Name : Elysia Tess
Age : 30

Level 40 Ace Trainer / SATK Ace / Electric Ace / Spark Ace Master

Skills and Attributes
Acrobatics: Adept (4)
Athletics: Untrained (2) +2
Combat: Untrained (2)
Intimidate: Pathetic (1)
Stealth: Pathetic (1)
Survival: Untrained (2) +1

General Edu: Master (6) +4
Medicine+Occult Edu: Untrained (2) +2
Pokemon Edu: Master (6) +2
Tech Edu: Master (6) +4
Guile: Pathetic (1) +1
Perception: Master (6) +1

Charm: Untrained (2)
Command: Master (6)
Focus: Master (6)
Intuition: Master (6) +2

Combat Stats

Hit Points 177/177
HP 29
Attack 5
Defense 10 (5 DR, +15 Crit DR)
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 10 (5 DR, +15 Crit DR)
Speed 30

Injuries: None


Moves and Capabilities

Eerie Impulse (EOT, 6 Range, 1 Target, 2 AC, lowers target's SATK stages by 2, grants Glow I guess)
Shock Wave (At-Will, 6 Range, 1 Target, DB 6: 2d6+8 / 15, no miss, grants Zapper I guess)
Thunder Wave

Wonder Launcher DX Custom: Two-Handed Actually A Wonder Launcher
Taser Zap Cannon (Scene, 12 Range, 1 Target, DB 12: 3d12+10 / 30, 9 AC, missing doesn't expend frequency, paralyzes on connect, nothing within 2 meters on target to ignore evasion, apply tech education roll to damage as well)

Capabilities: Overland 7, Swim 3, High Jump 1, Long Jump 2, Power 4, Throwing Range 6, WC 4
Abilities: Static, Lightning Rod
Action Points: 9/13 (2 Drained from Ace Trainer/Champ in the Making training sessions, 2 Bound from constant Stratagem applications at the start of every new mon)



Head Thinking Cap (A Helmet that might have had the base of it as tin foil, but it is clearly something more complicated now, gives +2 Intuition)
Body Coiled Coat (Light Armor affixed with various metallic things that attract electricity, and give it in safe doses to Elysia if it happens to come along)
Main Hand Wonder Launcher DX Custom
Off-Hand Other Half Of Wonder Launcher DX Custom
Feet Matrix Shoes (Running Shoes that apply a light electric current to the feet, which seems to improve Elysia's reaction time, granting +1 evasion to ranged, x-target moves)
Accessory Safety Goggles (you know, for science)
Stomach Cheri Berry


2 Hyper Potions
4 MooMoo Milks
2 Revival Herbs
2 Full Heals
2 Hyper X-Attack Mix
2 Hyper X-Attack Mix
2 Hyper X-Attack Mix
2 Hyper X-Attack Mix
2 Hyper X-Speed Mix
2 Hyper Dire Hit Mix
2 Hyper Guard Spec. Mix
3 X-Attack
3 X-Defense
3 X-Special Attack
3 X-Special Defense
3 X-Speed
3 Dire Hit
3 Guard Spec.
1 Leftovers
1 Enigma Berry
1 Custap Berry

Growth Log (Odd Levels)

Current Exp Bank: 0/10

Level 1 Creation:

Level 3: Stat Training, HP
Level 5: Commander's Voice, HP
+Spark Master (Static) [Speed]
Level 7: Storm Wizard [Speed], HP
+Eerie Impulse, Shock Wave
Level 9: Critical Moment, HP
Level 11: Magnetize [Speed], HP
Level 13: Electric Ace, HP
Level 15: Signature Technique, HP
Level 17: Lockdown, HP
Level 19: Chain Lightning, HP
Level 21: Stat Maneuver, HP
Level 23: Stat Mastery, HP
Level 25: Stat Embodiment, Speed
Level 27: Stat Strategem, Speed
Level 29: Top Percentage, HP
Level 31: Signature Technique, HP
Level 33: Champ in the Making, HP
Level 35: Storm Wizard 2 [Speed], HP
+Charge, Thunderbolt
Level 37: Storm Wizard 3 [Speed], HP
+Thunder Wave, Thunder
Level 39: Marksman Orders, HP

Growth Log (Even Levels)

Level 2: Novice Acrobatics, Novice Pokemon Education, Speed
Level 4: Adept Technology Education, HP
Level 6: Adept General Education, Adept Focus, HP
Level 8: Expert Command, Speed
Level 10: Expert Technology Education, Speed
+Expert Focus, Adept Acrobatics
Level 12: Expert General Education, Iron Mind, Speed
Level 14: Master Command, Speed
Level 16: Master Focus, Speed
Level 18: Master Technology Education, Speed
Level 20: Novice Intuition, Speed
+Adept and Expert Intuition
Level 22: Master Intuition, Speed
Level 24: Adept Pokemon Education , Speed
Level 26: Expert Pokemon Education, Speed
Level 28: Master Pokemon Education, Speed
Level 30: Novice Perception, Smooth, Scholar, Speed
Level 32: Adept Perception, Speed
Level 34: Expert Perception, Speed
Level 36: Master Perception, Speed
Level 38: Skill Enhancement (Tech+General Education), Speed
Level 40: Skill Monkey, Master General Education, Speed

Team: XqGj7uV.gifrmjCXdp.gif26SGZQl.pngOliEqWV.gif

Pact Beast Descriptions
Tesla - A very bright, yet very aggressive Pact Beast, representing the Innovation of the Future. In order to represent the future, you must be beyond the current state of technology, which tends to result in aggression, for one must be relentless in their pursuit of new information and ideas, to disregard the present and past where appropriate, and to continue being the future even if you manage to drag the future into the present. Somewhat cowed by Ampere's gentleness, and my current progress…but bothering it is still very ill advised.
Ampere - A gentle Pact Beast, not too far apart in age from myself. She reminds me to eat, sometimes. While she's comfortable with a supporting role, she's perfectly also fine with taking the gloves off if need be, producing voltages that managed to wound Tesla itself when they had a scuffle over how dedicated I needed to be to my work.
Watt - A mothlike Pact Beast that flew in during a voltage test. While the saying of moths being drawn to a flame holds true, this one…really overdid it with a different source of light, and had to be nursed to health multiple times. While baffled at why it would continue to ram itself into pretty much every lightbulb it can possibly find, I hold comfort in knowing it'll only run into lightbulbs now, and they won't hurt as much.
Ohm - A strange Pact Beast, which doesn't really like water and doesn't really mind electricity, but yet looks like a fish. Attuned with the one element that happens to be my bane (which is still strange, because it's a fish), but there's something more unsettling about it. I…think it has a sadist streak.

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