Hailey Markane
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Name: Hailey Markane
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 6' 3"

Level: 50
Class: Psychic/Fire Breather/Detective/Empath/Legendary Vessel/Martial Artist/Weapons Master/Fire Ace/Coordinator/Fashion Designer

HP: 398/398

STR 22 +6
CON 32 +11
DEX 26 +8
INT 24 +7
WIS 12 +1
CHA 32 +11

Damage Reduction: Prevent 21 damage from all attacks.
Damage Boost: Add +14 damage to all attacks. Add +32 to all psychic-type attacks. Add +52 to all fire-type attacks.


Cash: $146140
Ultra Ball x10
Dusk Ball x5
Full heal x5
Super Potion x20
Bombs x14 (Single use, AC4, 3d12+16+Con firearms, burst 2)
Dark Bombs x4 (Dark-type damage bombs, those damaged need +2 to hit. Painted to look like masterballs)


Species: Bronzong
Level: 100
Abilities: Levitate/Lightningrod/Heatproof
EXP: 600000
HP: 202/202

Gender: Null
STAB: +20 (+40)
Type: Psychic/Steel
Nature: Modest (+SP. ATK, - ATK)
Held Item: Psychic Max
Weight Class: 5
Capabilities: Overland 1, Sky 8, Jump 2, Power 4, Intelligence 4, Sinker, Invisibility

Stat Base Added Total
HP 7+2 25 34
ATK 7 0 7
DEF 12 48 60
SP. ATK 10+2 53 65
SP. DEF 12 48 60
SPD 3 0 3
Move Frequency Type AC Range Stat Damage Effect
Lv Confusion At-Will Psychic 2 Ranged SP. ATK 2d8+6 Confuses on 19-20.
Lv Hypnosis Battle EoT Psychic 6 Ranged None None Puts the target to sleep. (PP Up)
Lv Gyro Ball Center Steel § Ranged SP. ATK 1d12+6 Add 1d12 for each 10 speed kaldra is slower than the target. Cannot miss.
Lv Confuse Ray Center Ghost § Ranged None None Confuses the target. Cannot Miss.
Lv Extrasensory EoT Psychic 2 Ranged SP. ATK 3d10+12 Flinches on 19-20.
Lv Iron Defense EoT Steel § Self None None Raise Defense by 2 stages. Evasion increased by 2.
Lv Future Sight Center Typeless 2 Ranged SP. ATK 4d12+16 Does nothing the turn it's used. At the end of next turn, creates a 1m column anywhere on the field.
Tut AncientPower Battle Rock 2 Ranged SP. ATK 2d10+8 creates 2m column, raises user's stats on 11-20, allies in column stats raised on 16-20.
TM Psychic Battle Psychic 2 Ranged SP. ATK 4d12+16 Lowers target's special defense on 17-20. Pushes the target 5m back.
TM Bug Buzz Battle Bug 2 Ranged SP. ATK 3d12+14 Lowers target's special defense on 19-20.
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