Holy, the Medieval P:TA

NSet in the dark ages of Sinnoh, the party has (More or less, unless some other things were chosen) been summoned by the pope of the Church of Arceus, the Maker. A dark storm is brewing in the distance, signalling the end times. The party has been chosen to seek out and eliminate whatever is going to cause the apocalypse.

Character Generation

Trainer Level 5
A Single Lv20 Starter
If Psychic: Clerical or Witch.

You get, as a start from the church (The penny-pinchers):
Enough food for two weeks for (party number) people
Healing for approximately 50 HP.
2000 Coins for the party to share.
Tents enough for (party number) people
Bedrolls to accompany tents
10 Apricorn Balls to share between the players.
Your choice of a single unit of Armor and Weaponry, along with Weapon User level in it.

Armor (You can choose this yourself.):
Padded: Absorbs up to 5 points of damage, but lets you keep your DEX modifier when evading attacks.
Leather: Absorbs up to 10 points of damage, but gives a -1 Evasion modifier.
Chainmail: Absorbs up to 15 points of damage, but gives a -2 Evasion modifier.

Weapon (Again, choose one that strikes your fancy, and you get Weapon User with it):
Blunt weapon: 1d8+STR or CON modifier; Blunt Proficiency grants the ability to flinch the target on 17-20 AC when using Blunt weaponry
Ranged weapon(No flintlock pistol or things like that): 1d10+DEX or WIS modifier; Ranged Proficiency grants the Sniper ability when using Ranged weaponry
Blade weapon: 1d12+STR or CON modifier; Blade Proficiency grants the ability to Crit on 19-20 AC when using Blade weaponry
Pole weapon: 1d12+INT or CON modifier; Pole weaponry can flinch the opponent on a competing STR check, EOT
Short Blade weapon: 1d8+WIS or STR modifier; out of battle, you can use 10 HP from a healing pool to create a 3 charge-long venom. You can choose yourself whether it should be Paralysis or Poison, and a charge will be used on a 17-20 AC. Charges do not stack.

You may choose from amongst the following handbook issue classes, and receive the the following bonus as noted: If your Base class does not have a starting bonus on it, ask Xom about it beforehand.

Breeder - Chef, Evolver, Hatcher
You get salves and ointments worth of 50 combined damage. Works on man and Pokemon alike.

Capture Specialist - Apricorn Smith, Artificer, Collector, Trapper
You get an extra Apricorn Ball, as well as the tools needed to mend a broken one. Balls mended by the Capture Specialist get an extra bonus of 5. (Plus, it's free, rather than having to cost monies when you take it to a workshop.)

Martial Artist - All Classes (Aura User and Weapons Master, however, are mutually exclusive : You are only permitted to use one class between the two )
Gets a pair of gloves that, once per day, allows you to reroll a critical 1 when attacking. However, the gloves break on the reroll if it's 8 or below. Can be repaired.

Mystic - Buffet, Channeler, Guardian, Rune Master, Touched* (If you wish to pursue this option, talk to Xom during character generation)
Gets a charm that can channel primal energy into the user. Roll a 1d20, if you roll over 12 or above, you get a +1 to CON and STR for one encounter. If you roll 5 or below, it breaks, rendering the charm useless. Otherwise, nothing happens. It can be repaired.

Psychic - Clairsentient, All Combat/Elemental Psychics (Limit 1), Empath, Healer, Hex Maniac
Gets a charm that holds 20 HP worth of Psychic drain. Recharges after the user has had an extended rest (Not using Body Focus, you cannot use Soul Gift on the charm). If you use a Psychic feat that targets an enemy, a roll of 5 or under breaks the charm, rendering it useless. It can be repaired. Probability Control on the breaking is not allowed.

Ranger - Captain, Coach, Rider, Signer, Survivalist - Switch CON penalty to INT penalty.

Researcher - All but Scientist, Dream Doctor and Photographer are allowed.
Gets a tome wherein one can write down information of Pokemon, provided he can remember the details of them(Analytics, 25 DC). When he writes down a whole line of evolution, the team gets an extra +5 damage against Pokemon from that line.

Homebrew Permitted So Far:
Mystic Redux (Base) ; If you wish to use other classes, ask for permission beforehand.

The Magus of the Glitch Trainer tree, but with Cross Classing as Psychic: 20 instead.
The Soldier, although talk to me about this one.

Notes: If you have a problem with the class choices, take it up with Xom. Certain classes were forbidden due to them simply not fitting in the medieval era, but I'd like to think that if you can appropriately justify why your Trainer build containing classes that aren't on the list
would be realistically existing in a medieval setting, he'd be willing to permit it.


Players List

Dietrich Abendroth - Bob
Morgan - Eris
Udell - Gents
Ulric Hildegard - TheBMW
Violenne Eule - Giantree
Wendal Cadmus - Cyprus

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