Name: Giselle Marinette
Age: 11
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 72 lbs (WC 3)

Level: 20
Trainer EXP: 0/10
Badges: N/A

Physical Evasion: +2
Special Evasion: +2
Speed Evasion: +5

Health / Status
HP: 87/87
Injuries: 0
AP: 8/8

Hit Points: 13
Attack: 5
Defense: 10
Special Attack: 6
Special Defense: 10
Speed: 26

Acrobatics Untrained (2d6) Intimidate Pathetic (1d6)
Athletics Untrained (2d6+2) Stealth Untrained (2d6)
Combat Pathetic (1d6) Survival Pathetic (1d6)
General Expert (5d6) Pokemon Novice (3d6+2)
Medicine Untrained (2d6) Technology Adept (4d6+2)
Occult Expert (5d6+2)
Perception Untrained (2d6) Guile Expert (5d6)
Charm Master (6d6+3) Focus Untrained (2d6+1)
Command Untrained (2d6+1) Intuition Adept (4d6+1)
Overland 6 Swimming n/a
High Jump 0 Long Jump 1
Power 4 Throwing 6
Ambient On a Clear Day
Somber Stars of Sand
Vs. Giselle (Friendly) Memory
Vs. Giselle (Serious) Dinning Room

Note: Giselle cannot swim.
Sheltered Fishing Heiress: Giselle is a bit spoiled by her upbringing. She learned much about pokemon and how to get her way, but can't handle physical tasks or confrontation.
Adept Skill: Charm Novice Skill: Pokémon Edu
Pathetic Skills: Survival, Combat, Intimidate



Equipment Effect
Head - -
Main Hand - -
Off-Hand - -
Body Trendy Lab Ensemble Each set of Fancy Clothes is assigned a Contest Stat – either Beauty, Cool, Cute, Smart, or Tough. Trainers wearing these clothes may roll 2d6 during the Introduction Stage of a Contest to try to generate Contest Stat Dice for the assigned Stat. [Smart]
Feet Couture Running Shoes Running Shoes grant a +2 bonus to Athletics Checks, to a maximum total modifier of +3, and increase your Overland Speed by +1.
Accessory Adorable Red Muffler The holder may activate this item once a Scene as a Free Action to gain +2 Evasion for one full round.
Money 2,000

Moves and Abilities

Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Baby-Doll Eyes EOT 2 Fairy None Status Range 4, 1 Target, Priority, Social The target’s Attack is lowered 1 Combat Stage.
Sweet Kiss Scene x2 6 Fairy None Status Range 6, 1 Target, Social The target becomes Confused. On miss, the target suffers a -2 penalty to Accuracy Rolls for one full round.
Taunt EOT 3 Dark None Status Range 6, 1 Target, Social The target becomes Enraged.
Lovely Kiss Scene x2 6 Normal None Status Range 6, 1 Target, Social The target falls Asleep.
Torment Scene x2 2 Dark None Status Range 10, 1 Target, Social The target becomes Suppressed.
Name Frequency Effect


Overland 1 Swim 6
High Jump 2 Long Jump 2
Power 3 Darkvision
Dead Silent Fountain
Naturewalk (Ocean) Invisibility
Giselle’s first pokémon, a cheerfully poker faced jellyish ghost. While it is nearly impossible to tell what Fraise is thinking due to her perma-smile she seems fairly attached to Giselle and has grown accustomed to being carried and pampered. She tends to loosely follow orders, but will occasionally forget things, unless food is involved. She can be fairly affectionate, often hugging or fondling others. While she tends to get along well with most people and pokemon, she can be a bit protective of Giselle. They initially met when Giselle was being swept away in a riptide and Fraise clung onto her. Giselle is absolutely certain that Fraise was sent by her father to save her life and be her friend. Whitley insists that the frillish just thought Giselle was easy prey, but got caught up in the riptide as well. Only Fraise knows the truth, and isn’t telling.

Gelée de Fraise: Jellicent ♀ Type: Water/Ghost Evasion: 4/6/2 Tutor Points: 4/9
Level 40, 2,230 EXP HP: 116/116 Injuries: 0 Size: large (WC 5)
Training Held Item: Elegant Strawberry Apron Regimen: Inspired Training
Ability Usage Special Effect
Water Absorb Static The user is immune to the damage and effects of Water-Type attacks, and whenever they are hit with a Water Type attack, they gain a Tick of Hit Points. Defensive.
Liquid Ooze Static When the Pokémon with Liquid Ooze is damaged by Absorb, Drain Punch, Giga Drain, Horn Leech, Leech Life, Leech Seed or Mega Drain, that Move gains Recoil ½ and the Move’s user does not gain any HP.
Pressure Static While within 3 meters of the user, all foes are Suppressed. This effect ends when the user is Fainted.
Cuddly Nature (+HP, -Attack)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 11 +11 22
Attack 4 +0 4
Defense 7 +11 18
Special Attack 9 +11 20
Special Defense 11 +11 25
Speed 6 +1 7
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
3d6 2d6 3d6 3d6 2d6 3d6
Improvements / Edges
Source TP Cost Effect
Versatile Wardrobe 2 Chic Pokémon gain two extra Held Item slots with which they can carry Held Items. However, the items in these slots have no effect and are not treated as equipped. As a Swift Action on their turn, Chic Pokémon may swap a currently active Held Item with an item stored in these slots. Chic Pokémon may not carry multiple items of the same type or with repeated effects.
Tutor 2 Learned Giga Drain
TM 85 1 Learned Dream Eater
Elegant Strawberry Apron Free The holder may activate this item once a Scene as a Free Action when losing Combat Stages from a foe’s effect to instead not lose those Combat Stages.
Inspired Training free =The target becomes Inspired until the end of the effect duration. Inspired Pokémon gain a +1 bonus to Evasion and +2 to Save Checks.
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Acid Armor Scene None Poison/Tough None Status Self, Set-Up Set-Up Effect: The user becomes Liquefied. While Liquefied, the user is Slowed and cannot take Standard Actions except to Resolve the effect of Acid Armor, and the user’s Movement is never obstructed by rough or slow terrain, and they can shift even through the smallest openings. Furthermore, while liquefied, the user is completely immune to all Physical damage, and becomes completely invisible if fully submerged in any liquid. Resolution Effect: The user gains +1 Defense Combat Stage, and then stops being liquified. [Contest: Get Ready!]
Dream Eater EOT 2 Psychic/Smart 3d6+10 [db10] Special Melee, 1 target Dream Eater can only target Sleeping Pokémon or Trainers. After the target takes damage, the user gains Hit Points equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target. Dream Eater does not wake up sleeping targets. [Contest: Good Show!]
Recover Daily x2 None Normal/Smart None Status Self The user regains Hit Points equal to half of its full Hit Point value. [Contest: Reflective Appeal]
Giga Drain At-Will 2 Grass/Smart 2d8+10 [DB8] Special Range 6, 1 target After the target takes damage, the user gains Hit Points equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target. [Contest: Good Show!]
Brine Scene x2 2 Water/Smart 2d6+10 [DB7] Special Range 6, 1 target If the target’s Hit Points are under 50%, Brine’s Damage Base is increased to Damage Base 13 (4d10+10 / 35). [Contest: Incentives]
Water Pulse At-Will 2 Water/Beauty 2d6+8 [DB6] Special Range 8, 1 target Water Pulse Confuses the target on 17+. [Contest: Exhausting Act]
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