"I want to sing, to dance, to entertain my guests! I shall embrace the arts and bring joy to the world," spoke Carrow, fifth eldest of the eight.

It's unclear whether Elves, Orcs or Goblins appeared first, but it is agreed upon that they are neither the youngest or oldest of the races. The Goblin deity, Carrow, is known as the god of enjoyment, self-expression, and music. His associated element is wind.


Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Dexterity or Charisma

Skill Bonus: +1 to Persuasion and Scrutiny

Power: Shifty : While most races use Wisdom and Dexterity to determine Static Defense, Goblins instead have a Static Defense equal to ten, plus six for every dot of Dexterity, minus twice their size.

Size: 2


Goblins are the shortest of the eight, standing two to three feet in height. Their appearance is that of a bipedal cat. Being a fey race, they are born from the world itself and are asexual. They live to be about 100. Their diets are much the same as the Orcs, except rather than hunt they tend to raise animals for meat. Goblins dislike other races physically having to look down to speak with them, and so when dealing with taller races, they tend to control large puppets to speak as a surrogate for themselves.

One thing most races note about Goblins is they are really, really good at hiding. Some even believe they can turn themselves invisible. This is noticed a lot by taller races when dealing with a Goblin using a puppet; you can almost never actually see the Goblin, yet you can hear his voice and sense that it is coming from the puppet itself. This was also something Kitsunes learned the hard way, when attempting to claim Goblin territory; they are masters of guerrilla warfare due this sneakiness.

Goblins are naturally gifted with a great deftness, and practically all of them are proficient with at least one instrument and exception dance skills. They also tend to have a great voice for singing.


Goblins are an odd bunch; they really don't have a central government or country, just a bunch of separate villages with elected governess. Their only sense of unity is an elected Trade Prince, who simply acts as an ambassador of sorts to other races in the interest of marketing Goblin wares and services. The actual townships are fairly simple farming villages, and they tend to not have much industry. Most Goblin exports are things like paintings, sculptures, instruments, novels and plays, and puppets. They also have traveling groups who go to foreign lands and perform live shows, plays, and provide general entertainment. They are a race of artists, and tend to keep it that way.

Their puppet work is something most races marvel at. Goblins love puppets, and can construct some extremely complex and intricate designs. While a lot of these puppets are smaller, and used for puppet shows, their personal avatar puppets are even more impressive. Most other races can't figure out how they use them, mainly because the puppeteer is almost never to be found. The design of these larger puppets is also highly creative. A Goblin tends to make or design his own personal avatar, and may have a collection of them for different occasions. Some simply model other races, be it an attractive maiden or a strong, burly man. Others tend to caricature or mock other races. Some are completely creative, and unlike anything found on Zeras. Many, however, are simply tall and humanoid shaped, with darkened faces and magically enchanted lit eyes - this is considered the formal attire puppet of the Goblins for dealing with other races.


Average Goblin puppet

These puppets are also built for war capabilities, often with the assistance of the Dwarves and Trolls. Goblin puppet masters can be a frightful force on the battlefield, as many Kitsune generals have discovered over the years, and the fact that the pilot itself is hidden makes them difficult to deal with.

Overall, however, Goblins on the individual level are a very charismatic race. They are well spoken, polite, humorous and overall great public speakers. They often steal the light of a party, and even if political relations with them are sour, people find it hard to hate the individuals.

Nifty Contributions

  • Goblins are the finest wood workers, outside of bows, in Zeras, and their crafts are highly sought after.
  • All trends in music, plays, and art stem from Goblins, they are the masters of entertainment.
  • Goblins are master linguists, and make excellent translators. Most the world's greatest language professors learned from a Goblin master.

Relations with other Races

  • Goblins are on very good terms with the Dwarves and Trolls, and are avid trade partners.
  • Elves and Goblins are very close allies, and in times of need come to each others assistance.
  • Humans are welcome among the Goblin people, and are encouraged to practice Goblin arts while in their land.
  • Orcs are slightly annoyed with Goblin needs for woods, but tolerate them. Sometimes.
  • Lithains dislike Goblins from a political standpoint due to their alliance to the Elves. However, they have a soft spot for the things they make…
  • Kitsunes have a relationship with Goblins similar to that between Dwarves and Elves. They try to patronize them due to past aggressions, and it is offsetting to Goblins. The fact that Goblins are also great lie detectors only further hampers issues; Kitsunes are perpetual liars.
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