• The Explorer's Guild - A generally benevolent and neutral faction, the explorer's guild has no particular enemies. It has many connections and is very helpful to dedicated members, but expects members to fulfill the contracts they agree to. Generally, their contracts have to do with exploring islands, finding and slaying monsters, and helping important Guild patrons with specific tasks.
  • The Imperial Knights of Corol - The 'police' force within the territories, they are directly responsible to the Emperor back in the mainland. They are concerned with the safety of the towns, and hunting down notorious criminals and pirates. Their numbers are few, so they frequently set bounties on particularly irksome monsters, pirate crews, or other criminals.
  • The Corol Underground - Being so far removed from the law of the empire, the territories are fraught with all sorts of illegal traffic and smuggling. The Corol Underground is the consolidation of various crime syndicates that work together to operate under the watchful eye of the Imperial Knights. The Underground generally has its fair share of infighting which can get quite ugly.
  • Pirate Infamy - There's no real way to become completely ingratiated with the various pirate crews that roam the territories, but they probably won't mess with those that are truly bad-ass. Of course, if they think you're an Emperor-Worshipping Dog, then they might have a bone to pick. Pirates generally won't have any 'jobs' for each other or anything like that, but if your presence is tolerable then they probably won't run you out of Griswold.
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