I wanted to keep the rock off thing an element of the league matches, but it really shouldn't be the focus, so I came up with something that I thought would be fun to fluff. Each player has a proficiency with their chosen type of instrument, and you gain a point in this every time you get a badge. Each point in it lets you roll another 1d4 at the beginning of the first round of a concert; it's basically simplified contest stats.

In a normal contest, you got three judges, and you appeal to one of them. That's true here as well. You got three sections of a crowd, and each of them is a different judge. The NPC's will always get to go first in the first round of a concert, but every round after that will work like a normal contest, which is whoever has a higher overall appeal goes first. During a band's turn, the players will fluff their chosen move, and the judge they are trying to appeal to. The voltages will work as normal, in this respect, being that the person who triggers them gets another 7d4 on their appeal roll. Since these contests don't have a set length, they trigger on multiples of 6, but you can't say, hit 6, drop down to 5, and hit 6 again to trigger it. It'd have to get up to 12.

The points don't really determine the outcome of a fight, they just cause random things to occur in a fight, and whoever triggered them by ranking in a certain number of points will decide if they are good or bad for ya, and as an extra thing to do in a fight that'd normally be no trainer interference.

The Keyboard:
Piano Proficiency: 0
Skill Set:
Metronome – Cute -2d4
Flatter - Smart - 2d4
Assurance - Beauty - 2d4
Barrage - Tough - 2d4

The Bass:
Bass Prof: 0
Skill Set:
Chatter - Smart - 2d4
Bug Buzz - Cute - 2d4
Extremespeed - Cool - 2d4
Sheer Cold - Beauty - 2d4

The Harp:
Harp Prof: 0
Skill Set:
Fury Swipes - Tough - 2d4
Wring out - Smart - 2d4
Agility - Cool - 2d4
X-Scissor - Beauty - 2d4

The Lead Guitar
Guitar Prof: 0
Skill Set:
Sing - Cute - 2d4
Metal Sound - Smart - 2d4
Swift - Cool - 2d4
Perish Song - Beauty - 2d4

Brujo's voice
Skill Set:
Growl - Cute - 2d4
Roar - Cool - 2d4
Supersonic - Smart - 2d4
Thrash - Tough - 2d4

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