Name: Iris Camellia
Age: 35
Class: Researcher
Level: 3

Height - 5'7
Weight - 155 lbs
HP - 50/50

DEX 10
CON 10
INT 17
WIS 14
CHA 10


Frantic Research: Researcher Feature
Daily – Every 5 levels gained, you may perform this Class Feature another time per day.
Target: Any pokemon.
Effect: Roll d20 and add your INT and WIS modifiers to the roll. If you roll higher then 15, you learn what level the pokemon is.

Walking Encyclopedia: Researcher Feature
Target: Anything related to knowledge you are allowed to look up.
Effect: You know pokemon data, relating to pokemon in your pokedex, about move sets, type, type
advantage, evolution methods, abilities, height, weight, and location. You have access to all information a pokedex would grant, immediately.

I’ve Heard About This Place Before: Trainer Feature
Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer, INT 12
Target: A Town or City
Effect: Roll 1d20 and add your WIS and INT modifiers. If you roll higher than 12, you know local lore, Gym specialties, major sights, and the names of important persons related to the town or city.

Random Knowledge: Trainer Feature
Prerequisites: 14 INT or 14 WIS
Daily – Every 5 levels gained, you may perform this Class Feature another time per day.
Target: Anything you have line of sight to.
Effect: Roll d20 and add your INT and WIS modifiers to the roll. If you roll higher then 13, you know about the thing you targeted. If you are targeting a pokemon, you must have targeted the pokemon with a Pokedex.


Ms. Camellia, as she is called, is one of a dying breed when it comes to teaching. As a biology instructor at C.S. Memorial High School, Iris takes a hands-on, exploratory approach with her lessons. Demonstration and experimentation are commonplace and central to her classes. She encourages her students to ask questions freely and explore their curiosities. Though some argue she grants a few too many freedoms, she maintains a generally optimistic view towards her methods' effectiveness. While her techniques (and her rather good looks for her age) have earned her some degree of popularity among the students of the school, more senior teachers have a tendency to look down upon her. As one may expect, Ms. Camellia was one of the strongest advocates of the trip to the nearby station and has invested a great deal of time to help arrange and prepare for it.

Outside of the classroom, Iris acts just about as young as she looks. While she's certainly not airheaded, it'd be hard for an onlooker to see such. She's easily excited by new experiences and discoveries, which is quite likely why she involved herself in this field in the first place. Her fascination with Pokemon can be traced back to her youth, and her passion hasn't seemed to have dimmed since. She's also able to unwind fairly easily, and may be spotted at an entertainment hotspot around town once all her work is done. While this may make her appear eccentric to her colleagues, she doesn't seem to mind, being a firm believer that one is only as old as one feels.


Heal Ball x 4
Fresh Water x 2
400 Poke Spacebux





Sneasel F- Level 10
HP 42/42
Ability: Keen Eye
Nature: Adamant
EXP 4000
Base Added Total
HP 6 +3 9
Attack 13 +4 17
Defense 6 +2 8
Special Atk. 2 2
Special Def. 8 +2 10
Speed 12 +3 15

Capabilities: Overland 4, Surface 2, Jump 3, Power 3, Intelligence 4, Icestep, Stealth

Faint Attack – Dark
The user faints into nothingness and materializes next to the target while slashing at them.
EOT – None
Effect: 1 Target
Faint Attack cannot miss.

Scratch – Normal
The user throws out their clawed arm, scraping the target’s body.
At-Will – 2
Effect: 1 Target, Pass

Taunt – Dark
Pride gets the better of the target as a hex woven taunt is thrown at them.
EOT – 2
Ranged **
Effect: 1 Target
Taunt’s target can only use Moves that deal damage on a successful hit for the next 1d4 + 1 turns.

Quick Attack – Normal
A speedy attack impacts the target before the target can act.
At-Will – 2
Effect: 1 Target, Interrupt
If your foe wants to declare a Move, you instead use Quick Attack on their turn before they can use their Move.

Screech – Normal
The user emits an irritating yell, which shatters the target’s defenses.
EOT – 4
Ranged **
Effect: No Target, Burst
Screech creates a 4-meter Burst. All Legal Targets have their Defense lowered 2 Combat Stages.

Bite – Dark
The user focuses dark energy to their fangs as they sink them into the target’s flesh.
At-Will – 2
Effect: 1 Target
Bite Flinches the target on 15-20 during Accuracy Check.

Crush Claw – Normal
While slamming both arms, with claws extended, onto the target’s body, the user breaks the target’s defense.
Battle – 3
Effect: 1 Target, Dash
Crush Claw lowers the target’s Defense 1 Combat Stage on 11-20 during Accuracy Check.

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