Important P:TA Alchemy Stuffs

For An alchemy based P:TA


Czar Bolshevik (Presumed Deceased)
The leader of the whole nation of Khemia. Rarely seen and rarely heard from, Czar Bolshevik stays holed up in the imperial Capital of Azotha, never have actually given a public speech or met his peoples. He sits on the top floor of his royal palace, the Bolshevik Castle, also known as the "White Tower" due to being covered in white steel. It is said that form his office, he can see every direction around the city; all 360 degrees around his office. Some say he's just a figurehead for a much more powerful leader.

Prime Minister Valdis, Duke of Skia
The leader of Skia, he is a hot-blooded man with a short temper. He is known for his fiery attitude and wild bouts of rage. He is known as "The Blood-Eye" for his weapon; a red sword said to be born from alchemy. He is a formidable opponent.

Prime Minister Edrain, Duke of Ka
The Prime Minister and the official government head, he has a face for the nation. He is very personable and seems to understand the plight of the lower classes. Known as the "White Knight of the Peasant," he often rallied to lower taxes and his oratory skills helped land him a spot in the government. Oddly enough, he's one of 4 other people to ever be seen entering and leaving Azotha…

The Duchess of Florez, Manda
The Co - Leader of Florez along with her Husband, she is a strikingly beautiful woman with a seductive voice. Manda is thought to have gotten her position from her looks, as she is not terribly bright. Often used on campaigns to get the male vote.

Governor Plutarch
A portly man he is a high - ranking government official. He is known for his creepy obsession with humanshape pokemon. Some say he does experiments on them. Others say he breeds with them. Whatever the case may be, he is known as being "exceptionally creepy" to whomever he is talking to.

Senate - The 17 Member house that governs the nation, only Plutarch, Julius, Edrain and Florez are ever seen outside of the senate. Not much is known about it, except that they make decisions that govern the nation.


Mayor Briggs (Deceased): Was the mayor of Titania, but went missing a few days before the occupation of Titania by Emblem. Said to be the mayor of the people, he was a well received brawler who won his position through wise decision and determination. Became a puppet of Gepetto, and was taken down by the group to save the city.

Important Information

Imperial City: The city where the story begins, it is a bustling metropolis that is composed of 4 Cities: Goldeva, Heisenburgh, Titania, and Azotha

Goldeva: A mystical, magical city. It is where you go to have fun. With a huge gambling strip and lots and lots of acting stages, it is one of the more seedier places in town, due to all the debters and what not. It is assumed that the Black Dog organization hideout is in this city.

Heisenburgh: A futuristic town filled with inventors and scientist, this city is a place for learning. At least 10 years ahead of the other cities, Heisenburgh is a fast paces area with a cut-throat merchant business and smuggling abound. The Magno-Rail to Florez is located here.

  • Hesienburgh Beach: Located due East of the city, it is a place filled with people and lifeguards alike. Home to a slew of water Pokemon, and one of the many places where Lapras breed. Also location of the rare breeding of the Tirtouga.
    • Mt. Baroynx: A large mountain with chambers of Lava hidden underneath, the Purple Smog resided here. Houses a large Lava basin in it's cliffs.
    • Beach Cove: Only 100m away from shore, the Cove is a carved out rocky outcropping that is the entrance to an undersea cave. This cave is said to be the dangerous hunting ground of Sharpedo and Crawdaunt. It is also where one could see the Kingler mating rituals.
  • The Ruins: Simply called the Ruins, it is an accursed tomb for ancient leaders, said to be from a lost civilization. Filled to the brim with booby traps, it is also known for altering every time one enters. The Orb of Atun was located here, but shattered soon after
    • Chamber of Ka: Adorned with an ancient Script that is nearly undecipherable, it is where the old one Ka slumbers.

Titania: A much more rural and quaint city, it is filled with burly fighters and other warriors, Titania houses the Colosseum. With the big bar in this city, it is a place for drunken fights, with a few thugs around town. Safer than Heisenburgh and Goldeva.

  • Colosseum: A huge ancient colosseum that has been around for 200 years. Battles for poke and profits are held here.

Azotha: The great walled city, a huge dome covers the top of it, hiding what goes on like it's some sort of secret society. In fact, most people speculate there IS something going on in Azotha. There is no crime to be heard of. A large tower, the Imperial Office, stands viewing over the horizon.

  • Imperial Palace: A tall white tower, it is said that the Czar sits at the very top in a glass room, able to view 360 degrees around the Imperial City.
  • Squalling Forest: Located just North of Azotha, the forest is the domain of the Forest Rangers, where they make the laws their. Home to a few dangerous loggers and cults, it houses many forest-dwelling Pokemon. It is said that there is an underground spring hidden in the forest….
    • Crystal Cavern: A mysteriously created cavern covered crystals. Houses a number of unidentified beast, and once housed the Mighty Araknorak.
    • Forest Marsh: A toxic swamp that surrounds a large, poisonous forest, it houses a slew of poison Pokemon, and was home to Apophis, the Giant Snake Beast.'



Pokeballs x A lot (200 P each)
Great Balls x 5 (500 P each)
Ultra Balls x 2 (1000 P each)
Potions x A lot (300 P each)
TMs (A plethora) x 1 of Each
Leather Beret (Grants +2 PD) x 5 (150 P)
Hair Bows (Grants +1 PD) x 5 (50 P)
Heavy Belt (Grants +1 PD) x 5 (100 P)
Mystic Bracelet (Grants +5 SD) x 1 (7500 P)

Key: PD = Physical Defense; SD = Special Defense



Isaac x Tillo ~~~~~~~~ship-Freedom-w630x300.jpg~~ OTP
Crystal x Adel ~~~~~ship-Freedom-w630x300.jpg~~~~~ OTP
Marian x Jeremy SinkingCruiseShip.jpg
Eara x Ulphia whywouldyoudothat.jpg

Isaac x Tillo: Runs on coal!
Crystal x Adel: Has been having engine problems recently.
Marian x Jeremy: This is a lifeboat. With a giant tear in the bottom.
Eara x Ulphia: The boat that runs on dreams, in dreams.

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