Isaac Harker

Game: Holon Scouts

Name: Isaac Harker
Age: 19
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 155 lbs (WC4)

Level: 11
Trainer EXP: 5/10
Badges: 4

Physical Evasion: +1
Special Evasion: +1
Speed Evasion: +3

Health / Status
HP: 89/89
Injuries: 0
AP: 6/7

Hit Points: 19
Attack: 5
Defense: 5
Special Attack: 5
Special Defense: 5
Speed: 16

Acrobatics Pathetic (1) Intimidate Adept (4)
Athletics Novice (3) Stealth Untrained (2)
Combat Untrained (2) Survival Pathetic (1)
General Novice (3) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Medicine Novice (3) Technology Expert (5)
Occult Untrained (2)
Perception Untrained (2) Guile Adept (4)
Charm Pathetic (1) Focus Untrained (2)
Command Expert (5) Intuition Untrained (2)
Overland 5 Power 5
High Jump 0 Long Jump 0
The Young Lion: "I need your approval no more
than a lion needs the approval of sheep."
Adept Skill: Command Novice Skill: Intimidate
Pathetic Skills: Acrobatics, Survival, Charm

Status Menu

Starting Stats: 15 Hp / 5 Attack / 5 Defense / 5 Special Attack / 5 Special Defense / 10 Speed
Starting Features Ace Trainer, Elite Trainer (Inspired), Steel Ace, Polished Shine, Focused Training
Starting Edges: Steel Connection, Novice Guile, Novice Technology, Novice General


Head -
Main Hand -
Off-Hand -
Body Draco-Glider
Feet -
Accessory -

Key Items
Silph Co. Pokedex: An older model, but the only one Isaac could afford with the money he'd saved up.
SGX Platinum S3: A smartphone developed by Serenity Corp, one of his father's biggest corporate rivals. An expensive thing with more features than Isaac really cares for.
King of Fex Pin: A pin awarded to Isaac following his saving of Christmas.
Draco-Glider: For every 1 meter fallen, the wearer gains Sky 1, but cannot gain altitude. Requires Novice Athletics or Acrobatics, or a DC 8 Athl/Acro check to use. On a failure, the user takes 1/4th fall damage.
Consumable Items
Potion x3: Heals 20 HP.
Super Soda Pop x1: Heals 30 HP over an Extended Break.
Bandages x2: Heals 1 Injury if undisturbed for the full duration.
Dusk Stone: Evolves certain spooky Pokemon.
Present VM: Teaches the Move Present to any Pokemon.
Premier Ball x1: +0 Capture Modifier. A promotional, specially colored Basic Ball.


Overland 5
Swim 2
Teleporter 6
High Jump 2
Long Jump 1
Power 3
Naturewalk (Forest, Urban)

Jupiter: Male Kadabra Type: Psy.pngSte.png Evasion: +2/+3/+6 Tutor Points: 3/6
Level 25, 745 EXP Held Item: HP: 71/71 Injuries: 0 Size: Medium (4)
Training Regimen: Focused, Inspired, Speed
Ability Usage Special Effect
Synchronize Scene When afflicted with PAR, FRZ, BRN, PSN, or SLP, the foe that caused it suffers the same.
Transporter Daily x3 Activate Teleporter as if your Teleporter value were three times its normal value; take one willing target you are in contact with along with teleport.
Modest Nature (+S.Atk, -Atk)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 4 +8 12
Attack 2 +0 2
Defense 3 +2 5
Special Attack 14 +9 23
Special Defense 7 +6 13
Speed (^) 11 +10 21 (25)
Athl Acro Combat Stealth Percep Focus
2d6+2 2d6+2 2d6+2 2d6+2 4d6+2 4d6+6
Improvements / Edges: Advanced Connection (1), Steel Shift (2)
Inheritance: Guard Split (20)
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Psybeam At-Will 2 Psy.png 2d10+10 S.png 6, 1T Confuses the target on 19+.
Disable Scene - Nor.png N.png 1T Reaction - After being hit by a Move, Spite may be used as a Free Action. The triggering Move becomes Disabled for the attacker.
Miracle Eye Scene x2 - Psy.png N.png Self For the rest of the turn, the user’s Psychic Moves can hit and affect Dark-Type targets, and the user can ignore Illusions.
Guard Split Scene - Psy.png N.png M, 1T The target loses 5 Defense / S. Defense and the user gains 5 DR until the end of the scene.
Barrier Scene x2 - Psy.png N.png Hazard The user places up to 4 segments of Barrier; each segment must be continuous, at least one must be adjacent to the user. These barriers count as blocking terrain. Each segment is 2m tall, 1m wide, and 2cm thick. Each segment has 20 HP, 15 DR, and is Psychic Typed.
Teleport Scene - Psy.png N.png Self The user Teleports up to 6 meters. Teleport can be used as an Interrupt at any time. Moves that targeted Teleport’s user continue through the target’s space as if the user hadn’t been there.


Overland 1
Swim 5
High Jump 2
Long Jump 2
Power 3
Heart Gift
Mountable 1

Flay: Male Luvdisc Type: Wat.png Evasion: +4/+4/+2 Tutor Points: 4/4
Level 17, 285 EXP Held Item: HP: 63/63 Injuries: 0 Size: Large (5)
Training Regimen: Focused, Inspired, Defense
Ability Usage Special Effect
Water Veil Static Immune to Burn.
Hardy Nature (+Atk, -Atk)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 6 +6 12
Attack 5 +5 10
Defense (^) 6 +7 13 (15)
Special Attack 4 +0 4
Special Defense 7 +8 15
Speed 4 +1 5
Athl Acro Combat Stealth Percep Focus
3d6+3 3d6+4 1d6+2 3d6+3 2d6+2 2d6+3
Improvements / Edges:
Inheritance: Splash, Aqua Jet
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Aqua Jet At-Will 2 Wat.png 2d6+8 A.png M, 1T Priority - If the user has not yet taken their turn that round, Aqua Jet may be declared during a foe’s turn.
Aqua Tail EoT 4 Wat.png 3d10+10 A.png M, Pass -
Draining Kiss EoT 2 Fai.png 1d8+8 S.png 6, 1T After the target takes damage, the user gains HP equal to half of the damage they dealt.
Lucky Chant Scene - Nor.png N.png Blessing Lucky Chant may be activated to turn Critical Hits into regular hits. It may be used 3 times before it disappears.
Splash At-Will - Nor.png N.png Self The user jumps a number of meters equal to their Acrobatics Rank doubled.
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