Emily Hoshizawa

Name: Emily Hoshizawa
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Weight: hi-mi-tsu~
Hair Color: Green
Eyes: Blue

Profession: Pokemon Rental, Rancher
Birthday: Summer 30

Favorite Food: onigiri n__n/
Preferred Gifts: Pokemon plushies~~
Favorite Spot: have yet to arrive at Oran~

Emily's outfit is a combination of practicality for her profession and being able to look good- she wears a one-piece mini dress and leggings, along with a vest on top. She sports thigh-high boots that are ideal for wading in swamps and the like, and leather gloves to protect her hands and assist in getting across high places. Her vest, boots, gloves, and the slightly oversized belt around her waist all have pouches in them for keeping handy items such as various pokeballs, tools for fixing them, and her lasso. Emily keeps her long, green hair tied in a braid, and wears a cap on her head to protect from light overhead debris. Emily also carries a backpack containing her necessary gear, such as the costume kit she uses to blend with wild pokemon.

Coming from the Kanto region, Emily came over to Oran Valley hearing word about pokemon that are unique to the region. She is working as a collector of various pokemon and wishes to see all that her present destination has to offer. Also, Emily has plans of setting up a ranch to raise these pokemon she has caught and lend them to others for use as rental pokemon.


Scyther Lv22
x4 Damage: Rock
x2 Damage: Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice
Half Damage: Bug
Quarter Damage: Fighting, Grass
Immune: Ground

Held: Charti Berry (halves Rock damage)
Height: 4'11" (Medium)
Weight: 123.5 lbs (4)
Nature: Jolly (SPD+2, SATK-2)
Ability: Technician (Static. Moves w/ damage dice rolls having max damage less than 30 add additional 2d10 to their damage roll. Moves w/ Scatter do not apply.)
Capabilities: Overland 8, Surface 2, Sky 8, Jump 5, Power 3, Intelligence 4

HP 52
EXP 13000/14500
Evade: +2 vs ATK, +2 vs SATK
STAB: +4

Base Add Total
HP 7 +3 10
ATT 11 +6 17
DEF 8 +3 11
SATK 4 4
SDEF 8 +2 10
SPD 13 +7 20
Move Acquired Type Frequency AC Range Damage Details
Leer Lv1 Normal At-Will 2 Range (5), 1 Target - Target's DEF-1 CS.
Quick Attack Lv1 Normal At-Will 2 Melee, 1 Target, Interrupt ATT 1d12+6+2d10 If opponent wants to declare a Move, you may use this Move on their turn before they act.
Focus Energy Lv5 Normal At-Will - Self - Crit 17-20 or extend crit range by 3 if Move already has extended crit range. Usable once per encounter unless dispelled.
Pursuit Lv9 Dark EOT 2 Melee, 1 Target, Interrupt ATT 1d12+6+2d10 If Target is escaping or is switching out, user may shift up to 25m and deal 3d10+12 damage instead.
False Swipe Lv13 Normal At-Will 2 Melee, 1 Target, Pass ATT 1d12+6+2d10 If Target HP would be 0 because of this Move, HP=1 unless Target HP<0.
Agility Lv17 Psychic EOT - Self - SPD+2 CS.
Wing Attack Lv21 Flying At-Will 2 Melee, 1 Target, Pass ATT 2d10+8+2d10 -

Funds: 4000

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Campaign: Oran Valley

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