Level 2 Enduring Soul

Name: Fujikawa Gin

AP: 4/4
Condition: Uninjured

Defensive Trainer

HP: 54
Attack: 4
Defense: 10
Special Attack: 4
Special Defense: 10
Speed: 2

Initiative: 2
Movement: 5
Evasion: +2
Accuracy: +0

Qualities and Traits

Insightful: +5
Subtle: +4
Focused: +3
Strong: +1

Skill Traits Pokemon Empathy
Movement Traits N/A
Special Traits -

Epicurean: "Tranquility is the greatest pleasure, wouldn't you say?"

Status Menu

Artist (Background)

Artist’s Call
Effect: When you make Camp, you can spend time on your craft and really let your creative process take over. You can spend x1 Art Supplies to increase your AP by +2 until your next Camp Phase. (This does not require a Camp Action)

Enduring Soul (Path)

Resilience - Base Talent
Effect: You begin each fight with 5 Grit. Your Pokemon gain Damage Reduction equal to the amount of Grit you have. You gain 1 Grit whenever you or your Pokemon are hit by a Critical Hit, or 2 Grit whenever one of your Pokemon faints. You cannot have more than 5 Grit at once.

Enduring Fighter - Base Talent
At-Will - Order
Target: Your Pokemon
Effect: You lose 1 Grit, but your Pokemon gains one of the effects below. You may choose each effect once per Pokemon per Scene.

  • Your Pokemon gains a tick of Temporary Hit Points.
  • Your Pokemon Provokes a foe within 2 meters.
  • Your Pokemon Marks a foe within 2 meters for the rest of the round. This round, your Pokemon may Intercept attacks made by foes they’ve Marked as a free action.

Determined Talents

Challenger’s Strike
1 AP - Free Action
Trigger: Your Pokemon successfully hits an adjacent target with an attack to which they add STAB
Effect: Your Pokemon may use a Minor Action to Provoke that target for one full round. If it’s the first time this Scene you’ve targeted that foe with this talent, the foe also becomes Stuck for one full round.

Shield’s Up
Bind 2 AP - Order
Target: Your Pokemon
Effect: While this Talent is bound, the target gains +2 Evasion and +5 Damage Reduction against ranged attacks. You may unbind this Talent and spend the bound AP when the target takes damage from a Ranged or AOE attack to resist it one step further.


Trainer Build: Defensive
Level 1 Path+Talent: Enduring Soul, Challenger's Strike
Level 1 Background: Artist


Slot Effect
Hand n/a n/a
Accessory n/a n/a

Permanent Gear

Wealth: 0


Overland 4
Naturewalk Wetlands
Skill Trait ???
Subtle +4
Focused +2
Charming +3

Wooper Type: Wat.png/Gro.png Held Item: Quick Scarf (+3 init, -1 Eva)
Level 2, Tier 1 HP: 42/42 Initiative: 3 Accuracy: 0 Evasion: 0
Ability Usage Special Effect
Defender Static Gain +4 DR to attacks that rolled 7 or lower on Accuracy. Intercept as a Move Action.
Poison Point Scene Triggers on being hit w/ Melee, hitting w/Melee, or hitting w/Poison. Poisons target.
Storm Drain Scene Triggers on Water Move used within 4m. Re-directs to self. Immune to Water and gains 1 Tick and gets +5 to next Sp. Atk when hit by Water.
Stat Base Added Value
Attack 5 +3 8
Defense 5 +4 9
Special Attack 3 +0 3
Special Defense 3 +4 7
Speed 0 +0 0
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Yawn At-Will 3 Nor.png n/a Status 2, 1T Target falls asleep at the end of their next turn
Bubble Slide At-Will 3 Wat.png DB4 Physical M, 1T Dash; 18+, the user gains +5 Damage Reduction for 1 full round.
Tail Whip EOT 4 Nor.png n/a Status M, 1T -5 Defense for one round. 1/target/scene. 20+ Trips
Mud Sport EOT n/a Gro.png n/a Status Burst 2 Gives Elec Resist Coat. Lasts for one damaging attack.
Mud Shot AW 4 Gro.png DB4 Versatile 3, 1T Even roll: -1 Speed
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