Coordinator advanced class
The beautiful and alluring Geisha are women who have gone into seclusion in order to learn the art of entertainment. They come out of this seclusion as Geisha, women who lead men's hearts astray and make their dreams come true. Commoner women of high status trusted by those born into much higher positions than themselves. It is up to them how this influence is used.

Stat: +1 CON
Prerequisite: Coordinator, worked your way up in a Geisha house
Base Features: Idolatry, Livery

Idolatry S Illegal
Trigger: You enter a town dressed in your Livery.
Effect: When you enter a town dressed in your livery and at an hour and location where you will be seen, you arrival will be heralded by the impressionable peasantry. You cannot enter the town secretly in this way, however, entering this way will cause rich and influential people in the town to invite you (And by extension your party) to their homes and parties. You gain a +5 Charisma bonus when speaking to anyone of the peasant classes.

Livery S Illegal
Effect: You own a finely made costume and face paint. When in this costume, you are instantly identifiable as a Geisha. You may add your CON modifier to Charisma checks. When out of your costume, you may not be immediately recognizable and you do not receive the CON bonus to CHA checks.


Honored Clients TA Illegal
Prerequisite: Geisha
Target: A Town
Effect: As long as you have adequate space to receive guests, you may take clients. You are not a prostitute, although many might misconstrue you as one. You entertain guests, play music for them, Dance for them, and surround them with beautiful sights and women. After using this feature, you gain an amount of money equal to 1000 times your CON and CHA modifiers. You may use this feature once per town.

Alluring Manners TA Illegal
Prerequisite: Geisha, 17 CON
Daily – Every 7 levels
Target: A human being of the opposite sex
Effect: You use the pokemon move “Attract” on the target.

Promises, Promises FA Illegal
Prerequisites: Alluring Manners
Daily – every 10 levels
Target: A human under the “Infatuated” status effect towards you, or a pokemon Infatuated with a pokemon you own.
Trigger: The target fails an infatuation check on a roll of 1-5.
Effect: If you have not acted yet this round, you may activate this feature when an infatuated target rolls 5 or less on an infatuation check. This feature allows you to choose an action and target, depending on how low they rolled. On a roll of 3 to 5, you may choose a benevolent action towards yourself or your pokemon, such as healing or buffing. On 2, you may choose a benevolent action towards you, your pokemon, or the rest of your allies. On a 1, you may choose a malicious action and choose a target freely.

Rousing Speech TA Illegal
Prerequisite: Geisha, Alluring Manners
Target: The last allied pokemon in an encounter on your side.
Effect: The target pokemon has one of its abilities replaced by “Last Bastion” for the rest of the encounter.

Trustworthy Source FA Illegal
Prerequisite: Geisha, have entertained Honored Clients at least once.
Trigger: You are speaking with people in town while in full livery.
Effect: When you are speaking with people in a town, you may spread rumors, slander or praise public establishments, or ask for favors with no check necessary. As long as the rumors, slander, or favors have nothing detrimental to do with them personally, they will believe you without a check. If you overuse this too much in one town, and it comes out that you lied, you will no longer be credible in that town.

Livery+ S Legal
Prerequisite: Geisha, Trustworthy Source, have entertained Honored Clients at least 5 times.
Effect: You have become well-known and distinctive enough that your pokemon are now just as recognizable as you. When outside of your Livery, you may display your pokemon as proof of your identity to gain access to your bonuses, and then conceal the pokemon again if you don't want to be recognized. Your pokemon also gain a X bonus to their entrance scores during contests, where X is equal to your CON modifier.

Patient Teacher of Grace TA Illegal
Prerequisite: Geisha, 6 Geisha Features
Target: An allied trainer of the same sex.
Effect: Choose two Geisha Features. You may tutor that trainer in the use of those two features. The target trainer will only be able to perform or activate those features once before needing to be taught again.

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