Errant Academy

Ready your steel and steady your arm

The sun peaks across the spires of Kingswatch, not quite banishing the morning mists across the courtyard of the College. The groundskeeper continues his preparation from the night before. The man grunts as he combs the sand with his iron rake, trims the yard with shears. His timburr companion wipes sweat from his brow as he erects the pen and the the bleachers for later that morning.

The fresh students to the College of Logic will be arriving in just a few hours for their entrance ceremony. Those who study here do more than learn from texts and studying past battles. They study not just how to fight but the process of a war, command, troop movement, siege building, fortifications even administration and supply detail.

Nobles, merchant princes, squires of the Gilded Fist's, fools who follow the Bloody Icon into battle, and even commoners lucky enough to have a patron are joining the ranks soon enough. Many who join the ranks of the College go on to live careers as high ranking officials in the Adairslen military, use their knowledge to run their own mercenary companies or use it to springboard their political careers.

The College also uses it's students as a form of mercenary band as part of their training. Many of noble blood opt to wave this rite and instead stick to the more traditional offerings. The College rents those who join their band out to those with enough coin and political clout. Facing bandits in the hills, or even just herding away migratory pokemon from croplands are both common tasks.

The groundskeeper shakes his head his work long from being done. Wiping the sweat from his face with a rag he leans on his rake staring at the rising sun through the spires. His voice echos in the mists as be begins to rake the sand once more.

'Crowns are for the valiant—sceptres for the bold!
Thrones and powers for mighty men who dare to take and hold.'

Campaign Information

Errant Academy is a western fantasy campaign set in the Game of Throhs sample setting The Six Duchies. The political climate in Adairslen is still in turmoil after the death of its king and the coronation of the crown princess as queen. Many of the duchies are unsure of the strength of their new ruler, and there have been many whispering of cession. With this tense political atmosphere the strange tales of wild pokemon attacking human settlements with no provocation, has many worried for their safety as well.

The Six Duchies of Adairslen


Player Information

The players are new students to the College of Logic, in the capital of Kingswatch. It is the premier military academy of the nation, many of the next generation of the ruling noble families will be attending. The game will focus on the players as they live their lives at the academy as well as the missions they go on as members of the College's mercenary company. Who they meet, what they learn, and what they do with both will be the things of history.

The game will obviously start some time after 1.05 comes out.

Who and where your character is will be very important in this game so please give it some thought.

Up to four players to keep it manageable.

PC's will almost always be involved in combat to some degree, if nothing more than a target. So keep that in mind.

Character Starting Info:
Trainer Level 1
One Pokemon 36 BST Level 5
Two Inheritance Moves at 10 and 20
In the event of no Egg moves Tutor moves may be applicable.
3000 Dollerydoos
One ~Mystery Item~ dependent on character.

Free Time Rules!

When free time is available you may choose up to three options from the list below. Taking each option only once. Or take a suggestion of your own with permission.

  • Apply Experience Training
  • Work towards a Personal Task (Which can lead to delicious character growth and other things)
  • Enjoy Time with Your Peers (Social links y'all)
  • Work or join a Profession (Get Points Get Paid)
  • Personal Study with an Instructor of your Choice (Might garner TP, Plot or ??? depending)
  • Explore/Go into Kingswatch (Shopping~ and other things)

Kingswatch Merchant's District

Kingswatch is the capital of Adairslen and as such has quite the bustling Merchants District. With a quick walk you can easily find several shops, yet you all have no real income to speak of. But you do have points.

It seems that those who do well are awarded points. Which can be redeemed at the Quartermasters Office into credit to be used in town.

Not every shop will take these credits, but depending on your fame and the good will you can garner that might change…

After your first visit to the QMO Kell offered only this as advice

"Your squad better save some of them points. Never know when you might need them."



Player Character Description
Kamen Domhall Farquarson Sailors Son of a sailors son.
Masterly Tristan Delacroix Legitimate Bastard
Ecthel Landon Arlem Farmboy turned Frontliner
Nisu Haldisa Sylvaine Ophelia Tevenin de Stoneheart Heiress to Naught

Word Lumber

The Harrowing or Wait, I thought I was enrolled already

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