The Roster of Thomas Explosion's former band, Godspeaker.


Thomas "Explosion"
Age: 22
Classes: Ace Trainer / Martial Artist / Chaser
Instrument: Lead Vocalist and Guitar

Band Roll: Thomas's specialties were very well rounded. He could sing, growl, and just generally vocalize well. He'd take the lead vocalist rolls during more general metal songs, things closer to its core, and progressive songs, and some power metal songs, but wasn't unknown to let the others fill in for their own specialties.

Bio: Thomas Galas was the 'founder' of the band, and well known as their figurehead. His mother a nurse, and his father an owner of a small construction contracting company, he came from a family that was better off than most around him, but the general state of Errai Town was not to his liking. So, he and a few other pissed off teens head off to make a heavy metal band, and a name for themselves. Their success in this is questionable. After the band's collapse, Thomas went through a state of depression and borderline alcoholism, but later was motivated to join the Asteri Circuit and start anew.

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