Example Adventures

This is a collection of Play Modules taking place in the universe of Terrafell. This includes short example adventures for GMs to run.


Ragnarok Planetfall:
A combat-heavy adventure for 3 players. While chasing an intergalactic smuggler, the UPDD must pursue him onto the restricted surface of the planet Ragnarok. Involves minimal ship-to-ship combat and political intrigue, but heavy pokemon combat.

Defense of the Nursery: UNDER CONSTRUCTION
A space-faring adventure for 3 players. A distress signal in orbit around FSN-90876d alerts the UPDD to an attempt by terrorists to irreparably damage the life currently undergoing abiogenesis in the primordial soup on the planet's surface. Planetfall could mean disaster, and the fight must be fought in space. Involves heavy Ship-to-ship combat, possibly heavy political intrigue. light on pokemon combat.

Explorers of the Stars: UNDER CONSTRUCTION
An intriguing adventure for 3 players. Xects'es land speculators have made planetfall on an apparently uninhabited water-world. However, the speculators have unintentionally made first contact with an undiscovered sapient race. The UPDD is sent in to protect the planet's natives, and negotiate with the land speculators to leave the natives alone. Involves heavy political intrigue, and lighter combat in general.

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