Flynn Argent

Game: [Oran Valley]



Name: Flynn Argent
Level 13 Breeder/Chef/Move Tutor

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 150 lbs

Profession: Restaurateur
Birthday: Winter 1
Favorite Food: Candy
Preferred Gifts: Herbs, glowgrass, homemade crafts.
Favorite Spot: A cave in the Amaranth Mountains that is lit even at night with glowgrass and phosphorescent minerals.

Living Quarters: The restaurant's backroom.
Family Members: Father, mother, and two younger sisters, all back home.


Funds: 25610

Regular tasty food (including fish cake): 30-100P depending on what it is
Full suite of Pushing services for one Pokemon: 500P
Poffin with ridiculous WIS bonus: 1000P and you provide the berries.
Energy drink that gives 40 temporary HP: 1000P
Curry bun SO SPICY you don't require sleep for an entire day: 1200P
Vitamin of your choice: 10000P


Flora the Petilil
Level 17
EXP: 5160/5830

Type: Grass
200% Damage: Bug, Fire, Flying, Poison, Ice
50% Damage: Electric, Grass, Water, Ground
Hold Item: None
Gender: Female
Ability: Chlorophyll (Trigger, Hourly: While sunny, this Pokemon's speed stat is doubled.)
Nature: Modest (+Special Attack,-Attack)
Height: 1’ 8” / 0.5m (Small)
Weight: 14.6 lbs. / 6.6kg (1)
Capability List: Overland 6, Surface 4, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 4, Sprouter, Alluring
STAB: 1d6

HP: 56/56
Base Relation: Sp.Atk > HP > Def = Sp.Def > Spd > Atk

Stat Base Added Total
HP Stat 6 7 13
Atk 2 0 2
Def 5 2 7
Sp.Atk 13 5 18
Sp.Def 5 2 7
Spd 3 0 3
Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Lv Absorb At-Will Grass 2 Melee Sp.Atk 1d12 Half of damage is healed.
Lv Growth At-Will Grass - Self - - Atk and Sp.Atk raised one stage, two stages when sunny.
Lv Leech Seed Center Grass 4 Ranged - - 1/8th of target's health damage, all of it is healed.
Lv Sleep Powder EOT Grass 6 Ranged, 1m Blast - - Sleep!
Lv Mega Drain EOT Grass 2 Melee Sp.Atk 6+1d8 Half of damage is healed.
Lv Synthesis Center Grass - Self - - 1/2 health healed, 3/4 in sun, 1/4 in other weather.
Egg Healing Wish Center Psychic - Interrupt - - When Flora is reduced to 0 HP, heal other pokemon as if they'd been to a Center on 13 or higher.
Push Sweet Scent Battle Normal 2 Ranged, 5m Burst All legal targets hit take a +2 to AC checks against them.
Push Sunny Day Battle Fire - - - - Weather becomes sunny for 2 minutes.
Push Solarbeam Battle Grass 2 Ranged, target Sp. Atk 20+5d10 Must charge up for a turn unless sunny. Damages in 1m wide beam toward target.
Push Silver Wind Battle Bug 2 Ranged, target Sp. Atk 15+1d10 2m column. On 11-20, stats raised 1 stage. On 16-20, allies in column also buffed and don't take damage.
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