6/6
Mana: 10/10

Description here~

Character Theme:


Intelligence • • • o o
Wits • • • o o
Resolve • • • o o
Skills (-3 untrained)
Academics • o o o o
Computer o o o o o
Crafts o o o o o
Investigation • • • o o
Medicine o o o o o
Occult • • • o o
Politics o o o o o
Science o o o o o

Skill Specialties: Academics (History), Occult (Tarot)


Strength • o o o o
Dexterity • • • o o
Stamina • • • o o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Athletics • • o o o
Brawl o o o o o
Drive • o o o o
Firearms o o o o o
Larceny • • o o o
Stealth • • • o o
Survival • • • o o
Weaponry o o o o o

Skill Specialties:


Presence • •o o o
Manipulation • o o o o
Composure • • • o o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Animal Ken o o o o o
Empathy • o o o o
Expression o o o o o
Intimidation o o o o o
Persuasion • o o o o
Socialize o o o o o
Streetwise • o o o o
Subterfuge • o o o o

Skill Specialties: Empathy (Desires)


Fate (Ruling) • • • o o
Time • • o o o
Space • • o o o




Lucky Coin / Four-Leaf Clover (Wits+Occult+Fate+1)
Grant Fortune's Protection / Bolster the Company (Presence+Persuasion+Fate)
Swearing an Oath / Testifying to the Gods (Presence+Persuasion+Fate)
The Evil Eye / Imprecation (Manipulation+Persuasion+Fate)



Scrying / Remote Viewing (Intelligence+Investigation+Space+1)
Apportation / Nothing Up My Sleeve (Dexterity+Investigation+Space+1)
Ward / Unseen Guard (Resolve+Occult+Space+1)
Omnivision / Spatial Topography (Wits+Composure+Space)



Momentary Flux / Seizing The Moment (Wits+Investigation+Time+1)

Magical Order: Lore Seekers (Occult, Investigation, Survival)

Merits and Flaws

Destiny ••• ("Your devil resides in the smallest details.")

Fast Reflexes ••
Improved Familiar ••
Contacts (School Gossips) •
Trained Memory •


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  • Item 4

Character Backstory



Votary of the Ordained

1st Attainment: Soldier of Fortune

Pre-Requisites: Gnosis 1, Fate 3 (Primary), Space 1 (Optional)

The Votary dedicates themselves to a single charge of their choice, whether a person, place, or object. If the charge is a living being, it need not be aware of its status or willing to become a charge. Once the mage has declared the charge and spent one Mana to seal their intent, from that point on it is the Votary's sole responsibility to see it meets its true fate. The Mage gains the benefit of an Intimate sympathetic bond with the charge at all times. Once the charge's fate has been met, the bond dissolves. For each scene in the story, the Votary gains the benefits of Fate 2 "Exceptional Luck" on one dice roll per dot they have in the Fate Arcanum, although this benefit must be used to protect the charge or ensure it meets its ordained destiny. With Space 1, the Votary gains the benefit of the Space 1 "Finder" spell as long as they are within a number of miles equal to their Gnosis from their charge. If their charge is a place, they gain the benefits of Space 1 "Omnivision" instead.

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