Fennel Arlotti

Level 1 Hero

Name: Fennel Arlotti
Age: 22
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 154 lbs

AP: 4/4
Condition: Uninjured

Offensive Trainer

Hit Points: 60
Attack: 13
Defense: 5
Special Attack: 8
Special Defense: 5
Speed: 3

Initiative: 3
Movement: 5
Evasion: +3
Accuracy: +0

Qualities and Traits

Insightful: +5
Quick: +4
Subtle: +3
Charming: +1

Skill Traits Camper, Animal Husbandry
Movement Traits N/A
Special Traits -

Herdsman As the Gogoats provide for us, so we provide for them - protection from predators. That's my job!

Status Menu

Orders / Moves / Feats
Struggle (AW AC4, 1M, Normal DB1, No Effect)
Dual Chop - Dragon Physical - EOT - DB2 - AC3 - Melee, 1 Target, Double Strike - On 18+, Dual Chop is a Critical Hit.
Noble Roar - Normal Status - Scene x1 - Minor Action - AC 3 - Range 4, 1 Target - Social, Sonic, Critical Sum - The target suffers a -5 penalty to Damage Rolls for one full round, and you gain a tick of temporary hit points. Noble Roar’s Frequency is restored whenever you cause a target to faint with a damaging attack.
Swords Dance - AW - Normal Status - Target: Self - Buff
Effect: The user gains the Swords Dance buff. While under the effects of Swords Dance, the user gains a +5 Bonus to Physical Damage Rolls, and +2 Evasion against ranged attacks. The user may expend Swords Dance when a foe within reach misses them with an attack to immediately make an At-Will physical attack against that foe as a free action.


Heroic Fighter - Base Talent
Effect: You gain the Combat Training Feature, and the Confidence Ability. You also learn Moves based on your Tier. Unlike Pokemon, Trainers may know any number of Moves.
Tier 1: Dual Chop, Noble Roar, Swords Dance

Vanguard (Ranged) - Base Talent
At-Will - Minor Action
Trigger: You hit a target foe with a damaging attack
Effect: All other allies gain a +2 bonus to Accuracy against the target foe for 1 full round.
Bonus: Additionally Heroes gain a bonus based on whether they use a melee or ranged weapon;
Ranged Weapons: Heroes using Ranged Weapons may use Dual Chop as if it had a range of “Range 6, 1 Target”, and Dragon Claw as if it had a range of “Range 6, 2 targets”.

Set-Up Feint Prerequisites: None
2 AP - Free Action
Trigger: You or your Pokemon miss a target foe with a 1-target damaging attack
Effect: Push the target 1 meter in any direction. Then another ally adjacent to the target may make a Punish attack against the target.

Guard Break Prerequisites: None
1 AP - Free Action
Trigger: Your Pokemon hits a foe with a Physical attack
Effect: The foe becomes Vulnerable against the next physical attack made against them within 1 full round; if that attack hits them, their Defense is halved against that attack when calculating damage. A foe can be affected by Guard Break only once per Scene.

Combat Training
Effect: You gain +5 HP and +2 to Attack (or Special Attack). When you level up, you gain +1 more to HP and Attack (or Special Attack); this is retroactive.

Effect: You gain the “Camper” Trait, which allows you to excel in tasks of wilderness survival, such as finding food or shelter. This trait also allows you to gain 1 Boon when use the Secure Camp action.

Camp Expert
Effect: You can take an additional Camp Action during the Camp Phase.


Effect: As long as the user is not Shaken, Allies within 2 squares gain a +1 DB bonus to all damaging attacks.


Equipment Effect
Hand Horn Bow A simple wooden bow with horn taken respectfully from a Gogoat who died of natural causes.
Accessory ? ?
Wealth 0P

Loadout (?/? SP)

Permanent Gear

Consumable Items


Overland ?
Naturewalk ?
Skill Trait ?
Strong ?
Intense ?
Insightful ?

Razzle the Skiddo Type: Grass Held Item:
Level 2, Tier 1 HP: 48/48 Evasion: +0 Accuracy: +0 Condition: Uninjured
Ability Usage Special Effect
Grass Pelt Scene, Minor Te user gains two ticks worth of Temporary Hit Points. Bonus: When standing on any grassy or leafy terrain that is either Slow or Rough Terrain, the user gains +5 Damage Reduction. Defensive.t
Empower Scene, Minor Te user may use a self-targeting Status-Class Move as a Free Action
Stat Base Added Value
Attack 7 +1 8
Defense 5 +8 9
Special Attack 6 +0 6
Special Defense 6 +4 10
Speed 1 +0 1

Tier 1: +4 Defense

Defender: The user gains +4 DR against damaging attacks that hit them with a natural Accuracy Roll of 7 or less. The user can also use the Intercept Maneuver as a Move Action.


Tackle - Normal Physical - AW - DB2 - AC2 - Melee, 1 Target - Pushes on Even accuracy rolls. 2d6+2+8
Defense Curl - Normal Status - AW - Move Action - Interrupt - The user gains +5 Defense for one full round. Bonus: As long as the user knows Defense Curl, they deal +5 more damage when using Rollout or Ice Ball.

Vine Whip - Grass Physical - AW - AC 3 - DB 3 - Range 4, 1 Target 3d6+3+8
Effect: 19+ Trips

Rollout - Rock Physical - At-Will - AC 4 - DB 2 - Pass or Melee, 1 Target 2d6+2+8+5
Effect: When rollout is used and it hits at least 1 target, the user gains a Rollout counter after the move is resolved; but if Rollout hits no targets, the user loses all Rollout counters. Each Rollout counter the user has raises this Move’s DB by +1 but also imposes a -1 penalty to AC when using Rollout.

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