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Metalworking, Glassblowing, Wood Carving, Visual and Graphic Arts, Spending Time with Family, Fishing, Watching Anime, Playing Around in the Snow, All Things Dratini, Awesome Titles…
Ghosts, Getting Beat Up By Girls Half Your Age, Bouffalant Rodeo, Getting Beat Up By Yourself, Waking Up With Weird Things in Your Pants, Getting Beat Up in General, Slaking Farts…

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Name: Saryx Sylvestine
Sex: Male
Location: Venomtalon City, White Chord Isle, Visiwa
Hometown: Shiverwing City, Light Isle, Visiwa
Age: 22 (Born August 2, 20XX)
EonConnect: AMoltenHeart (Personal); ForgeYourOwnPath (Business - Linked to Phone)

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The Zodiac Braves

Sandseeker Temple and School of Psionics and Mysticism

Shiverwing Business and Trade School

DraCon 2039

The Crabby Krabby

To Be Determined


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Monday, March 22

A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath updated his status via Meetup OntheGo.
  • Today just turned out to be real frustrating. Beyond the whole other embarrassing thing… Chase and I managed to get ourselves into another fight out in the wilds, and… Well, I felt absolutely useless. … Again. Maaan, if Chase and I didn't have this oversized Heracross with us, we probably would've ended up a pile of bones the same as those other guys we saw before. Which, well… I mean, I'm glad me and Chase are still both alive, but it's still real frustrating all the same. I'm getting real sick of feeling like the princess in this fairy tale!
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath updated his status via Meetup OntheGo.
  • Today, I think, is real likely to overthrow every other thing that's ever happened to me as being the single most embarrassing day of my life! Considering I've gotten knocked out by a little girl who wasn't even half my age at the time, took off my shirt and went dancing on tabletops in a drunken frenzy, and that mess from the day I first ended up in Sandseeker… Maaan, I'm already a real nervous mess just thinking about what could possibly happen once we actually find… If it even is… Aaauuuuuuu…
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath commented on his status via Meetup OntheGo.
  • … If I don't legitimately die of embarrassment by the end of this whole thing, then this Heracross is pretty much guaranteed going to murder me in my sleep!
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath updated his status via Meetup OntheGo.
  • Today, I got to stop by in Darkfeather for a little bit on the way to Venomtalon! Just wish Mom wasn't so busy at work; it would've been nice to catch her and Aunt Bianca and least give them both a hug that I haven't been able to for almost two years…
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath uploaded a photo via Meetup OntheGo.
The first picture is of Saryx, sporting his Beartic Cloak, at the bow of the ship. The picture's taken from, well… Not quite directly behind Saryx, but at enough of an angle that you can see and make out his face; his cloak's definitely looking like it's being blown by a gentle breeze, and he's standing with one leg atop a wooden crate and an arm resting upon that leg, kind of like one of those super cliche movie scenes when the captain of a ship sails off for their big adventure.
  • Today, I now understand why that old cliche "they say the clothes make the man" comes from! … Serious, this new cloak Gabby got me from her Gym's Mystery Box is just that incredible! I feel like I can take a real Beartic and chokeslam it straight through the ground! … Oh, and the Braves finally got a boat! The S.S. Pleiades finally sets sail!

Sunday, March 21

A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath is now a member of The Crabby Krabby.
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath updated his status via Meetup OntheGo.
  • Today, I went with Anna Myres to go visit Carl the Breakfastmancer, and then had the best talk ever while shopping for new clothes. Apparently we caught him in a good mood, but I thought he was a nice enough guy, if not just a little bit overly critical. As of today, though, Saryx Sylvestine is now a practicing alchemist-in-training! Look out, Visiwa! There's a revolution in the works, and it starts. Right. Here!

Friday, March 19

A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath updated his status via Meetup OntheGo.
  • Today, I… Well, the Braves beat the Veilbeak Gym, but… I just wish I could've been a bigger help. Third Gym Battle? Third time I wasn't all too useful. … Well, not unless you count being a target that isn't them useful. Gonna give Surt a break with the glassworks tonight and let Aevi have a turn and see how she does working with me tonight! Bet Surt's just as sore as I am right now from that fight.

OOC Note: We might possibly be up to 3 unidentified Saryxian statues. Bothy'd say, given Saryx not going back to the Pokemon Center, he'd work himself legitimately to the point of just collapsing from exhaustion or until Chase manages to drag him back to the Pokemon Center.

Wednesday, March 17

A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath uploaded a photo via Meetup OntheGo.
  • Today, I think, will be at least the third time since joining the Braves I've told myself "I don't think I've been any more embarassed in my life!" … And this time, I really mean it! I'm just so… So… Everything just went wrong today! … Whatever I end up making on the beach later tonight, I… I trust it's gonna be something out there!

(OOC Note: This is gonna make for 2 unidentified Saryxian works of art on the beach.)

A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath is no longer a member of Valdis Stormhammer Fan Club.

Sunday, March 14

A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath uploaded a photo via Meetup OntheGo.
The uploaded photo's of a phone, reflected in a mirror, of a phone in a case designed to look as though a Dratini were wrapping around the phone; its tail coiled around the base of it (though there's a gap to expose the power buttons) and its head popping out from behind. It doesn't look like it'd fit in a pocket particularly well, but you can see Saryx grinning all goofy in the backside. Valdis is in the background, engaged with a new phone of her own.
  • Today, I went shopping with Valdis to get her a new phone! I helped her pick out the best phone on the market, and not only did she buy me a new one as thanks, she also helped me find the best case in the world! So if anyone needs or wants my new number, just send me a message over here, okay? My business number isn't changing, though… Still holding onto my old phone for that!

Saturday, March 13

A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath updated his status.
  • Today, I… Well, today was just supposed to be a fun, relaxing day at the beach, but that sure didn't go the way any of us were expecting it to… I'm just going to… Work on finishing off the rest of this ice cream before it goes any bad.
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath updated his status.
  • Today, I finally got a chance to watch the match since last night was so chaotic I really didn't get to all too much last night at the Krabby. I think that was one of my commissions up on national television! The one that Mikhail had! … Least, I think he's the one I made the blade for! I mean, if that's the case I'm real excited my blade was up on TV, but… Well… I told him I offer special custom designs with each commission at no extra charge! I am so mad right now. If I had pushed harder for it, and people saw him swinging an awesome looking sword like all the other stuff I make around… That'd have been real helpful for Mom and Dad! … Aaaaaaaauuuuuuuuu…
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath updated his status via SMS.
  • Yesterday, I… Well, all I can say is I'm real glad I at least don't have Butt Disease after all of that. … A Slaking Fart? Really?!? Who even names this stuff?!?
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown responded to A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath
  • I'd like to take this moment to say hi to all the people reading these old messages a year or two from now, in the stupendously unlikely chance we ever get as popular as the Regalia. Sup, folks? Just shakin' my head, probably the same as y'all are. Anyway, Saryx, just be glad you haven't tried some of that weird off-brand shit like Aggron Vomit or something. They all try to live up to the Piss, but the Piss stands alone. P.S. Never mix Haxorus Piss with Red Bull.

Thursday, March 11

A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath was nudged by 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver via mobile.
  • Besides lamenting my current lack of suitable popcorn gifs (they're all on my computer and I'm currently on the road), I'm going to have to concur with Miss Pop there. If stuff like this gets you riled up, where will you find the energy to worry about the things that matter? And it's not like Hax-Piss helps things, either. That drink was explicitly designed to lay out even the hardiest of men, and you're chugging it down like bottled water. Just realize that people like to poke fun, and it's just that - good fun. No one is out to get you, and I'm pretty sure no one's doing something that warrants drowning your sorrows in metaphorical dragon urine.
1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver responded to 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver via mobile. Yes. Really.
  • wait never mind i found one
  • popcorn_yes.gif
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath updated his status.
  • Today, I… Needed to doublecheck and make certain I didn't finish off the last of my HaxP before going out. I think something's real wrong with the picture I got if things were just that… Well… You just can't do those kinds of things!

A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind via SMS.
  • Why can't you do things to people you want to? Why can't you do what you want to people? I… I… I don't even know how to respond to that right now, Garcia. I just… I really don't. … And… Mr. Grumpy? … I'm not that angry! … Am I?
  • It's… It's not partying, Razor. I just… I just like making things when I'm not in a good mood. And when I do, I don't want to bother thinking about what I'm making. I just… I just want to create things! Let whatever happens just happen.
  • Why I'm going out to the beach… Well, I picked up glass blowing a bit when I was out in Sandseeker, what with needing something to keep me busy at night before I got my laptop! In terms of materials, you can't get much better than free with the sand out in the desert… Or on the beach. So… Yeah, Razor. It's not like I'm going out to just drink myself into a coma or anything.
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath updated his status.
  • Today, I made another sale! And discovered how amazing this skillet is! … Problem is, I'm not real proud of it. I mean, it's not like I didn't try to make it just as good as any other weapon I made, but… Well… It just feels weird not being able to go all out with the designs like I'm used to. … Hey, hey Ben! Do you know anything about the Rangers stationed out in Veilbeak? 'cause I think I might need help trying to hunt this guy down.

Tuesday, March 9

A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath updated his status.
  • Today, I… Well… Does my ship in a bottle really look that bad?!? Desperate?!? Really?!?

Attached is a photo image of Saryx' ship in a bottle.

YNcQZTu.jpg UPROAR responded to A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath.
1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks responded to A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath.
  • It is pretty kawaii.
788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote responded to A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath.
  • Maaayun legos are THE SHIT.
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath responded to YNcQZTu.jpg UPROAR, 1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks and 788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote.
  • It's… It's not actually made of Lego's. … I mean, I used the idea of Lego blocks for inspiration, but I carved out the pieces all by myself, and assembled it inside after. It was a real experimental style I was messing around with for making a ship in a bottle without having all too much time to really sit down and make one. … But I guess with how much people seem to like it, I can try and work at polishing the style of it up to the true Sylestine Silver Standard! If you want, Uproar, we can work out a commission in the same style that you can give to your daughter!
  • And for the love of Bondye, Mr. Jenks! This is at least the third time I've had to say this to you. … Do you even read when people reply to your posts, even? PLEASE STOP WITH THE FUCKING KANTONESE! You sound like a complete goofball using those kinds of words! Ninety percent of Visiwa doesn't understand a word you're saying once you start tossing those words around, and ninety five percent of those that do are just gonna be shaking their head at you for actually saying that! "Oh, sugoi~ Shit's kawaii as fuck, desu ne, Jenks-sensei?" It just. Sounds. Wrong! So please, Mr. Jenks. CUT IT OUT!
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine.
  • Saryx I'm worried about your blood pressure. Let the man be a kawaii sugoi sensei if he wanna, yeah?
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath responded to 1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks and Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind.
  • He just doesn't understand, Razor! There's a time and a place for everything, and on the Internet where everyone can see you acting like a weeaboo is not that place! … And I can actually see him saying these kinds of things around the temple, too… Maaan, I never should've indulged Mr. Jenks' curiosity when he asked me about the Mighty Moe Meguca Rangers…
1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks responded to A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath.
  • See, the kid can't take a step back and realize ain't no one here bothered by it but him. Makes ya wonder, what's worst, his outrage over it, or the ocassional use of a cute word?
  • He also ain't ever heard of trolling. Kid's plenty easy to troll. Big baka, he is.
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to 1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks.
  • Well, it sure is kawaii, yeah?
  • A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath responded to 1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks and Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind.

Voice File: 03094X-211729.wav - I'd go into descriptives about the serenity of the waves, the crackling of fire, and a gentle rolling sea breeze in the background… But it's not really relevant since most of the time it's just being drowned out by Saryx' loudness anyways.

  • I hate you guys sooo much right now… Especially you, Mr. Jenks! I swear to Bondye, Mr. Jenks, one of these days I'm just gonna… I'm gonna… You know what, Mr. Jenks? From here on out, it just devolves into Saryx chewing out Mr. Jenks for the rest of the duration of the voice clip. … In near fluent, if not basic, Kantonese.

Sunday, March 7

QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine updated his status via SMS.
  • Yesterday, I think I made a whole lotta bad decisions. And there might have been some things I'd never want to come up at the dinner table. … For helping out a friend, though? … I think last night was all worth it! Stay awesome, Shawyun! G-Create, too, for being such a big help with all that! … Oh! And that ship in a bottle I said I was working on? I have got this! From what I can tell, from here on out the hard part's just getting all the HaxP out of this bottle so I can build the ship inside~ … Still gotta ask, though… "Is your dad actually Uproar?" I'm not that loud, am I?

Saturday, March 6

QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine updated his status via SMS.
  • Today I realized just how scary the League is! I'm being real serious here. I think Professor Spore could've gone and knocked my head right off my shoulders with that staff of his if I didn't get out of the way in time! … And that was supposed to be 'going easy on us'? Maaan, I don't even wanna think about the Veilbeak Gym. … So I won't. Least not now I won't, anyways. Right now, I've got me a ship in a bottle to make! And it will be the absolute best ship ever bottled! … I think I'm gonna need some more Pee for this one, though. Talking serious, Pee comes in a pretty cool bottle! … And where else am I gonna get inspiration for making this ship?!? Hey! Hey, ChasingtheUnown! Think you can bring me some more Pee, please?
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown. responded to QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine
  • You know, it's bottled and sold as "Haxorus Piss". It isn't vulgar to call it by the right name, man… but uh, alright. I'll see what I can do.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown via SMS.
  • I know it's called Haxorus Piss, Chase. It's just a lot faster to call it Pee. But thanks, Chase! You're the best! If you can bring some, I'm working on a draft over by the statue I made earlier this week! If you can't, though, just let me know and I'll find it myself, alright?
  • … Speaking of the statue, though… What do I even do with this?!?

Friday, March 5

QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine updated his status.
  • Today I… Think I might've done a baaad thing. … He said he was working alongside the Rangers! I didn't think I was making a weapon for a criminal! Maaan, I'm gonna get in so much trouble, aren't I?
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown. responded to QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine
  • Saryx? Saryx, what did you do?
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown via SMS.
  • Yesterday, I went down to where all the Blacksmiths in town gather to sell their wares so I could send some more money home to Mom and Dad. This one guy came up, tall, black, and looking real cool with his mech arm, and asked me for a commission to replace the blade he lost fighting a Sharpedo. He said he was working with the Rangers, so I didn't think anything too bad of him! But after I finished it up and sold it to him, he booked it with some other guy chasing down the street after him!
  • … You don't think I'm gonna get in too much trouble if he is a criminal, do you? I mean, no one I know makes weapons the way I do, and if he really is a criminal and they arrest him, that blade's got my marks all over it! The same as yours, right on the hilt! They could trace it right back to me!
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown responded to QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine
  • Oh, I think I know who you're talking about. Don't worry, bro. That guy was a gym trainer or an explorer, I can vouch. I doubt he's gotten into any trouble with the Rangers.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine updated his status.
  • The good news is, today I made a new friend! Together, Vegr and I will take the world by storm, and revolutionize the face of artisan craftsmanship! … The bad news is, today I also realized my Mantyke, Fero, is a total butt. I don't need to be able to talk to Pokemon to tell he thinks I'm a complete goofball. … I've never seen a Pokemon give me such a dirty look before!

Wednesday, March 3

QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine updated his status.
  • Today was… Okay, I'm gonna spare the details for now, but today was one of those days where I'm really glad I got my friend chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown. I've got me a bottle of Haxorus Pee, my glassblowing kit, and a beach full of sand just a short walk away! Time to make something incredible happen! … Or, you know… Set the beach on fire. But it's okay if that happens! We got plenty of water! … No, I'm not gonna try dousing the flames with my pee! That's stupid and wasteful!

Sunday, February 28

QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine updated his status.
  • Today's just one of those days where hugging the monitor just isn't gonna be enough to make everything feel better…

Friday, February 27

QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine was nudged by tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri.
  • So are there any fine antler bitches in that cave.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri and 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver.
  • Idunno, Dr. Vai… There's a lot worse out there that he can do. And at least he wants to hit on real girls! Seriously, there are some online communities you just don't want to ever discover. I've had nightmares about the things they talk about!
  • … He does only hit on real girls… Right?!?
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown nudged QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine.
  • You're trolling me.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind and chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown.
  • … No, I… I just… No, Razor… I don't… Uuuuughh… Talking with Mom and Dad over dinner is gonna be sooo awkward tomorrow… Wait, did you really record that, Razor?!? Oh, come on, was that really necessary?!?
  • … And I said I was sorry, Chase! … Since you already went out, though, think if I paid you back for it later, though, you could pick me up, like… The biggest bottle of the strongest stuff you can find? I'm gonna need something real powerful to even stand a chance of forgetting this.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine was nudged by Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind
  • It was a rhetorical question. I'm wasn't *actually* asking if revenge would make you feel better or offering to let you take it or whatever. Just seemed there wasn't anything I could do, and I'd already apologized.
  • Your best bet's to find some building on the school campus with roof access. Not so great for stargazing out here with the light pollution, but it's relaxing. I have a telescope I'd let you borrow if going home weren't uh, a kinda awkward proposition right now.
  • Btw there's nothing wrong with the mushrooms!
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind via SMS.
  • Oh. … Well, ummm… It isn't about actually looking at the constellations and stuff more than it is I just really really need some place comfortable outside to sit on some thoughts a bit. A whole lot of 'em, not just what happened today. … Guess I'm gonna just see how sprawling out in the mushrooms feels, and if that doesn't work out for me, well, I guess I'll just go back to the beach.
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