Holon Region

In the mysterious tropical Holon region, new Pokemon are emerging! Delta Species, a new type of Pokemon with a peculiar aura, are spreading across the region. You are a new trainer from Moirai Island. Can you become the Champion of the Holon League and discover the secrets of Holon City?



This game is based on the TCG-created region, Holon. This is a traditional adventure campaign with gyms and a league, with a few minor twists. The tone is light and casual, so just have fun, and don't be so serious!

This game will be played Thursday evenings, from 6 o' clock PM Central, to whenever the fuck we feel like at the time.

Character Creation

Trainer Level 5 (Do not go for typeshifting classes)
One starter at Level 5.
5000 PY starting cash. TM prices as according to book.

You can contact Prof_Rosewood on #pokeymans to play, or kingscourgev on Steam.

Background: Age of 16 to 18. Be fucking reasonable. Should be a fairly normal teen, no need for gimmick pasts.

Setting and Lore

The Holon islands to the southwest used to be covered in wildlife, but this changed around 25 years ago when a research center was set up on the largest island. Since then, the smaller island communities nearby have expanded, and an official league has been set up in the region. In recent years however, the region has become more and more dangerous, and this has prompted to the need for Licenses. Licenses are tested for in every city, and they allow the holders to enter increasingly more dangerous parts of the land—foreigners are required to take these tests too. The climate is mild to hot, and tropical storms sometimes blow by. There are many, many sea routes, expect to acquire a Water type at some point.

Delta (δ) Species are Pokemon who have been irradiated by the power of the Holon Tower. They have acquired new moves and different typing in this change, and to those who can see aura, are quite different from most Pokemon. Depending on their level of irradiation, they may be more feral than other Pokemon, and should be approached with caution.

In the Holon Region, Battle Sims are also popular. These virtual reality devices allow people to battle with virtual Pokemon, often much stronger than those they actually own. Players still gain EXP from these. In Holon City in particular, they use Battle Sims to test the potential of Delta Species.

Special Mechanics

Holon Transceiver

The Holon Transceiver is a special device unique to the Holon region. It is a rectangular, thin deice paired with a headset that uses the the Holon Tower to act as a radio communications and GPS. It was developed by Devon Corporation for their Holon branch. Later, it became publicly distributed when the Holon region became dangerous to travel alone. It has the following features:

  • Emergency Calls-If a civilian is in trouble even in the middle of the sea, or inside a large jungle, a signal can be sent to the Holon Tower for help, which is then relayed to the closest available ranger station.
  • Phone Services-The Holon Transceiver can also be used as a celluar phone via headset, and has much of the standard features you would expect of one.
  • GPS and Mapping-Although it only extends to just outside the Holon Region, the Transceiver is equipped with a precise GPS and map, making it difficult to become lost.
  • Radio-Self-explanatory. Includes news weather and music stations.


  • Using your Pokedex is a Free Action.
  • Scans are per trainer, no syncing of data between Pokedexes.
  • δ scans are gained only by capturing a δ Pokemon.
  • You can scan Pokeballs registered to you, doing so can sometimes reveal delta typing and additional moves.
  • You can use the Pokedex to track the condition of your pokemon. T




Frederick Cirrus(Researcher/Watcher)
Hoku Kahewai(Martial Artist/Ace Trainer)
Andrew Green (Breeder/Chef/Future Move Tutor)
Coral Hiart (Capture Specialist)

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