HARU (Healing And Rending Unit)

Age: 15
Gender: Female

Ht: 5'3"
Wt: 119 lbs

HARU has a long, straight hair of greenish hue that reaches down to her waist. While possessing green eyes, the young girl's eyes are devoid of life or emotion. HARU is dressed in a form-fitting suit that is black in color, with gloves that almost reach the elbows and knee-high boots. A hi-tech visor/communicator conceals her blank eyes, and she has a utility belt in which to store her items and pokeballs in. A strange, complicated choker is locked around her neck, emanating an unnatural energy.

HARU rarely speaks unless asked to do so, and often with a monotone voice. More often than not, she responds telepathically first, often unnerving others and giving her an insensitive image.

Currently looking:
Earth Shaker boost- Grass starter, preferably Chikorita
Psychic boost- Abra/Kadabra
Healer boost- Togepi


Species: Petilil
Type: Grass
x2 Damage: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Half Damage: Electric, Grass, Ground, Water

Loyalty: 3
Held Item: None

Gender: Female
Nature: Modest (SPA+2, ATT-2)
Ability: Own Tempo (Immune to Confusion)
Height: 1’8” / 0.5 m (Small)
Weight: 14.6 lbs. / 6.6 kg (1)
Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 4, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 4, Sprouter

HP 46/46
XP 6915/8000
Eva: +1
SEva: +1
STAB: +1d4

Base Add Total
HP 5 +4 9
ATT 2 +0 2
DEF 5 +3 8
SPA 9 +3 12
SPD 5 +4 9
SPE 3 +4 7

Absorb - Grass (Lv1)
At-Will – 2
Melee - Special Attack
Effect: 1 Target
After the target takes damage, the user gains HP equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target.

Growth - Normal (Lv4)
At-Will – None
Self - No Damage
Effect: No Target
Raise the user’s Attack 1 Combat Stage and raise the user’s Special Attack 1 Combat Stage. If it is Sunny, double the amount of Combat Stages gained.

Leech Seed - Grass (Lv8)
Center – 4
Ranged (6)- No Damage
Effect: 1 Target
At the beginning of each of the user’s turns, Leech Seed’s target loses 1/8th of their full HP. Do not apply weakness or resistance to the HP lost. Do not apply stats to the HP lost. Leech Seed’s user then gains HP equal to the amount the target lost. Leech Seed cannot hit a Grass type Pokemon.

Sleep Powder - Grass (Lv10)
Center – 6
Ranged (6)- No Damage
Effect: 1 Target, Blast
Sleep Powder creates a 1-meter Blast. All Legal Targets fall Asleep.

Mega Drain - Grass (Lv13)
EOT – 2
Melee - Attack*
Effect: 1 Target
After the target takes damage, the user gains HP equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target.

Synthesis - Grass (Lv17)
Center – None
Self - No Damage
Effect: No Target
The user regains HP equal to half of its full HP. If it is Sunny, the user gains 2/3 of its full HP. If it is Rainy, Sand Storming or Hailing the user gains ¼ of their full HP.

Magical Leaf - Grass (Lv19)
EOT – None
Ranged (10)- Special Attack
Effect: 1 Target
Magical Leaf cannot miss.

7350 P

x4 Potion
x5 Super Potion
x5 Antidote
x5 Awakening
x5 Parlyz Heal
x5 Burn Heal
x5 Ice Heal

Story Elements

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