Errant NPCs

For: Errant Academy


JbwJRDD.jpg Lieutenant Jessabell
Course: Tactics
Age: ???
Info: ???
ZMa9TcY.jpg Sir Percival
Course: Command
Age: 43
Info: ???


FOd5i2s.jpg Franz von Feurig
Home Duchy: Southern Faepeak
Age: 16
Info: Rather shy young man, tried to hide behind others during the harrowing. Brought with him a ralts, and some
how captured a totodile during the Harrowing. Also a mage. Who knew.
XWPuOwF.jpg Seth Second Sight
Home Duchy: Coalbank
Age: 18
Info: His most noticeable characteristics are the massive bags under his eyes. He is standoffish and blunt, but never overly cruel. Has some sort of
magical power based in Elemental Ice. Caught a charmander during the Harrowing. Tristan's BFF4E.
dEymmIr.jpg Helga
Home Duchy: Kingswatch
Age: 17
Info: She is totally a doofist, and happy to talk about it. Dom tricked her into talking about the Doofist religion instead of grabbing a Siegman. She was a bit upset but things have smoothed over(?). Quite the warrior to boot. She went toe to toe with Ser Jerome and lasted longer than you would expect. The tallest of the new Squaddies. May have mentioned something about being a smith to her squadmates.
9l9acpi.png Bean Ventura
Home Duchy: Greensea
Age: 16
Info: Bean is made of energy, almost always excited about something he is more than happy to try and talk your ear off. Born and raised in Fort Ventura in the south of Greensea Duchy, the gateway to the Duchies southern neighbor. Seventh son of a seventh son. Always has a small leather ball with him to play with his lillipup, named Fetch. Caught a Magikarp during the Harrowing, named it Splash.
dW5x4HM.jpg Rush Of ????
Home Duchy: Kingswatch
Age: 19
Info: Still a nerd, but an unown nerd to be exact. Seems to have a habit of reading during social events and only really talking to those who are 'on his level'. Educationally speaking of course. Has placed at least one rune that you are aware of.
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