Hundred-Blossoms Chasing-Haze Samsara

(百花 逐烟霞 轮回 / Baihua - Zhu Yanxia - Lunhui)

Destiny 22 Fortitude 17
Health 20 Evasion 14 (16)
Aether 9 Resolve 10


Physical Mental
Strength: +4 Dexterity: +0 Intelligence: +3 Presence: -2
Athletics 1d8 Finesse n/a Academics 1d4 Charm n/a
Intimidate 1d6 Stealth n/a Investigation 1d6 Rapport n/a
Vitality: +5 (7) Agility: +2 (4) Focus: 0 Insight: -1
Endurance 1d4 Acrobatics n/a Concentration 1d6 Intuition n/a
Specialties Medic, Criminology, Dreamnet Travel

The Aurora Isles

Blurb: Flavortext

Level 2 Crimson Mage / Dream Mage

Magical Abilities

Schools of Magic
Blood 1d4 Dream 1d4

Spell List

Lesser Spells




Progression and Feats

Blessed by Fire: The old pact between your people and the Primacy of Flames runs quite literally hot in your blood. You gain a +2 Bonus to Fortitude, and +4 damage reduction against Fire and Cold damage.

Burning Blood: Once per Scene when you take damage from an attack, you may deal 1d6+3 Fire Damage to a target within 2 meters.

Level 1: Crimson Mage Novice Talents
Level 2: Dream Mage Novice Talents
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9:
Level 10:

Feat Selection
Feat Name:

Crimson Pact: Whenever you take damage from Bleeding, you gain 1 Aether as well.

Lucid Dreaming: You do not need Dream Oil or a Dreamnet Crown to travel the Dream Realms lucidly. You can emulate any of a Dreamnet Crown’s functions simply by concentrating for 1 minute.

Ephemeral Step: While within the Dream Realms and Dreamscapes, you may levitate up to half a meter above the ground. You ignore the effects of slow terrain, and you can hover over liquids this way. You gain a +2 Bonus to Evasion while levitating this way.

Dream Guide - Oneroi
Name: Yi Ye Zhi Qiu (一叶知秋) The Falling of One Leaf Heralds the Coming of Autumn
Destiny: 6 Movement: 6
Fortitude: 14 Evasion: 14 Resolve: 14
Traits: Dream Guides have one of the following traits;

  • Unreal: Dream Guides are incorporeal and cannot interact with the real world. They are immune to all damage and all spell effects, and do not prevent others from entering the space they occupy. However if they would take Elemental damage from any source, they instead lose 1 Destiny. If all their Destiny is destroyed they cannot be summoned for the rest of the Scene.
  • Tied: A Dream Guide cannot move more than 20 meters from its creator; if somehow forced, they instead teleport to a space adjacent to their creator.
  • Levitation: Dream Guides levitate up to a meter over terrain and are not affected by terrain.
  • Mobile Dreamscape: The area 1 meter around a Dream Guide is a Dreamscape.


Casting Knife: These typically ornate daggers can function both as light weapons and casting implements. Once per scene when you hit a foe with a weapon attack made with this implement, you may use a Quick Action to cast a Utility or Curse spell that normally requires a Major Action. If you are Level 6 or higher, this effect may be used twice per scene.

Armor: +2 Evasion

1 Wealth

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