Name: Frederica L. Rosalin

Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 112 lbs.

Origin: Mirasol, Egondra
Favorite Pie: Blueberry.

Level 40 Breeder/Ice Ace/Medic/Detective/Commander
Successful Breeds: 1


Fuck dividing, I use all of these anyway

17100 motherfucking exp to do

Shamal the Slurper

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Level: 30
EXP: 25049/27500

HP: 72 / 72
Phys. Evasion: 2
Spec. Evasion: 2
Spd. Evasion: 1

Type: Ice/Water
200% Damage: Electric, Fighting, Grass, Rock
50% Damage: Fire, Water
12.5% Damage: Ice
Gender: Female
Ability: Thick Fat
Hold Item: N/A
Nature: Timid (+SPD, -ATK)
Loyalty: 2 (I THIRST)
Weight Class: 4
Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 9, Underwater 7, Jump 3, Power 3, Intelligence 4, Icestep, Freezer
Egg Group: Water 1 / Field

Stat Base Added Total NatProg
HP 9 5 14
ATK 4 0 4
DEF 7 3 10
S.ATK 10 10 20 2
S.DEF 7 3 10
SPD 9 8 17 2
Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Lv Powder Snow At-Will Ice 2 Ranged (3) SP.ATK 1d12+6 1-meter column, freezes on 19-20.
Lv Water Gun At-Will Water 2 Ranged (10) SP.ATK 1d12+6
Lv Encore Battle Normal 2 Ranged (10) N/A N/A Target most reuse its last move for 1d4+2 turns, or do nothing if it can't be used. Silly broken nonsense.
Lv Aurora Beam EOT Ice 2 Ranged (6) SP.ATK 3d8+10 Aurora Beam creates a Column 1 meter wide. Aurora Beam lowers the target’s Attack 1 Combat Stage on 18-20 during Accuracy Check. *Grants: Freezer
Lv Body Slam EOT Normal 2 Melee ATK 3d12+14 Paralyzes on 15-20.
Egg Yawn Battle Normal N/A Ranged (4) N/A N/A 4-meter Burst. All targets fall Asleep at the end of their next turn. Can't miss etc.
Egg Fissure Center Ground 15 Ranged (5) N/A N/A 3-meter column, HP set to 0. Hits diggers.

Bio: An injury case from years past, Shamal was at one point a young Spheal with stunted growth and all sorts of issues; under young teen Rica's constant care her condition eventually improved and somewhere along the way she learned that instead of living up to her namesake, she really enjoyed beverages of all kinds- milkshakes, coffee, tea, et cetera, she'll slurp any of it loudly and constantly. Instead of discouraging it, Rica gives in and treats her fairly often, since she doesn't drink much more than milk herself; maybe tea or a smoothie ever now and then.

Additionally, both of them enjoy using Fissure a lot, though it's yet to ever hit anything once. Sheer Cold is only a dream.


[17:29:47] <~Mons> Egg moves… christ machop has a good list… bullet punch, ice punch and encore. adamant.

Campaign: Trainer Academy
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