Holon Region 2012 10 01
<Prof_Rosewood> ___
<Prof_Rosewood> It is spring in the Holon region. A warm, salty tropical breeze is in the air around Moirai Island. It's the start of a beautiful weekendthere are Hoppip floating across the sky and Pidgey fluttering by, and across the island blades of grass waft gently across the hills. The marketplace is bustling, both with native islanders and foreign mainlanders, as the town begins to prepare for
<Prof_Rosewood> the annual festival in honor of Jirachi, the mythical wishmaker Pokémon. On the north side of this island is a peculiar white lighthouse, known to some as the laboratory of the strange Professor Rosewood. You, the latecomer, have come to obtain your first Pokémon and take the Z-License exam. It is early in the morning, and you should be waiting just outside near the docks and shore. Your
<Prof_Rosewood> very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventure with Pokémon awaits! Let's go!
<Coral> Alright! Today's the day! I can't believe I've never been here before. It looks so lively!
<Prof_Rosewood> The door appears to be slightly ajar.
<Coral> I'll knock and while knocking slightly open it more
<Coral> Hello?
<Prof_Rosewood> inside, you see a spiral staircase surrounding a host of noisy, clanking machinery. The sound is broken by slow footsteps as an old man comes down the stairs moments later, looking down at the youngster curiously.
<Prof_Rosewood> (This is him http://i.imgur.com/FHVO7.png)
<Prof_Rosewood> "Hello child. Are you one of the latecomers, then? Here for your Pokémon and license exam?"
<Coral> Hi! I'm Coral! I'm sorry I'm late but yes. I'm here for that.
<Coral> I try to keep from staring at his weird shaped head
<Prof_Rosewood> "Well, well, come on up. I'm afraid that the scientist from Holon Tower has left, but I can examine you on my own. Beware the machines. They're running out of snacks," says the old man with a miniscule degree of madness.
<Coral> I look nervously around and follow the strange man.
<Prof_Rosewood> At the top of a long flight of stairs, there is a set of cylindrical pods arranged around a circular room. You see that these pods also include goggles and gloves.
<Prof_Rosewood> "These are Battle Sim machines. They will be your testing device, as well as choose your first Pokémon."
<Coral> Okay so I just go put one on then?
<Prof_Rosewood> "Yes yes. Simple step inside and put on the gear. I will do the rest," he says, shuffling over to the control panel. "The device will even verify your identity for me."
<Coral> "That's so cool!" I head over to the pod closest to where the strange man is and put on the gloves and goggles.
<Coral> "Did I do okay?"
<Prof_Rosewood> As the simulation ends, Rosewood comes around to check on her.
<Prof_Rosewood> "You passed the test, yes. Please, come with me to the holding container and I will give you your PokémonTorchic."
<Coral> "Woohoo!"
<Prof_Rosewood> The old professor walks over to a glass case in the wall, which open up with a rush of white smoke to reveal a single Pokeball, which he removes with brittle fingers.
<Coral> I'm about to explode with excitement. I keep my hands at my sides so I don't offend him with an attempt to grab it before he's ready to give it.
<Prof_Rosewood> "Here, young lady. Your License is being printed currently, and I have a Holon Transceiver prepared for you."
<Prof_Rosewood> The Chatot swuawks as he hands the ball over to her.
<Prof_Rosewood> "Just don't release it inside," he asks.
<Coral> I accept it gently. "Thank you so much, professor"
<Prof_Rosewood> No trouble at all Moral. I'm a state-certified Professor, this is my job."
<Prof_Rosewood> A screeching noise sounds from the printer on the other side of the room.
<Coral> I jump a bit.
<Prof_Rosewood> "Sounds like it's just finishing. Here, take this Holon transceiver too," he says, passing a thin device with a wireless headset over to you. "Do you know how this works?"
<Coral> "Not really…"
<Prof_Rosewood> "Well, it's a radio transceiver that all trainers in this region carry. It has all the functions you would expect of a Pokenav or Pokegear, but it also connects to an emergency channel when you can request help if you encounter danger in the islands. It's fairly easy to use, from my understanding"
<Coral> "Alright"
<Prof_Rosewood> The Professor then produce the license from the printing machine, and hands it off to you.
<Prof_Rosewood> "Keep it well. If you're caught without this you'll be in a bit of trouble. Holon
<Prof_Rosewood> is too dangerous for one girl alone these days."
<Coral> "That's why I have Torchic!" I say smiling. "But thank you for the advice"
<Prof_Rosewood> "In fact, I recommend you link up with the other new trainers here in town. You should be able to reach them by broadcasting on the Trainer chat station."
<Prof_Rosewood> "You were a bit late, but I doubt they've left the island already."
<Coral> I attempt to broadcast on the Trainer chat station. "Hi, I'm Coral. I'm new in town but I know a lot about places in Holon. I would like to find a group to travel with. I promise I wouldn't be a burden. I have a Torchic."
<Prof_Rosewood> "I'm sure they'll answer soon enough. Just one more thing, then."
<Prof_Rosewood> "A Pokedex."
<Prof_Rosewood> From his shelf in the back, the Professor produces one of five remaining Pokedexes and hands it to Coral.
<Prof_Rosewood> "Surely, you know the function of this device."
<Coral> "This is so cool! Yes, I know how it works. I point it at a Pokémon to scan and get its information, right?"
<Prof_Rosewood> "Exactly! Now it's a wide world, and there are hundreds of Pokémon. You're young, so go enjoy it while you wait for a response from the other trainers. I recommend a trip to the beach to catch some Pokémon…what do you think?"
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