History Lesson


The timeline operates on Galactic Space Time. This is based on the Deoxyn year, which is 412 days long. All planets also have their local year, since planets all rotate at different speeds and seasons pass at different rates. Generally, everyone keeps track of the Galactic Year, and begin counting the Local year from the first day of that planet's terraforming.

The Galactic year is technically whatever year it is on Peaceful Firm Land, counting the years up from when Deoxyns first left their home solar system. The Galactic year continues counting until 9999, when that counts as one Era. After 9999 eras, that will be one eon. This time system was constructed under the assumption that eventually, the galactic community will need a system to count the years in terms of billions of years without their heads exploding. The current year is:

Eon 00; Era 4; Year 9980
Or, more simply, 9980, because who honestly keeps track of the era and eon except history nerds?

This is a very rough, bare-bones history of the most relevant events to Galactic Expansion, which is a slow process. Because of this, there are a lot of holes which would be filled in by more complete historical records. When putting together a range of about 50,000 years of history, you can forgive the historians for being a little vague when paring it down to the MOST important events.

Beginning of the Era of Deoxyn expansion. Deoxyns leave their home solar system for the first time.

0.1.89 (Local Earth Year unknown)
Deoxyns exploring the galaxy discover the human race, and decide not to interfere. Alien Non-interference Treaty drafted for the first time. Almost immediately violated, if the existence of Elgyem on Earth are to be believed.

0.1.6002 (Local Earth Year 3079)
Humans leave their home solar system. Encounter Deoxyns for the first time. First intergalactic war is begun. It's a short war, only about a month of fighting, ending with humans humbled by how technologically inferior they are. After the war, there is a period of animosity, and then camaraderie between the two species (At least until the next war when Humankind is a little better equipped).

Expansionist Humans and Deoxyns discover how to terraform planets.

First terraformed satellite, the moon "Soul-Thief-Rock", is complete and begins counting up its local years. It is inhabited by space explorers soon after. In the same year, Europa, the moon of Jupiter, is similarly complete and becomes a bustling planetoid full of life.

Mercury is obliterated and Venus scorched by sudden, uncontrollable solar flares from Sol. Scientists correctly predict that Earth will be scorched next. The planet is evacuated and the seat of government moves to newly terraformed Mars.

A 12 year long war over the ownership of Mars. Deoxyns claim that it was their technology that facilitated the planet and therefore they own it, and try to evict humans off of the red planet. Humans are victorious, but the planet is in ruins. Seat of government soon after abandons Mars and moves to New Europa in the Tianzi system.

Xects'es are discovered in the middle of their "Iron Age", and very quickly left alone. Their system is declared off-limits to Terraformers.

Xects'es finally escape their solar system. Humans make peaceful first contact. The two species become allies.

Xects'es finish terraforming their first colony in juncture with New Europa government. Begin work on further, independent colonies.

Odin system explored. Ragnarok discovered.

Sleipnir and Far-Away Resort in the Stars both begin terraforming almost before the ink is dry on the non-interference treaty on the planet Ragnarok. Skirmishes flare up around the planets, and a third faction which eventually evolves into the UPDD forms to protect the vulnerable planet Ragnarok from damage.

UPDD formally founded and spread out from the Odin system to help police the rest of the galaxy.

Solar system SN-90876 explored. The right conditions for life discovered on FSN-90876d.

Single-celled life discovered on FSN-90876d. UPDD immediately steps in and polices the area, setting up a permanent no-fly zone around the planet. Begin terraforming the moon of one of the uninhabitable gas giants as an outpost, protecting the young planet from land-surveyors and speculators.

Catastrophe hits the already ruined earth when meteorite activity knocks the moon out of orbit, obliterating the planet completely.

Current year: 0.4.9980
As the dawn of the 5th era of Galactic expansion approaches, scientists conclude that Jocasta in the Tianzi system will be eligible for Terraforming in 20 years as Tianzi's habitable zone finishes expanding.

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