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Tentative System

Several years after the Fifth Holy Grail War in Fuyuki, El-Melloi II and Tohsaka Rin dismantled the Greater Grail, against the wishes of the Mage's Association. A brief battle ensued, but in the end, the Greater Grail was destroyed, and the Grail Wars of Fuyuki came to a final, complete conclusion.

However, a year after the destruction of the Greater Grail, word spread through the Mage's Association of a new Grail War to be hosted in the United States, without the interference of the Church or the Three Families. The city chosen for this new war was Wellston, Maine, a small town nestled near the shore away. The town was notable for only one thing – the Wellston Boys Academy, once a military school and now a private boarding school.

Like the Holy Grail War, this one came with a promise: the grail would grant the wish of the winner. Soon enough, in the fall of 2012, this new grail began to seek out masters. Strange letters found their way into the hands of its chosen magi, guiding them to the site where the war would begin.

Player Character Servant
Lamas Elio Sala Saber of Red - William Wallace
Shizuka Yori Lancer of Red - Honda Tadakatsu
Aori Alexander Oswald Roch Irving Archer of Red - Karna
Silvania Harper Rider of Red - Genghis Khan
Basout Bedevere Caster of Red - Circe
Kana Ariel Astroth Berserker of Red - Achilles
Masterly Ivan Ivanovich Assassin of Red - Koschei the Deathless

Looking for a max of 4 players. The other members of Red Side will be NPCs.

nnzE9pa.jpg Shizuka Yori
Servant: Lancer of Red
Info: Yori hails from a virtually unknown family of mages originally from Japan, but now centered mostly in France. Though her style of magic is unknown, her power is evidenced through Lancer's strength and unusual luck, and the two get along seamlessly. Yori is young and slight, looking to be about sixteen, and has a casual air around her. She has a cheerful, upbeat demeanor, and seems to want to work together with the other Masters of Red.
pEAhQEy.jpg Silvania Harper
Servant: Rider of Red
Info: An American magic family, the Harpers are known to practice a style known as 'resonant magic', the details of which are well-guarded. Silvania herself appears to be in her mid-twenties and has a disheveled appearance, as though perpetually hungover. She has a biting sense of humor and seems to play with the image of the pop culture witch, wearing a lot of black cat and skull logos. Silvania is often at odds with her servant, who finds her lazy and undisciplined.
zZhX8PL.png Basout Bedevere
Servant: Caster of Red
Info: Last scion of the once proud Bedevere line, evidence of Basout's difficult life are laid plain by the burns across his face. More burns and scars cover much of his torso and arms, which he keeps under bandages and baggy clothing. Basout is aloof, quiet, and approaches the Grail War with disinterest, allowing his Servant to act largely how she wants. Though his face and eyes are weary, Basout is no older than fifteen, and is currently posing as a transfer student at Wellston Boys Academy.
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