Prerequisites: 10 STR, 10 DEX, 10 CON, 10 INT, 10 WIS, 10 CHA
You may put one point from your highest stat into your lowest stat. You may choose the highest stat and lowest stat if there is a tie. You may do this twice, but only when you take the class.


Base Feats

Alchemy: Basic

Gifted To: Alchemists
You know the basics or alchemy. Choose some sort of decal or symbol. This will be used during the creation of your transmutation cicrle for your experiments. You understand the laws of equivalent exchange (I.E. Conservations of Energy, Natural Providence, and Rebound.) You know that a Philosopher's Stone exists, but do not know how to create one. You may decompose any item you own, any dead Pokemon, or crystallized essences. It takes a trainer action to decompose something. When decomposing a Pokemon, you gain n Essences for the dead Pokemon, where n is the Pokemon's STAB bonus, split evenly between the two elements if relevant. When decomposing an item, you gain the exact cost of making the item in Essences.

Alchemy: Intermediate

This feat is gifted five TLs after you gain the Alchemist class.
Your alchemy skills have improved, and you now know more about alchemy in general. X is your third highest modifier. For all alchemy checks, you may add X to your check. You may also add X to the essences you get when decomposing Pokemon. This feature replaces Alchemy: Basic.

Alchemy: Advanced

This feat is gifted ten TLs after you gain the Alchemist class.
Effect: You have mastered most forms of alchemy. X is your third highest modifier doubled. For all alchemy checks, you may add X to your check. You may also add X to the essences you get when decomposing Pokemon. This feature replaces Alchemy: Intermediate.


Gifted to: Alchemist
At-Will - Drains x HP per use
You may synthesize any one item from the recipe list, provided you have enough essences. Those essences are consumed, and you now have made one of that item. You may use it right after you made it as a free action, but you may not command your Pokemon this turn if you do. The feature costs 1 HP for each essence you use in the synthesis. While out of combat and in an atelier, you only need to pay 10% (rounded up) of the HP cost. An atelier may be defined by your GM.

Additional Features

Synthesis Pool

You have a pool of HP that can only be used to pay the cost of alchemy features. It may be refreshed with an 8 hour rest. THe pool contains an amount of HP equal to the sum of all your modifiers multiplied by three.

Essence Extraction

Effect: If you land the blow that knocks out a Pokemon, you may choose to decompose that Pokemon as a free action. Gain a User Arms feature if you do not already have an Arms Feature.

Mana Gem

Prerequisites: Used 50 essences of a certain type
Choose an type that you have met the prerequisites for. You may not choose Energy for this feature. You have made a pact with the Mana of the type. It helps you with your synthesis, cutting essence costs (and related HP costs) of that type in half. It only cuts up to your trainer level times two in essences (and related HP costs) per day. You may take this feature more than once, choosing a different type each time.

Elemental Transmutation

Prerequisites: Mana Gem
Target: An adjecent wild Pokemon
Spend 50 essences of a type you have Mana Gem for. You typeshift that Pokemon with that type.

Attack Enhancer

Prerequisites: Alchemy: Intermediate
Trigger: Your Pokemon’s damage dealing attack hits.
Spend essences of the same type as your Pokemon's move to increase your Pokemon's damage, in a ratio of 2 essence to 1 damage. You may not increase the damage of moves that do not consult stats.

Archaic Secrets

Prerequisites: Alchemy: Intermediate, 15 WIS
Daily - Every 3 levels, you may perform this feature another time per day
Effect: On any check for an alchemy feature or knowledge check, you may use half of your WIS modifier.

Explosive Deconstruction

Prerequisites: Alchemy: Intermediate, 15 CON
Daily - Every 5 levels, you may preform this feature another time per day
Effect: When you use decompose any item, roll a 1d20 + half your CON mod. On a roll of 14 or higher, you may completely destroy the item, causing 3d10 damage from the 3m explosion due to Rebound in the area.

Blood Rune

Prerequisites: Alchemy: Intermediate, 15 INT
Target: A Pokemon at -25% HP or less
Effect: Roll 1d20 + your INT modifier. On a roll of 19 or higher, you turn the Pokemon into a blood rune. A blood rune can be substituted for one half of a the reactants in a reaction, and can be used up to 1d4+1 times.

Hermetic Principle

Prerequisites: Alchemy: Intermediate, 15 STR
Daily - Every 10 levels you may perform this feature another time per day
Target: Self
Effect: For the purpose of peforming alchemy checks, you may add half your STR modifier. You may reroll any failed roll, however the roll has a penalty of five for d20 rolls and twenty five for d100 rolls.


Prerequisites: Alchemy: Intermediate, 15 DEX
Target: Self
Effect: Raise your DEX modifier by +2 for the rest of the encounter. If this is not your first use of this feature of the day, pay twenty essences of any type to use

Essence Purchaser

Prerequisites: Alchemy: Intermediate, 15 CHA
You may buy and sell, any time out of combat, any essence you have a Mana Gem for a base price of 120p each essence. Selling is normal selling price (20% is standard), and the purchasing and selling prices of essences may be modified by other features.

Spatial Distortion

Prerequisites: Alchemy: Intermediate, a Pokemon with the move Teleport
At-Will - Drains 8 HP
Target: An object, trainer, or Pokemon you can see
Effect: Roll 1d20. On a roll of 14 or higher, you force the target to teleport 1d6 + half your highest modifier away from you.

Decomposition Filter

Prerequisites: Alchemy: Advanced
Effect: You increase the yield of any Essences when you decompose a dead Pokemon by half STAB. You may increase the power of Explosive Deconstruction to 5d10 instead of 3d10, and increase the explosion radius to 5m instead of 3m.

Synthesis Efficiency

Prerequisites: Alchemy: Advanced
Daily - Every 5 levels, you may perform this feature another time per day
Effect: Roll 1d20 every time you synthesize an item in an atelier. On a roll of 20 or higher, you may create an extra item of the same kind at the expense of half of the HP you used to create it. Essences are not used to create the extra item. You may not target any synthesis that uses Energy with this feature. You rolling the check does not count towards the usage, you creating the extra item does.

Components Synthesis

Prerequisites: Alchemy: Advanced
Effect: You may substitute essences for the monetary cost of a feat, to a 100p to 1 essence ratio. You are still required to pay the Synthesis HP cost of making the item, and the GM has final say whether or not you are restricted from using essence types. If the user is a Hunter, you may create materials at a cost of 5 essences to a level of material. All essences must be the same type to make a Hunter material.

Philosopher's Stone

Prerequisites: Alchemy: Advanced, 10 Alchemist feats, Mana Gem of at least two elements
Monthly - Sets User HP to 1
Target: A Person or Pokemon
Effect: You create one Philosopher's stone by sacrificing part of your own life force and a participant to create a Philosopher's stone. This stone cuts all alchemy checks in half. You may consume 1 Philosopher's Stone to permanently raise any Stat by 2 Points, or increase all the stats of 1 Pokemon by +1 (Up to 3 times). If used in this fashion, you lose 1/6 your max HP permanently, or your Pokemon loses 1/8 its max HP permanently. After 5 days, roll a 1d20. On anything lower than 10, the user losses 10 HP to use its effects for 1 more day. Anything lower than 6, the Philosopher stone blows up, and causes 10d10 damage to whomever is caught in the 10m blast. The whole process takes 8 hours to complete. Philosopher's Stones sell for 100000 P.

Birthing a Homunculus

Prerequisites: Philosopher's Stone
Monthly - Roll a DST if the feat is attempted outside an atelier. If used in an atelier, set user HP to 1.
Effect: Consume one Philosopher's stone to synthesize one Solosis. This Pokemon is at level 5. You have 30 points to formulate your own base stats for this solosis, however, you may not go over 11 in one state before nature bonuses, and no state can be lower than 1. This process takes 10 hours to complete. When you create your homunculus, you may mix essences to determine its type. It takes 50 Essences to change its type. An equal number of essences means it gains a dual typing. You must have a Mana Gem of the type you want to typeshift to.

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