Herbert West


Name: Professor Herbert West
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel


Trusty Shovel
Reanimation Set
Excavation Kit
Fancy Hat
Mummy Whip
Assorted pots and pans
9950 moneyunits
Choc bar.
Runaway Badge
Spirit Badge
Mineral Badge
Lab Coat (Give Telepathy to my pokemon when worn.)


Porygon Z
Gender: Genderless

Level: 42
EXP: 64500

Nature: Impish

Abilities: Trace, Analytic

Capability List
Overland 9, Surface 9, Sky 7, Jump 3, Power 1, Intelligence 6, Wired, Aura

HP: 96

Hit Points: 18
Attack: 8
Defense: 14
Special Attack: 32
Special Defense: 8
Speed: 16

1 Conversion - Normal
1 Conversion2 - Normal
7 Psybeam - Psychic
12 Agility - Psychic
18 Recover - Normal
29 Signal Beam - Bug
40 Discharge - Electric
Pain Split- Normal
Dark Pulse - Dark

Personality: Loki is a trickster. It enjoys setting traps for people and getting them in generally awkward situations. It sees no problem in messing with computer data and such. Though mean at times it doesn't really do anything – It sees as – dangerous

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