Holon Scouts

Welcome to Holon!

Once used only as a far-off research station, Holon City has grown into a capital city for the minor region. Originally, Holon became famous for its unique magnetic readings, which some used as proof that Mew were native to the archipelago - though Mew sightings have never been confirmed, other strange things certainly have been. Not the least of which, of course, is that human tampering with the local magnetic phenomena has given the native wildlife unusual properties, including strange typings, sizes, coloration, and behavior. Since its initial settlement by scientists, the region has become a hotspot for researchers, big game hunters, and trainers looking for unique Pokemon. A decade later, the islands declared themselves a sovereign region and began to rapidly expand infrastructure to accommodate trainers and tourists alike.

And that's where you come in. The nascent Holon League needs to find the best and brightest to groom as gym leaders, elite four, and even frontier brains. What better way to do that then hire a bunch of kids to battle their way across the islands?


This is a game of PTU to be played over IRC, hopefully on Monday evenings. Player characters will be tasked to search out powerful, competent, and willing trainers to induct into Holon's League system with the hopes of finding candidates with gym leader potential. Of course, Holon is disproportionately bizarre and dangerous compared to the major regions, so anyone hired by the League should be ready for weirdness.


  • Trainers: Level 5, age 14+. We'll be running off as close to 1.05 as possible - this means class previews such as for Dancer, Hunter and others are considered the legal versions. Trainers also begin play with a bonus Pokemon Training Feature taken at level 1, which does not count against the normal three features for that level. Characters begin play with 3000 PYU. Characters with Chef or Scientist also have 1000 bonus Scrap.
  • Pokemon: Two at level 10 each. Pokemon should be near 36 species BST with exceptions for some early evolvers. Each starter may begin with one egg move learned and one more on an inheritance list to learn at level 20 - please clear these choices with me.
  • Homebrew: I'm open to discussing homebrew on a case by case basis.

The Players

Player Character Description
Beard Jerimiah Johnathon Cavanaugh Paparazzi/cat blogger
Kain Camilla Larch Fossil otaku
Kana Rosa Marie Parks Frog Ace
Masterly Isaac Harker Richie Rich

The Region


Holon Island
1. Edison Station - Once just a tiny research outpost, Edison Station is now a proper settlement, though it still primarily caters to explorers and researchers headed north of Holon proper towards the Crystalline Islands, or towards the underwater caverns of King's Roost. Edison Station has benefited from its proximity to Holon City, always first in line for commodities and luxuries. The town sits near an unusual beach rich in iron, giving it a gray-silver sheen.
2. Holon City - The capital of Holon, Holon City is a bustling town and the port of entry for most travelers. Holon City features an active trainer community, independent Battle Clubs, a number of laboratories and research stations, the newly completed League Headquarters, and of course the famous Holon Tower, which reads the magnetic waves across the entire region. While not comparable to truly massive cities like Celadon or Goldenrod, Holon City is well on its way to becoming a world-class destination.

Galvani Island
3. Mt. Galvani - This massive mountain rises straight out of the ocean, surrounded by a bed of low forests and scrub brush near the shores. In actuality, Mt. Galvani is a dormant volcano, occasionally seen smoking on the horizon from the other islands, but generally considered to be harmless. Over many centuries, native Pokemon have expanded Mt. Galvani's natural cave network into a complex series of twisting tunnels, some estimated to sink below sea level. Though the mountain rarely quakes, it does regularly release massive electromagnetic waves, which have ruined the equipment of many research teams attempting to explore the caverns.
4. Crookestown - Originally established as a base camp for a Mt. Galvani expedition, Crookestown still provides those services, though most travelers who pass through it now go on guided hikes and well-traversed spelunking paths instead. The town also supports a small but profitable mining venture and exports a wide variety of elemental stones, including some considered unique to the Holon Region. Digs and surveys across Galvani Island use Crookestown as a means of moving freight and manpower.

Brattain Island
5. Forest de Coulomb / Coulomb's Forest - This dense forest covers most of Brattain Island, cut through by a single paved road that extends from one end of the island to the other. A wide variety of Pokemon are known to live here, and Coulomb's Forest is often targeted by hunters as a place to find the oddly Typed Pokemon Holon is famous for. Over hunting has already begun to take its toll on the island, but the tangled wilds far from the road remain exceedingly dangerous even to seasoned explorers. Despite a wealth of trees, logging attempts here have been unable to get off the ground.
6. Tesla City - Compared to the relative normalcy of Holon City, Tesla City is a futuristic bastion in a savage land. The buildings here are twisted spires of metal and glass, and the city is powered through pioneering technology that harnessing local magnetic waves. Further, the city is almost wholly owned by Daltex Corp., a technology and engineering conglomerate often overshadowed by the likes of Silph Co. The company uses Tesla City as a way of testing first generation urban innovations - maglev trolleys, public works drones, and AR integration, among other projects.
7. Meissner Grove - Nestled within the greater expanse of Coulomb's Forest, Meissner Grove is home to particularly old growth surrounding the shores of a massive inland lake. The water here is exceptionally deep and linked to the nearby sea through underground channels and tunnels, creating a rare brackish lake. The depths of the lake have not been fully explored and sightings of rare Pokemon within the grove are unusually common, but also unusually conflicting. The League in the process of declaring Meissner Grove a protected area.
8. Fermiburg - A small village, Fermiburg's primary income lays in fishing, pearl diving, and transporting goods from other ports to Tesla City. The least artificial of the settlements in Holon, this town sprang up as workmen funneled into the region for construction of the other major population centers. Fermiburg is home to a laid back atmosphere, set relatively apart from the research and bustle of Holon or Tesla City. Cabana vacations in Fermiburg are being marketed all over the world and the town's coastline maintains healthy surfing and extreme beach volleyball scenes.

Oersted Island
9. Oersted's Rest - The summit of this rocky, mountainous island is referred to as Oerstead's Rest, where trappers, traders, and travelers often cross paths. There's a ranger outpost here to keep a watchful eye on the treacherous land of Oersted, and to keep tourists in line. Like at Mt. Galvani, Oersted's Rest is subject to occasionally magnetic pulses, but much more rarely and weakly than its sister island. Steel, electric, rock, and ground Pokemon infest the island and its many windy outcroppings. Unlike other islands in the region, Oersted has no beaches, and instead has sheer cliffs that drop into rocky waters.

The Castle
10. King's Roost - This narrow spire of rock sits in the center of a jagged ring, accessible only by the best trainers of flying Pokemon or through underwater cave navigation. Researchers have confirmed the presence of many dragon species at the Roost and in the surrounding ring island, but the Pokemon of King's Roost are also known to be particularly wild and aggressive, having lived in isolation for millennium. Some of the same odd gemstones common to the northern Crystalline Islands can be found here, making King's Roost a valuable target for mining expeditions, and a few lucky souls have already made a fortune off the island.

The Sea of Holon
11. Sea of Holon - Usually, the waters between the various islands of the archipelago are calm, clear, and sparkling. Boats often pass each other as goods and people are ferried from port to port - some even commute to other islands for work this way. When the region's magnetic readings spike, however, the ocean likewise turns into a navigational nightmare as the skies darken and shipboard instruments fail. While most sailors know better than to enter the middle waters as a storm builds, some foolhardy or unlucky souls still manage to get marooned, wrecked, or drowned with regularity.

Holon NPCs


Professor Charlie Hawthorne
"Just make something up."
Info: Originally from Unova, Professor Hawthorne traveled to Kalos for university, where she first began research in her specialty – Pokemon Types. Her work analyzing regional variants of several different species made a minor splash in the scientific world, and eventually led her to Holon, of course. Shortly after arriving in the islands and setting up her makeshift lab, Hawthorne was selected as an expert scientific consult to the newly formed Holon League. As such, she's been given the dubious honor of aiding the first generation of new trainers native to Holon, providing starter Pokemon to promising youngsters.

Being a teacher and a support player does not come naturally to Hawthorne, however, and children alternatively make her nervous and creep her out. However, being a bit of a type A personality, Hawthorne still does her best to make sure the new trainers under her wing know what they're doing. She's brittle and prone to anxiety, and funnels most of her affection into an overweight ground Spearow named Felix, a rescue from a research project.


St John Rose
"G'day, scrubs."
Info: A former Frontier Brain from Acantha, Rose is semi-famous in his home region for a few things: his particularly aggressive pack tactics, his rapid ascent through the Acanthan League, and his mastery of children's card games. After a few years of service to the Acanthan League, where he refused to play to Type-based League guidelines, he left the down under to serve as expert battle consult to the Holon League. While the talent scouts scour the region, Rose's primary responsibility is to oversee design and construction of League facilities, as well as serve as intermediary between League investors and the hired help. Once candidates have been selected, they're to be put through Rose's own gym leader boot camp as part of his coaching duties.

Arguably, Rose is a master tactician, but his talent for strategy is somewhat muddled by a deep-seated love of complicated, trick maneuvers over efficiency. Rose also struggles with social grace, often resembling the single-minded and blunt dog Pokemon he specializes in. Nevertheless, he's intelligent, determined, and a great all-around Pokemon trainer – a model for would-be gym leaders. While no longer a Frontier Brain, Rose maintains a position as a Grandmaster of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and sponsors a club for the game in Holon City.

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