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Chemistry, biology, partying, man-made Pokemon, Top 40, parapsychology, Explorers, Unovan food
Slow jams, hang overs, girls who think they look good but really they ratchet, poachers, betas, philosophy majors

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Name: Genevieve Webb, Ph.D
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Hometown: Thundercry City, Blue Guard Isle, Visiwa
Location: White Chord Isle, Visiwa
Eon Connect: LadyTrubbish
Explorer ID: xxxxx

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University of Thundercry Alumni

Cute Poisons Doing Cute Things

Registered Medics

Bad Girls: Thundercry

D.C.'s Angels

The Men of Letters



Publication Authors Citations Notes
Herbology: Applied Medicine in Hunter/Gather Cultures M. Murphy, G. Webb 124 Archived in New Ivyhollow Online Knowledge Nexus. link
The Tropius Leaf: Super Plant of Pokemon G. Webb 104 Archived in New Ivyhollow Online Knowledge Nexus. link
Pollution to Protection: Atmospheric Scrubbing with Koffing G. Webb 236 Archived in New Ivyhollow Online Knowledge Nexus. link
On the Origin of Artificial Species G. Webb 58 Archived in New Ivyhollow Online Knowledge Nexus. link
Different Space: Extradimensional Travel and the Unown Factor G. Webb - Research in process. Blog updates available here

Recent Activity

0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create joined the group Newly Licensed Explorer? Join this! with the comment:
  • Just finished signing the last few forms! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create updated her status.
  • First encounter with an FOV! chaseportrait.png?1?1 ChasingTheUnown wouldn't let me have it, so I gotta find another. :<
0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create received a friend request from 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver.
  • Hey, Dr. Webb! Let's collaborate with style.
0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create is now friends with 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver.
  • Oh, definitely. If you're ever in Thundercry, you're invited to Ladies' Night~
1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver responded to 0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create.
  • Likewise if you're in New Ivyhollow, if the Ladies' Nights here weren't so crashed-by-frats-like.
0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create responded to 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver.
  • We just got here, actually. Staying at the Guild Hall, stop by if you want. Shawyun may or may not still be here, though.
1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver responded to 0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create.
  • Eh, I can handle Shawyun - to a certain extent, it's my job to handle Shawyun. No worries about that. But if you guys are in the area, I've found a couple of interesting old tomes that might be relevant to your group. They're waiting at my apartment whenever you're ready - give me a call over Mutter or something so I can give you directions.
0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create created the group 219__magcargo_by_happycrumble-d2zecvf.png D.C.'s Angels with the comment:
  • Looking for people interested in spreading a message of love through charity work. Note: This group is not affiliated with the Visiwan League and you do not need a license to volunteer.
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown responded to 0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create
  • Sounds like a good cause, what's the scoop?
0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create responded to chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown
  • Just thought I should do something good in between all the explorer stuff. Grass roots, you know.
1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver joined the group images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRGtnnoPmx7WzWTwaPUc2-qF3RBxrRG-uSurx9D02vQwag6t8pB Bad Girls: New Ivyhollow.
  • Ded said he wanted to be bad, too.
  • Attached is a picture of Dedekind standing, arms crossed and with a smug grin, in front of Lilith's sound system. He's wearing a Gible-sized leather jacket and biker's shades. For some reason, there are a few packaging peanuts strewn about on the ground around him.
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