Game: [Oran Valley]



Name: Henry Whitacre
**Level 12 **

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 123 lbs

Profession: Tailor, Photographer
Birthdate: Spring 23
Favorite Food: Bouffalant steak with honey glaze, with vanilla cake and cream frosting for dessert.
Favorite Gifts: Wind-up toys, especially particularly interesting ones. Sweets, ornaments for his shop.
Favorite Spot: The hot springs in Amaranth.


Bernard, the Scraggy
Level 17
EXP: 5360/5830

Type: Dark/Fighting
Hold Item: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Proud (-Sp. Atk, +HP)
Height: 2’ 0” / 0.6m (Small)
Weight: 26 lbs. / 11.8kg (2)
Capability List: Overland 6, Surface 4, Jump 3, Power 3, Intelligence 4, Stealth, Pack Mon, Aura

Base Stats: 6/8/7/2/7/5

HP: 47/47
HP Stat: 10
Atk: 13
Def: 12
Sp. Atk: 2
Sp. Def: 10
Speed: 5

Natural Moves:
Leer - At Will, AC 2, lowers target's defense 1 CS | Cool 2d4 Excitement
Low Kick - EOT 2 Melee Attack, 1d8/2d10/3d10/5d10/4d20/5d20 +11+1d4 | 3d4 Tough no effect
Sand Attack - AC 2, 2 meter spray, targets must roll +1 for the remainder of the encounter. | 1d4 Cute Excitement
Faint Attack - Cannot miss. 3d10+11+1d4 | 2d4 Smart Round Ender
Detect - You know what this does | Coo Inverse appeal
Headbutt - 3d4 Tough
Swagger - 2d4 Cute Excitement


Bernard is an easy-going fellow that Henry ran into on the streets of the cities to the north. Sensing this poor creature's species-inherent plight, Henry fashioned a pair of suspenders that keep this Scraggy's shed skin pulled up at all times. Bernard is surprisingly proud of these, and becomes very offended when they're called 'dorky' by anyone.

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