Glassdell Powers

Basil Cartwright

Cloak of Mist
Action: Instant, Wits + Crafts + Marionette, -1 penalty for each observer in the area, 1 Resonance
Effect: You quickly weave a fine cloak of supernatural mist that falls over an inanimate object and then quickly fades away For the rest of the scene, observers simply fail to notice the target, their vision passing over it as if it weren't there. If someone is actively searching for the target specifically, they instead suffer a penalty to their rolls equal to the higher of your Marionette rating and Persona Finesse. Pointing out the target in an obvious way breaks this effect, such as hiding a weapon which is then used to attack someone.

Cassandra Husher

Song of Memory
Action: Extended, Presence + Expression + Oracle, 1 Resonance per roll, necessary successes differ per target
Effect: You begin to sing an otherwordly song as if inspired by a divine muse. This song focuses on a particular inanimate object or location. As you sing the song, you will be treated to the experience of varied artistic performances that convey significant memories associated with the object or place, ranging from memories of what someone did holding the object to major events in a place. These are generally limited to the very recent past, and one strong memory will generally overwhelm others. This form of memory reading is imprecise, as it will often take the form of otherworldly caricatured actors performing an exaggerated recreation of the memories, dancers acting out the mood and atmosphere of the memory, or even astrological signs or poetry. Only you and those you choose to include may see the performances that replay these memories.

Jeffrey Miller

Chain the Heavenly Bull
Action: Instant, Strength + Brawl + Shroud - Defense, 1 Resonance
Effect: On success, your target is immobilized and may not move from their current location as the ghostly form of Enkidu roots them in place, and their defense is halved, rounding down. Each turn after the first, the target may reflexively roll strength + brawl - your Shroud rating. Once they accumulate successes equal to your initial successes, they break free. You may spend Resonance to cancel their successes at a 1:1 ratio, but you must abide by per-turn Resonance spending limits. While immobilized this way, the target takes a penalty to the use of all Manifestations, Numina, and other supernatural powers equal to your Shroud rating, as if you had the Stigmata Shroud active. This does not stack with Stigmata Shroud if you have it active.

Kimi Miyama

Heightened Senses
Action: Reflexive, costs 1 Resonance
Roll: n/a
One of the Evoker's senses is raised to superhuman levels, increasing the range and clarity of all stimuli involved. Heightened Eyesight may allow you to perceive minute details at great distance, whereas Heightened Smell may reveal trace alcohol on someone's breath or allow you to attempt to determine where they've been recently through trace environmental smells.
This power typically involves no roll. The player simply activates the power and explains to the Storyteller what his character is doing and with which sense. The Storyteller responds by relating whatever information can be gleaned. The only time a roll comes into play for Heightened Senses is when the Storyteller wishes to permit the character a chance to perceive an imminent threat. In this case, the Storyteller may allow the player to add her character’s Oracle dots to a surprise roll (Wits + Composure). Of particular note, this allows characters to make surprise rolls against invisible targets as well.
This power allows a character to see in pitch-black darkness.
Heightened Senses lasts for 5 minutes per dot of the Oracle Manifestation a character has and may be ended at any time as a reflexive action. It may of course be reactivated by spending a point of Resonance.
Use of Heightened Senses may trigger sensory overload in some cases (Suddenly being exposed to a bright light or very loud noises while augmenting the associated senses), which can trigger resolve + composure rolls to fight through the sensory overload or impose penalties upon the user's actions.

Nicholas Blackfield

Call to Glory
Action: Instant, costs 1 Resonance
Roll: Presence + Expression + Rage
May be activated only when leading allies into a life-threatening situation, with the user taking a share of the risk. You and a number of allies within line of sight or earshot equal to your Presence gain one temporary point of willpower per success gained, which disappears at the end of the scene. This effect may only be gained by any given person once per day.


Spies of Odin
Action: Instant, costs 1 Resonance
Roll: Wits + Investigation + Oracle - target's Composure

The target is subtly stalked by birds wherever they go, which now act as the eyes and ears of the Evoker. For a duration of hours equal to the activation successes of the power times the Evoker's Potential, the Evoker may enter a trance-like state and use the senses of birds near the target. While doing so, the Evoker's body is still and they have no sensation of it. The Evoker may go back and forth between their own bodies and the senses of birds at will as instant actions for this duration.
This power neither causes new birds to come into existence nor compels the birds to act in ways they would not normally. They will tend to approach the target more closely and may follow them moderate distances or slip their way into a building if it is convenient, but they will not go out of their way to enter buildings, especially if noticed, or stay near the target during dangerous situations or if directly assaulted.
Spies of Odin must be activated whilst in line of sight of the target.

Ramita Patel

Avatar of Penitence
Action: Out of combat only, Manipulation + Persuasion + Marionette vs Composure + Potential
Cost: 1 Resonance
Effect: On success, the target begins to confess their sins and wrongdoings that they feel regret or guilt over. The target will not confess secret crimes that they resolutely believe were justified unless the Evoker achieves an Exceptional Success. When approaching the topic of particularly heinous secrets, the target may spend a willpower to attempt a composure roll to resist the effects of this ability. Avatar of Penitence must be used while the target feels they are in a safe and private environment. This does not necessarily mean they must trust the Evoker, but they must feel comfortable in their presence and not at immediate risk or danger. Avatar of Penitence cannot be used in a crowd or among many people - the setting must feel intimate and private, like a confession.

Ryoko Shimizu

Favor of the Moirai
Action: Instant, costs 1 Resonance
Roll: Presence + Expression + something
The Fates smile upon a target of your choice, granting them the 9-again quality on a number of future rolls during this scene equal to successes gained. The use of a 9-again roll must be declared in advance.

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