"Yera and Durn are satisfied with simply creating things, but I am not. I wish to understand this world and all it has to offer," said Rhamus, third eldest of the eight.

It's unclear whether Elves, Orcs or Goblins appeared first, but it is agreed upon that they are neither the youngest or oldest of the races. The Elvish deity, Rhamus, is known as the deity of knowledge, curiosity, and magic. His associated element is fire.


Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Intelligence or Wisdom

Skill Bonus: +1 to Arcana and Academic Lore

Power: Elven Accuracy : Once per scene, an Elf may re-roll a failed Weaponry or Ballistic skill Test.

Size: 3


Elves appear much like one expect them to; they are tall, slender, with human-like forms aside from their pointed ears. They are desert dwellers, and as such have darker skin than most the other races, and not a wide array of natural hair colors. In terms of genetics, Elves are extremely close relatives to humans, to the point that they are -almost- the same race. They are fairly close relatives to Kitsunes and Lithians as well. They live to be around 150-200 years of age. Many consider this due to their closer connection to the forces of magic than their sister races.


The Elves started off as a nomadic race, wandering the desert in search of places to settle, and moving on before too long. Eventually they did create permanent establishments upon water ways in the region, and before long they began to fight among one another for control. After a couple centuries of fighting amongst themselves, a clear leader was established, and a monarchy was set in place. It became clear to the Elves that they had many enemies among them, both uncivilized beast men and other, quicker to establish nations, and order was needed to survive. The construction of Terminus, the Royal Elvish Capitol, began.
Terminus was constructed upon the intersection of the two largest rivers in Zeras. It naturally became a huge trading depot over time, and all walks of live from all over Zeras began to mingle in Terminus. Elves took this very liberally, and established means for any person of any race to become a citizen of their country. While the Elvish people on a whole might have negative opinions about other nations as a whole, their attitudes with the individuals of those countries is another matter. Those who seek the asylum of Terminus are considered valuable to the state, for a mixing pot of intellectual input is considered a very healthy thing for Elvish culture. Except Dwarves and Trolls. Things are always…awkward, with Dwarves and Trolls.
Some would mistake this freedom of immigration to be a very foolish measure, and mistake that the Elves are pushovers. This is a very big misconception; the Elvish military is extremely aggressive, and has conquered many a neighboring land throughout the ages. Their forces are strong, their ideology borderline imperialistic, and their defensive measures brutal. Interior usurpers and enemies of the state are dealt with by an assassin's guild, who are technically outside the frames of the kingdom's law, but consider themselves allies to the royal family and personally handle matters that can't be handled in broad daylight.
Elvish culture is surprisingly peaceful compared to their militaristic political stance. Terminus is considered world wide the center of intellectual discussion, creation and education. All walks of life come to trade, study and create. It's a hot spot for adventurers seeking fame as well, since it's extremely central location in Zeras grants them tons of traveling options and plenty of allies and jobs to be found. Overall, it's a very exciting place to be in Zera's current era.

The Royal Family

The royal family has a rather interesting role in the political scheme of the Elvish people, much different than that of other race's kings. Rather than having complete or partial monarchy over his or her people, the king or queen is more of a leader for the Elvish senate. They direct conversation for senate meetings, have the last say in the passing of laws and amendments, and act as the mediator for the Elvish nation to all other nations. The king or queen is also highly responsible for being a mediator between the citizens of the kingdom and the senate, and spends most their time listening to requests from senate members and citizen interest groups. Senate members are elected by district on a 5 year term, while the royal family has a bit more complicated selection process. A royal family isn't exactly elected, but once they are given the title are eligible to retain it for 5 generations. If any of the children in a generation do not wish to inherit the title of queen or king before the 5th, or no heir is found in a generation, the senate elects a new royal family from a set selection chosen by the people via polling. If this doesn't occur by the 5th generation, the title is transferred the family of one of the princes or princesses of that generation.

Nifty Contributions

  • The Terminus Academy hosts the largest collection of all academia in Zeras, and is the undisputed best place of study of both practical knowledge and magic in the world.
  • The location of Terminus helped speed up world wide interest in the creation of large trade ships, and joint Elvish/Dwarf/Troll boat building companies have spearheaded navel advancement.
  • Elvish immigration law has set a standard for other nations to abide by, as well as started interest in ideas of equality of all citizens and rights of citizens.

Relations with other Races

  • Dwarves and Trolls have a very awkward but workable relationship with the Elves. From the Elvish perspective, Dwarves and Trolls are very quick to be patronizing to Elves, as if they are always addressing royalty whenever they speak with an Elf, which they find a bit comfortable.
  • Humans are welcome anywhere in Zeras, Terminus is no exception.
  • Goblins love the freedoms of arts and trade found in Terminus; if they have any "go-to" ally, it's the Elves. Elves appreciate the arts Goblins create as well, and they are very friendly with one another.
  • Orcs and Elves have a mutual respect for each other, but don't get along that well on a political scale. Elves want their land, Orcs aren't having any of that nonsense. However Terminus is a very common place for Orcs to travel to for study and trade.
  • Lithians don't get along well with Elves due to long lasting wars between the two over mutually desired land.
  • Kitsunes are seen as good trading partners due to their wide empire and many resources, but Elves can't stand their views on citizen's rights and general haughtiness.
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