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Game: Holon Region
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Prof_Rosewood ---------
Prof_Rosewood It is spring in the Holon region. A warm, salty tropical breeze is in the air around Moirai Island. It's the start of a beautiful weekendthere are Hoppip floating across the sky and Pidgey fluttering by, and across the island blades of grass waft gently across the hills. The marketplace is bustling, both with native islanders and foreign mainlanders, as the town begins to prepare for
Prof_Rosewood the annual festival in honor of Jirachi, the mythical wishmaker Pokemon.
Prof_Rosewood On the north side of this island is a peculiar white lighthouse, known to some as the laboratory of the strange Professor Rosewood. You have gathered here, young Trainers, to obtain your first Pokemon and take the Z-License exam. It is early in the morning, and you should all be waiting just outside near the docks and shore. Your very own Pokemon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams
Prof_Rosewood and adventure with Pokemon awaits! Let's go!
Hoku goes
AndrewGreen watches the Hoppip fly through the air as he walks backwards towards the labatory.
JeffEccles walks toward the lab hunched over a poke ball in his left hand, which he is tinkering with using a screwdriver in his right.
Hoku is sitting on a bench in front of the locked doors, whittling a stick or something
Doctor_Dapper adjusts his bowtie and fiddles with his shirt's cuffs
AndrewGreen somehow manages to walk backwards all the way up to the door without bumping into anyone
Hoku notices andrew and stands up, extending a hand
AndrewGreen bumps into the wall. "Oh, I'm here." He stops watching that singular hoppit and looks around.
Hoku "Here to get a pokemon and zliscence?
AndrewGreen "Ah, hello. Yes, a pokemon. Not much for science."
Doctor_Dapper "what?!"
Doctor_Dapper "But…"
Doctor_Dapper "But science is so cool!."
JeffEccles scrambles to grab a screw as it emerges from the hinge before it hits the ground and bumps his head against the door.
JeffEccles "Oww…"
AndrewGreen "I'm more in it for the pokemon."
AndrewGreen shrugs.
Doctor_Dapper "oh. That makes, sense, I guess…"
JeffEccles looks around as if noticing the other people for the first time.
JeffEccles "When did you all get here?"
Hoku I'm in it for the liscences. The pokemon is a pretty neat bonus though.
Hoku "i've been her for 15 minutes."
Doctor_Dapper "Er, I got up early. I didn't want to be late so I've been here since jsut after breakfast. I guess I was abit overeager…"
Doctor_Dapper trails off into embarressed silence.
AndrewGreen "Just now."
JeffEccles slots the screw back in, tightens it, and puts the ball away for later.
Hoku "My name's Hoku. Hoku Kahewai. You guys?"
AndrewGreen "Andrew, Andrew Green."
Doctor_Dapper "Um, I'm Fredrick. Most people call me Freddy, though."
JeffEccles "Call me Jeff."
AndrewGreen "Ah, short name, you can call me Andy if you want."
Hoku And suddenly Prof. Rosewood has a stroke.
AndrewGreen (or suddenly got a life.)
Prof_Rosewood Suddenly, the door flies open. Standing in the doorway is an old man with an elongated, crumpled head and a long white beard. http://i.imgur.com/FHVO7.png
Prof_Rosewood A
Prof_Rosewood Chatot sits on his shoulder.
Hoku, standing right in front ot the door, is knocked flying.
Doctor_Dapper "Oh!, Uh, hello, professor."
Hoku Professor!
Prof_Rosewood "Oh…right…you kids are here abou the..the uh…" trails off the old man, scratching his beard. The Chatot whistles and shrieks. "New trainers! New trainers!"
Prof_Rosewood "Right!" he exclaims ina scratchy voice. "A pokemon, and the license test. Am I right?"
Hoku Yes, hoku says, getting up.
Doctor_Dapper "Yes, sir, thats us."
JeffEccles "…right."
AndrewGreen "Yes"
Prof_Rosewood "Well then, you should come on in, I guess…Mind the machines, a few of them might snack on your hands. Or do they make snacks? I can't seem to remember," he sas brightly, stepping aside to let them inside.
Doctor_Dapper cautiously floows the professor inside, taking care to keep his hands inside his pockets, away from all of the beeping machinery.
Hoku follows the good professor into the lab, holding the door for the others
AndrewGreen sniffs for snack a bit as he goes in
JeffEccles follows the professor, but keeps at more than arm's length.
Prof_Rosewood There is a spiral staircase going up the lighthouse, and most other space is filled by the sound of whirring, clanking machinery, and the occasional small boom. The Professor leads the group up, past the machines to the top of the tower after a significant climb. you wonder how he has the stamina.
Prof_Rosewood At the top you will find five cylindrical pods arranged across the floor, and another man in a lab coat standing across the room. The pods are hooked up to pairs of gloves and goggles.
Doctor_Dapper is breathing heavily by the time he gets to the top of the stairs.
AndrewGreen is a little out of breath after the climb
JeffEccles stares at the pods.
Hoku doesn't look that winded, but is a bit tired.
Prof_Rosewood "This!" cries Rosewood, "Is a…is a…well it's sure something."
AndrewGreen "What are thise things?"
Prof_Rosewood The man in the lab coat across the room strides over. He is much younger, in his thirties or so, and he pats the professor on the back and turns his attention to the party.
Doctor_Dapper "I'd wager that they're there to store pokemon, right?"
Hoku pays attention.
Doctor_Dapper shows interest in the pods, tilting his head to examine them
Hoku "Oh, that makes sense."
Prof_Rosewood http://i.imgur.com/MRy0n.png "Battle Simulator! It is through this machine that you will be tested, and that your first Pokemon shall be determined. I am your co-examiner, Daedalus, lead scientist at Holon Tower."
Doctor_Dapper "O-oh! Nice to meet you, sir!"
Hoku Battle simulator?
AndrewGreen "Hello. Simulator?"
JeffEccles "…okay, let's get started then, I guess."
Prof_Rosewood "Yes, young man. The Battle Simulator is a virtual reality device that simulates high-level battles in a safe and efficient manner," says Daedalus as Rosewood heads over to what looks like the control panel.
AndrewGreen looks confused at the term virtual reality, never had any of that on the farm.
Doctor_Dapper "Neato! I always wondered what it would be like to get sucked into tron."
Doctor_Dapper mimics throwing a frisbee.
Hoku Impressive. Technology has come far if it can do things such as that.
Prof_Rosewood "You just step inside a pod, slip on the gloves and goggles, and you will be standing in a virtual stadium, ready to battle."
Prof_Rosewood "Now, if you are all ready…?" he asks, stepping aside with a smile.
AndrewGreen follows the instructions, trying not to break anything.
Hoku follows.
Doctor_Dapper slips on his gear, making sure not to ruffle his tie
JeffEccles gets in and applies the gloves, then slips the goggles on over his glasses.
Prof_Rosewood In the emerging virtual world, a deep voice booms out at the trainers.
Prof_Rosewood "The condition of this battle is to defeat the criminal in 5 rounds or less. Ten rounds or less is acceptable. A loss is a failure."
Andrew_Green looks around, what is this, where am I>
Hoku looks around. "So you're my pokemon, huh? Even if you're not real, let's not hold back!"
Prof_Rosewood "
Prof_Rosewood "As long as the team wins, you all pass."
Doctor_Dapper "Okay. I think we can do this."
Prof_Rosewood "Are you all ready?"
Hoku You bet!
Doctor_Dapper "Y-yes, sir!"
JeffEccles "Absolutely"
Andrew_Green nods
Prof_Rosewood It begins.
Hoku Hoku looks up, and prepares to issue his first command as a trainer.
Hoku Sceptile! Use Grass Pledge!
Andrew_Green Meganium, Use Grass Pledge.
Init: Jeff Hoku Andrew Fred Grunts
Init: Jeff Hoku Andrew Fred Grunts Sceptile
Andrew_Green watches at the Watchog fails to hit a target the size of a barn door
Andrew_Green "Good job Meganium" says Andrew as she hits the watchog with a flail of leaves
Andrew_Green "Meganium, magical leaf."
Andrew_Green paces back and forth
Andrew_Green sees the blastoise in trouble over there, but meganium would have to go past the fire thing to get to them
Andrew_Green "Meganium, behind you, change targets."
Hoku is worried when an attack connects
Andrew_Green is amazed at the sheer strength of that Hydro cannon
Hoku jumps back as a giant stream of water takes out the flaming dog in front of him
Andrew_Green smiles as a well placed leaf hits the not so mightyena smach dab on the noggin
Andrew_Green "Mightyena, help everyone else."
Andrew_Green "Meganium, help everyone else."
Andrew_Green (sorry, typo)
Hoku shouts "Finish that skuntank off with leaf blade!"
Andrew_Green (isn't that battle?)
Andrew_Green "Meganium BOdy Slam"
Andrew_Green MEGANIUM sits on the skuntank and goes back towards the watchog, Frenzy plant on her mind
Hoku "Sceptile! Frenzy Plant!"
Andrew_Green "Meganium! Frenzy Plant!"
Andrew_Green steps back a few steps as to not get caught in the blast
Andrew_Green watches as the Sceptile shoots first
Hoku watches the watchog get envoloped in a storm of leaves, as everything begins to fade out…
Prof_Rosewood "Well, it was very close…" said Daedalus, greeting them as they exited the pods. "But you've passed. Your Z-Licenses are being printed right now."
Doctor_Dapper pulls off his headset, sweating profusly.
Andrew_Green watches the scientist kid just walk out of the building without saying a word. Odd
Prof_Rosewood Rosewood comes hobbling over from the machine, laughing madly and clapping.
Hoku pumps his fist in the air as he emerges. "Yeah!"
Doctor_Dapper "Aww, geez. Thanks for the save, guys. I don't know what I would have done without the help."
Andrew_Green pulls off the goggles and gloves.
Prof_Rosewood "Yes, yes, I think I saw what I wanted to see. Everyone gather round. I have your Pokemon here."
Andrew_Green perks up.
Hoku "No problem, man! You took out that houndoom for me, so we're even."
Doctor_Dapper "Well, It seemd logical; I had a type advantage. It was no big deal."
Doctor_Dapper rubs the back of his head sheepishly.
Prof_Rosewood "…Nobody wants a
Prof_Rosewood Pokemon?"
Andrew_Green "Amazing how much of a wall a meganium is."
Andrew_Green "Would our pokemon be, perhaps, related to the one we used in the simulator?"
Hoku I'll take one. Can I get the one I had in there?
Doctor_Dapper "Oh! Um, sorry, sir. Yes, if I could have a pokemon, that would be really neato."
Prof_Rosewood "Related," said Rosewood as the Chatot on his shoulder chirped. "They are their base formsChikorita, Treecko, and Squirtle."
Andrew_Green "I would love one, as long as it isn't a miltank. I have had enough of Miltanks to last me a lifetime.
Andrew_Green "Ah, Chikorita."
Andrew_Green smiles
Hoku Cool!
Prof_Rosewood The Professor extends an arm to a machine built into the wall where three Pokemon lay.
Andrew_Green ((in balls?))
Doctor_Dapper ((I'd assume so))
Prof_Rosewood The Pokeballs sit there, in their grooves, waiting to be taken.
Andrew_Green goes to the Chikorita.
Doctor_Dapper hesitantly takes the pokeball, staring at it.
Hoku takes TREECKO, the WOOD GECKO Pokemon.
Prof_Rosewood "Don't go releasing them in here," warns the Professor.
Prof_Rosewood Daedalus then comes back to the group, holding three licenses.
Andrew_Green tales the Chikorita, the LEaf Pokemon.
Prof_Rosewood "Here, you'll need these to get off the island," he says, smiling down at them.
Andrew_Green takes the license with his name on it.
Doctor_Dapper takes his license, storing it in his sweater-vest
Doctor_Dapper "Thanks, professor Daedalus, sir."
Hoku My first step to a S-License! Thanks!
Andrew_Green "Thank you,"
Andrew_Green puts it in his belt pouch.
Hoku stores the licence in his KEY ITEMS pocket
Andrew_Green shifts his backpack to a sound of clanging metal.
Prof_Rosewood "I have a second gift for you youngsters as well…I won't deny its old fashioned, but here. I have a Pokedex for each of you," he says, removing three red devices from the folds of his coat, fumbling them.
Hoku accepts a device, holding it up to see.
Doctor_Dapper "Thanks professor! I'm gonna fill this thing up asap."
Prof_Rosewood "This device captures data on Pokemon you see and catch! though of course, you will always get better data from a capture."
Doctor_Dapper nods vigorously.
Hoku nods, still figuring out the pokedex's menus
Doctor_Dapper "Um, question, though."
Prof_Rosewood "Yes?" asks the elder Professor, smiling toothlessly.
Doctor_Dapper "What about delta species? How does the pokedex catalogue them? I jsut ask cuz I think they're, well, kinda neato."
Doctor_Dapper fiddles with his bowtie
Doctor_Dapper "Sorry if it's a dumb question, but I figured I might as well ask…"
Andrew_Green takes the pokedex with careful hands, he was never that good with tech stuff
Prof_Rosewood Daedalus grins and steps in, pointing out the FORME button on the dex.
Prof_Rosewood "If you catch or see a delta species of a certain Pokemon, it will appear as an alternate form."
Hoku "Uh, this might be some scholarly thing, but why does it have an extra e in there?"
Prof_Rosewood "Just a distinction, young man. Nothing more nothing less."
Hoku I see.
Prof_Rosewood "One last thing. I am obligated to give you three Holon Transceivers. Have you head of them?"
Andrew_Green "nope"
Doctor_Dapper "Isn't that like a radio?"
Prof_Rosewood "A little," said Daedalus, showing Fred one of the devices. "It also has call and GPS functions. You will need it, in case of emergencies."
Prof_Rosewood The scientist hands them out one by one, then steps back.
Doctor_Dapper takes the device, examining it.
Doctor_Dapper "Oh, yeah. I think my dad has one of these; he uses it at work sometimes."
Hoku takes the devices and enters his phone's contacts into it.
Prof_Rosewood The device comes with a headset as you ccan all see, with a Delta symbol on its earpiece.
Andrew_Green shrugs. There was a radio on the farm and a house phone, not sure what a GPS is
Prof_Rosewood "Now, I really must be going, and you three, I'm sure, have things to be doing. Why don't you stick together and explore the island for wild Pokemon?"
Doctor_Dapper "Oh, that sounds like fun."
Hoku Sure, why not?
Prof_Rosewood "It's always better to travel in groups, anyway, regardless of what your goals are," says Rosewood.
Andrew_Green "That would be fun."
Doctor_Dapper slides down the banister on the way down
Andrew_Green "Well lets get going. I'm new to Holon, so I am keen to explore."
Hoku walks back down the long steps.
Andrew_Green walks carefully, trying to figure out where he can put these fanzy doo dads so they don't break
Andrew_Green is too busy staring at the shinies to see what is going on.
Prof_Rosewood As Daedalus rushes past them out the door, Fred would notice an odd symbol on the back of Daedalus's coat.
Prof_Rosewood He leaves.
Hoku is staring at his new license and Pokeball, too engrossed in them to notice anything
Prof_Rosewood Just outside, the island is open to you. The Hoppip have moved on, but checking your Transceiver will tell you that wild Pokemon congregate on the eastern Beach, and the Cliffside Forest to the south of the island.
Doctor_Dapper is curious, but eventually dismisses it. He files the image away mentally, though, in case he sees it again
Prof_Rosewood You can also check out the market place, or the gym…
Andrew_Green "I'd like to check out the local pokemon."
Hoku "I think we should go to the beach and train."
Andrew_Green "Se whats at the b- yeah the beach"
Doctor_Dapper "I wouldnt mind getting an opportunity to see some new pokemon."
Andrew_Green "…or we can stop for a quick meal, I skipped breakfast."
Andrew_Green pats his pack
Hoku "i'm kinda hungry myself.
Doctor_Dapper taps his chin thoughfully
Andrew_Green looks around for a nice spot to set things up, finds a clear space on the ground, and starts pulling out miscellenous cooking supplies and canned goods.
Doctor_Dapper "Well, a spot of nutrition couldn't go amiss, but I do want to get going. So much stuff to learn, you know?"
Hoku helps set up.
Andrew_Green lets out his new chikorita, putting down a bowl of pokemon food for her as he sets up
Andrew_Green , just as an appetizer
Hoku gets another plate, and takes out his pokeball.
Doctor_Dapper lets his Squrtly loose, who immediately perches on a nearby rock and begins sunnng himself.
Doctor_Dapper "Hey, I didn't know you knew how to make food for pokemon, Andy. Where'd you learn how to do that?"
Andrew_Green "Grew up on a farm, took care of the miltank."
Andrew_Green "You learn a few things."
Hoku triggers the release, and out comes a green lizard pokemon. Its first action is to examine the person that let it out, and its companions.
Doctor_Dapper "That's pretty neat. I wish I'd had a chance to interact with pokemon more often."
Andrew_Green pets the chikorita as she eats, and is pleased when she doesn't react negatively to be pet when eaten.
Doctor_Dapper flops down on the rck next to his squirtle, who regards him with a lazy expression. Fred pats him on the head.
Doctor_Dapper "I mostly got to watch my dad while he was working with Castform. They're pretty neat, but I think my dad kind of overstates how cool they are."
Hoku holds out the dish filled with food to the treecko, and it samples some. Apparently liking it, it looks about for high trees, and, finding none nearby, brings the dish of food up the highest perch, which happens to be Hoku's body.
Andrew_Green "So what brought you to the lab."
Hoku "Hey, you sure like being up high."
Doctor_Dapper slides a bowl of food over to his squirtle, who rolls over and props it up on his stomach before eating.
Hoku "Kinda heavy, though." Hoku reaches a hand up and pets his Treecko.
Doctor_Dapper "Me? Well, I always wanted to study delta species. I think they're super neato. BUt most of the naturally occuring ones are really rare, so I can't find a whole lot about them."
Andrew_Green is almost done with the meal which is…
Doctor_Dapper "On top of that, the Holon Tower can make artificial delta species. Both of thsoe thigns are waaaaay out on the other side of the region so I figured I'd need a liscencse and apokemon if I ever really wanted to get srious about my studies."
Andrew_Green A good deal of sandwiches of various different types. Andy made them with amazing speed while holding a conversation, barely even looking at what he was doing.
Andrew_Green "Delta Species?"
Doctor_Dapper pulls out a battered notebook, smiling widely.
Andrew_Green "I'm not from around here, so I'm not so up to date on current events."
Doctor_Dapper "Yeah. They're unique to the Holon region, as far as I know. I could be wrong. But I think they're cool."
Hoku "I'm a Holon native. I'm traveling because the License system requires a high-level trainer on all deep sea excursions, and we don't have enough to fish for all our village."
Doctor_Dapper flips open the notebook, revealing magazine clippings and faded copies of lab writups.
Hoku They're pokemon that have a different type then normal. A lot more of them started showing up when they built the tower."
Doctor_Dapper "Delta species are really jsut pokemon with really bizzare typings. Imagine a Diglett that was steel type. Or a Glaile that was fire/bug type!"
Andrew_Green "Huh"
Hoku takes out his pokedex, and messing with the options points it at his Treecko, the Squirtle, and the Chikorita to scan them.
Doctor_Dapper catches Hoku scanning hte starters out of the corner of his eye.
Doctor_Dapper "Oh, smart. I shoulda though of that."
Andrew_Green doing a small cleanup of the cooking supplies, now he is done cooking, mimics what Hoku is doing.
Doctor_Dapper flips his Pokedex out and does the same."
Hoku grabs a sandwich and begins eating it.
Doctor_Dapper "So, what brings you to Holon, Andy?"
Doctor_Dapper starts nommin' on a sammich. Mmmmm. Ham.
Andrew_Green "Tired of the farm. Same old same old, day after day, folks expecting me to be a milktank farmer for a living.
Andrew_Green "Had to get out of the hills to someplace new. Heard offhand about Holon when I was in Olivine and hopped on the ship here."
Doctor_Dapper "Huh. Well, what are you gonna do with your license? Got any plans?"
Andrew_Green "See the world? See what it has to offer me, been stuck on the farm my entire life so I don't know exactly what I want to do, just that I don't want be a farmer per life. Thinking about teaching pokemon to unlock their hidden potential, read a book about that once.
Doctor_Dapper strokes his chin thoughtfully, chewing on his sammich. Squrtle lets out a small burp as it finishes up it's meal.
Doctor_Dapper "well, It's a noble idea."
Hoku "so.. now that we've all finished, shall we head out?
Andrew_Green wraps up the various sandwiches, noticing that the Chikorita snuck one or two from the plate while he was talking, and packs them away.
Doctor_Dapper "We should probably get going, though; It's a bit of a walk to the beach."
Doctor_Dapper recalls Squirtle and stretches
Doctor_Dapper "Well, I'm ready if you guys are.
Doctor_Dapper let's get going."
Hoku The weight on Hoku's head disappears suddenly as he returns to his pokeball
Andrew_Green offers the chikorita option to climb up on his shoulder, she hops on, and he starts walking."
Andrew_Green looks at the Chikorita on his shoulder and says, "You know what, I think I'll call you Saki. Means blossom."
Hoku RETCON: Treecko is still on hoku's head.
Hoku I should name you too.. How about Mikeya. Means Leaf. Fits you, with your being in the canopy.
Prof_Rosewood On the way to the beach, Fred trips over something in the grass. Upon closer inspection, it's actually an item! Fred acquires a Great Ball.
Doctor_Dapper "Oh, hey. That's kinda cool."
Doctor_Dapper "wonder who leaves stuff liek this lying around?"
Andrew_Green "Rattata, at least in Johto. They root in packs and run off with stuff."
Doctor_Dapper stores it in his satchel.
Hoku Legends say small fairy pokemon make it and leave it lying around.
Prof_Rosewood The beach spreads out before you. In the distance, beyond some seaside shacks, you can see Pokemon on the shore.
Doctor_Dapper "huh. I hope nothing ever gets into my bag. I'd hate to have all my research scattered across the next three routes.
Andrew_Green starts scanning the slow poke, as it is within 20 squares.
Init: Jeff Hoku Andrew Fred Grunts Sceptile
Init: Jeff Hoku Andrew Fred Grunts Sceptile
AlexanderIronjaw Oh shit
AlexanderIronjaw I totally forgot
Init: Jeff Hoku Andrew Fred Grunts Sceptile
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