Francisco Fabuloso

Friend to the Insects!

Name : Francisco Fernando Fabuloso
REAL name : Francis Schmidt
Age : 17

Level 20 Type Ace(Bug)/Swarmlord/Rogue
EXP: /


Comes from a family of 7 kids, of which he is kid number 4, who all help run the local combee honey farm. However, Francis dreams of more. He wants to break out of his family's shadow and become great.
Naturally, as he went on his pokemon journey, his dreams outweighed his ability. He was almost a washout, but then one day, his Combee evolved into a Vespiquen. Suddenly, as if he had realized a secret power, he became able to communicate with the bugs he had come to love so dearly. He learned their secrets, and soon, the zero was a hero. He donned a mask, and became Francisco Fabuloso, the masked trainer… although he hasn't gotten around to changing the name on any of his ID.

Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body: Good (2)
Acrobatics (Master 6)
Athletics (Untrained 2)
Combat (Untrained 2)
Intimidate (Pathetic 1)
Stealth (Untrained 2)
Survival (Master 6)

Mind: Fair (1)
Education (Untrained 2)
Guile (Novice 3)
Perception (Untrained 2)

Spirit: Good (2)
Charm (Pathetic 1)
Command (Expert 5)
Focus (Novice 3)
Intuition (Novice 3)

Combat Stats

Hit Points 86/86
HP 12
Attack 21
Defense 9 (+5 DR) 1 evasion (+2 from shield)
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 9 (+5 DR) 1 evasion (+2 from shield)
Speed 26 5 evasion (+2 from shield)

Injuries: None

Moves and Capabilities




Action Points: 9/9

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10




Head Galvantula Mask Lights up!
Body Lucha Libra Pants Light armor, 5 DR
Main Hand -
Off-Hand Super Manly Bracelets +2 evasion. Totally didn't steal this idea from Wonder Woman
Feet n/a
Accessory Safety Goggles n/a


4000 pk - Earthquake for Heracross
400 pk - Light-up Luchador mask
Shell Bell - 5700 (Vespiquen)
Lax Incense - 2000 (Shuckle)
Bug Brace - 2000 (+15 damage for bug attacks, Heracross)
25 ultra balls - 20,000
20 Lum Berries - 5000 (Also Shuckle)
37 hyper potions - 29600
20 full heals - 9000
Light Armor - 8000
Light Shield - 3000
Safety Goggles - 4000

Money left over: 136,000


Level 40
Gender: Male
Type: Bug/Fighting
Nature: Adamant (+2 Atk / -2 SAtk)
Abilities: Guts, Focus, Parry
Held Item: Bug Brace (+15 to bug type attacks)
Capabilities: Overland 10, Surface 6, Sky 8, Jump 5, Power 6, Intelligence 4
Skills: Athl 6d6+3, Acro 5d6+2, Combat 5d6+2, Stealth 4d6+1, Percep 3d6+1, Focus 3d6+1
Tutor Points: 3/9
HP: 98/98
Hit Points 8 8 16
Attack 15 14 29
Defense 8 8 16 3 evasion
Special Attack 2 0 2
Special Defense 10 10 20 4 evasion
Speed 9 9 18 4 evasion

Injuries: None

Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect Contest
Aerial Ace EOT None Flying Physical DB6: 2d6+8 / 15 Melee, 1 Target Aerial Ace cannot miss. Cool, Exhausting Act
Double Edge Battle 2 Normal Physical DB12: 4d10+15 / 40 Melee, 1 Target, Dash, Recoil 1/3 After Double-Edge deals damage, Recoil. Tough, Big Show
Counter Battle None Fighting Status None Melee, 1 Target, Reaction Counter may be used as a Reaction to Attacks that deal Physical Damage to the user. The target loses HP equal to the amount of damage the user received. Do not apply weakness or resistance, do apply immunity. Do not apply stats. Tough, Double Time
Earthquake Scene 2 Ground Physical DB10: 3d8+10 Burst 3, Groundsource Fuck Dig.
Megahorn Scene x 2 4 Bug Physical DB14: 4d10+15 (+15 from Bug Brace) Melee, 1 Target, Push Target pushed 1 meter Cool, Steady Performance
Close Combat Battle 2 Fighting Physical DB14: 4d10+15 1 Target, Dash The user's Defense and Special Defense are each lowered by -1 CS. Smart, Seen Nothing Yet

Egg Move: Double-Edge, Megahorn

Accuracy Training: Megahorn. 1 points
Capability Training: Power, Jump. 2 points
Advanced Mobility: Overland, Sky. 2 points
Skill training: 4 points, Athl, Acro, Combat, Stealth

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