Ford Slive

Player Name: Kit

Trainer Name: Ford Slive

Age: 23

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 175

Trainer Level: 45

Classes: Martial Artist, Aura User, Chef, Psychic Ace, Exectutive, Pokerider, Genetic (Reuniclus)

Badges: 5


Str: 26/+8
Dex: 20(22)/+5(+6)
Con: 16/+3
Int: 12/+1
Wis: 24/+7
Cha: 12/+1

Max HP: 314

Features by Class:

General: Chosen One, Satoshi's Luck, Voltorb Flip, I Can Take a Hit+, Multitasking

Martial Artist: Improved Combat, Improved Endurance, Workout x2(Str), Strongman, Tough Skin, Fist Mastery

Aura User: Aura Reading, Aura Mind, Aura Thoughts, Vacuum Wave, Dark Pulse, Sword of Body and Soul (Psychic, Fire), Focus Blast

Chef: Soul Food, Energy Boost X, Vitamins X, Vile Cook, Sugar Rush

Psychic Ace: Type Training, Improved Type Attacks+, Type Soul, Elemental Synch(Used up), Move Shift, Elemental Shift

Executive: Role Call!, Respect My Authority!, Extended Party, Legendary Aspirations (Jirachi, both types)

Pokerider: HENSHIN!, Hissatsu, Elemental Hissatsu(Psychic, Fire), Pokerider W(Dualwielding), Pokemon Feedback, TWIN COMBO

Genetic: Gene Shift, Gene Voice, Altering Body(Amorphous), Altering Hands(Psycho Cut), Altering Legs, Nature Manifest(Magic Guard), Intimidation

Seen: Idon'tevenknowanymore
Owned: 19

Pokemon: Rotom, Scizor, Metagross, Gardevoir, Snorlax, Shuckle, Whimsicott, Galvantula, Jirachi, Reuniclus

Wall's stats:

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