Player: Kain
Size: Medium
Tracks: Path of War (Rage)/Path of Destruction/Weapon Master/Discipline of the Serpent (Full buy-in)
Name: Halda
Age: 22
Level: 6
Race: Human (Orc)
Class: Barbarian

Str: 20 (+5) (22 in rage)
Dex: 14 (+2)
Con: 18+2 (+5)
Int: 10
Wis: 12
Cha: 8

KOM: Str (+5)
KDM: Con (+5)

BAB: +6 | +14/9/0/0

HP: 105/105
Defenses and DCs:

Initiative: 2

Fort: 10
Ref: 5
Will: 7

Damage Reduction: 2

AC: 21

Social Defenses:

Awareness: 17
Bluff: 17
Diplomacy: 16
Intimidate: 15
Perception: 15

Maneuver: 19



Range, Speed, Vision
Melee: 10
Close: 35
Medium: 140
Long: 560
Extreme: 1400

Speed: 35

Movement Modes:

Weapon Attacks:

FISTS OF STEEL: Brutal 3 (+6 damage), Scything (-5 penalty to attack targets in range with), Traumatizing (Inflicts Bleeding, then HP reduction = level *2 on a critical), Unbalancing (Inflicts Flat-footed on a critical hit) Weapon Master: Brutal, Unbalanacing, Traumatizing, Scything benefits

Razor Blazers: Brutal 3 (+6 damage), Traumatizing (Inflicts Bleeding, then HP reduction = level *2 on a critical), Unbalancing (Inflicts Flat-footed on a critical hit), Elemental Fire (Deals damage as fire) Weapon Master: Brutal, Traumatizing, Unbalancing, Elemental benefits

Attack: 14 (6+5+3 item+0) Crits on 16-20
Damage: 1d6+5+2+6

+3 to attack and +4 damage if in a rage.


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1: To Iron Married (Crit range 18-20)
1: Reckless Strike (Power Attack subtracts AC, not Attack, for a move action. Half of this penalty applies to other saves)
3: Reaver (+0 to +4 to attack rolls and AC, increments with enemies killed)
6: A Song of Arrows (Three/encounter, can make a single attack as immediate action. NOT listed as a bonus attack.)


Path of War

1st Circle – RageEX: You channel the barbarian rage, a state where you gain heightened morale and physical prowess. As a swift action, if you are not [Fatigued], [Exhausted], or in a rage, you can enter a rage, which lasts for a maximum number of [Rounds] equal to 3 + your Constitution modifier (if positive). While in a rage, you gain a +1 bonus per circle you possess from this track to attack rolls and damage you deal with attacks, and a +1 bonus to combat maneuver DCs and Fortitude and Will saves. When you enter a rage, you also gain 2 temporary HP per level. These temporary HP are lost when your rage ends. You can always prematurely end your rage as a free action.When your rage ends (either before the beginning of your turn due to its duration running out, or on your turn due to your ending it prematurely), you become [Fatigued] for as many [Rounds] as you spent raging (minimum 1), and you cannot begin a rage on either the turn it ends or on your following turn.

2nd Circle – Powerful RageEX: Your rage gives you unusual physical ability equal to a creature much larger than yourself. You gain a +2 item bonus to Strength. While in a rage, your size becomes [Large] (if you are not already [Large] or [Huge], you gain the normal +5 ft bonus to your movement speed, +2 bonus to saves against combat maneuvers, and 5 ft bonus to your [Melee] range associated with the [Large] size). While in a rage, you do not suffer any of the normal penalties of being [Large], even if you’re normally [Large].

Path of Destruction

1st Circle – CleaveEX: Once per [Round], as a swift action, when you hit an opponent with a melee attack and deal damage to that opponent with that attack, you may compare your attack roll from that attack to the AC of another target opponent within [Melee] range. If the attack roll equals or exceeds that opponent’s AC, you deal that much damage to that opponent.

2nd Circle – WhirlwindEX: If you would make one or more melee attacks during your standard action, you may add the [Volley] descriptor to a single one of those attacks; this attack with the [Volley] descriptor is applied against every opponent in [Melee] range.

Weapon Master

Circle 1: Weapon Specialist - You are unmatched in your skill with weaponry, and can utilize your weapons even more effectively than most. Choose 3 abilities. You must be wielding a weapon with the listed property to use the ability, and can take the ability as many times as the weapon has the property. These abilities can be rechosen each time you pick up, draw, or otherwise change your wielded weapon properties, or as a swift action or part of a move action.

[Arcane] - You may treat this weapon as being [Arcane] or not [Arcane] simultaneously; it retains its item bonus to attack rolls, and enchantments still trigger on hits with the weapon.
[Barbed]- If your weapon is sticking in an opponent within [Melee] range, you may use a swift action to draw it. You resume wielding the weapon, and deal damage to the opponent as if they had removed the weapon, plus your level in damage.
special- you may keep this ability even when you are not wielding a [barbed] weapon
[Brutal] - Once per round, you may inflict [hp reduction] equal to the damage from [brutal] to an opponent you just hit.
[Deft]- You gain a +1 bonus to reflex saves
[Devastating] - the DC to resist your bull rush attempts is increased by 1
[Disarming] - You may pick up an item as a swift action when you successfully disarm it.
[Distant] - Your range for ranged attacks with this weapon increases by 20ft. If you take this twice, it increased by 80ft. If you take it three times, it increases by 200 ft.
[Elemental] - Once per round, an enemy hit by your attack starts [Burning].
[Guardian] - You may grant all allies within [Melee] range a +1 deflection bonus. This counts as the bonus from a [Guardian] weapon.
[Holdout] - Once per [Encounter],when you draw this weapon, one opponent within range of this weapon must make a reflex save (DC 10+1/2 level + your KOM) or be [Flat footed]
[Magnum] - You ignore AC bonuses your opponents have from [Covered]
[Parrying] - You may parry attacks made against allies within your [Melee] range
[Point blank] - You do not provoke attacks of opportunity from the target of your attack when attacking with this weapon
[Reach] - You gain a +2 bonus to AC against charges
[Reacting]- You may take an additional 5ft step on turns you do not move.
[Quick draw] - You can [Dazzle] one opponent within range of your current weapon when you switch between [Quick draw] weapons
[Scything] - If you miss your first attack of a pair when scything, the second gains a +2 bonus.
[Thrown] - *tbd*
[Traumatizing] - Your crit range expands by 1
[Tripping] - When an opponent fails their save against your trip attempt, you may force another opponent within [Melee] range to make a reflex save (DC the same as your trip DC) or fall [Prone]
[Unbalancing] - Your crit range expands by 1

2nd Circle- Weapon finesse
You rely on your skill with a weapon, not on some silly magic. You gain a +1 item bonus to attacks with weapons for every circle of weapon master you possess.

3rd circle- Weapon focus

Choose a weapon property. You may add this property to any weapon you wield or are about to wield. You may now use 4 abilities from weapon specialist at once.

Swift blows- You may take a [Bonus attack] whenever you use an attack action, and have a 10ft bonus to your movement speed.

Discipline of the Serpent

1st Circle – External TechniquesEX: Choose five weapon properties other than [Arcane], [Barbed], [Distant], [Hold-out] or [Quick-draw]. At 3rd, 5th and 7th circles, you may choose an additional weapon property. Your Unarmed Strike natural weapon gains those properties. If you possess any other natural weapons, they gain any 2 of your Unarmed Strike natural weapon’s chosen properties at 1st circle, and 1 more at 3rd, 5th and 7th circles. These choices are permanent. Additionally, whenever you switch to a weapon,
you may grant it a number of weapon properties your Unarmed Strike natural weapon possesses. You may grant it 2 such properties at 1st circle, 3 at 3rd, 4 at 5th, and 5 at 7th. The weapon retains those properties for as long as you wield it.Attacks you make as part of a Disarm, Grapple, Pin, or Trip attempt deal additional damage with the [Precision] descriptor equal to your level.

2nd Circle – Internal PrinciplesEX: Your combat maneuvers, and opponents’ attempts to escape or act in a [Grappled] or [Pinned] condition you inflict, have a DC of (11 + 1/2 your level + your KOM). This DC increases by 1 at 4th circle, and again at 6th circle. In addition, you gain access to the following special combat maneuvers, which
benefit from the additional damage of External Techniques:
» Pushing Blow: As a standard action, you make a single melee attack that deals normal damage. If the attack hits, the target must make a Fortitude save or be pushed 5 ft, and you can choose to move into their previously occupied space. If you choose not to move into their space, you may instead push them 5 ft in the same direction per circle
of Discipline of the Serpent you possess. These movements do not provoke attacks of opportunity. A successful Pushing Blow benefits from abilities that would enhance a successful Bull Rush.

» Neutralize: As a standard action, you make asingle melee attack that deals normal damage. If the attack hits, the target must make a Will save or take a penalty to damage
equal to the number of circles you possess in Discipline of the Serpent for 1 [Round]This penalty does not stack with itself.


Black Ankh (+2 item bonus to Constitution)

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