Esthermonte Academy


Dear Mister or Miss

We are pleased to inform you that you have been hand-selected by Black Circle Chancellor, Lord A.E. Cholmondely for a rare chance to join the ancient and esteemed Order of Azor.
For your courage, curiosity, and budding gift of spellcraft, you have been selected to receive a full scholarship to Esthermonte Academy at Castle Esthermonte, including tuition, room and board, plus amenities.

Here, under the guidance of our fully accredited Professors, you will work through the engaging and challenging curriculum alongside your peers, learning the secrets of sorcery and enchantment in order to fully realize your potential. All Graduates of Esthermonte Academy are fully guaranteed a spot within the Black Circle and the Order of Azor immediately upon graduation.

Should you wish to accept this rare invitation, you have 15 minutes as of this moment to sign your name at the bottom of this document, thereby agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of Castle Esthermonte. You will be collected shortly.

Vice-Chancellor, Sir Justin Magdalen of Belvoir Lake.

The Game

Esthermonte Academy is the story of those who have answered the curious letter above. This game will be parts dungeon crawler and parts survival horror, using the Call of Cthulhu RPG system, though heavily modified in fluff, and with an expanded spellcasting system to be posted later.

Scheduling decisions are to be decided, based on interest. If you have any questions, talk to Paradox or Judas on IRC!

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