"I wish to explore, to adventure, to see the world and all its glory," spoke Roland, youngest of the eight

Humans are the youngest race of Zeras. Their deity, Roland, is known as the god of exploration, safe travels and navigation. His associated element is water.


Characteristic Bonus: +1 to any one Characteristic

Skill Bonus: +1 to any two skills

Power: Quick Learner : A human begins play with an additional 100xp to spend.

Size: 4


Humans are the only race without a central home or government. They are compulsive travelers, and travel the world for most their youth before settling down with another race. Those who elect to stay with their own kind join a Voyage, which is a large, expansive city ship, and travel the water ways of Zeras, never staying in one space for long. They were the first race to make contact with all the other peoples of Zeras, and established most the major travel and trade routes of the world. In times of war, they either elect to stay outside of the conflict, seeking refuge on a Voyage, or ally themselves with their host race. Most pirates in Zeras are human crews, considering they are the the race most intimate with long sea travel.
Life on a Voyage is quite nomadic, and trade heavy. Humans don't practice agriculture or raise animals for food, so they rely on fishing and trading goods from town to town for resources. Their Captain is an elected official, and acts as both the ship captain and a governor. Humans tend to be expert navigators by nature due to this lifestyle, and common human trades are fishing, trading, crafting goods from wood, and enlisting as a mercenary. They also play a major role in ship building industries.

Nifty Contributions

  • Humans are the best ship engineers, hands down, considering Dwarves don't have that much interest in them.
  • Humans developed most navigation tools, such as compasses, and developed the first atlas of the world.
  • Human language has been established as a common speech among races, since Humans can be found literally everywhere.

Relations with Other Races

Humans are on good terms with all races.

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